Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kendal at Longwood Two Bedroom Cottage Tour

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Hi, Im Julia Drake

and, Im going to show you our classic two bedroom

two bathroom cottage here at Kendal at Longwood

You can follow me and you can see here

we have an open, entertainment style kitchen upgrade

that we have in this cottage

with stainless steel appliances

Here you can prepare a meal and also enjoy a meal

while looking out into your living space

Here is our formal living space

Here we have a dining room set

Sofa and also could be a place to put a television

We do include a basic cable package

and a private, password protected wi-fi

Recessed lighting throughout your cottage

Custom colors

Or, our basic Dover White

And, here we are in the first bedroom

Weve chosen to have this as a den space

So, here we have a television, sofa

and, there is a walk-in closet

that you can use for clothing or storage

Our residents have their own television station that you can access in your cottage

And, here we have an array of closets

and, a laundry hookup

for a stackable laundry

And, I'll show you into our first full bathroom

Here we have a walk-in shower, which is standard and a curtain

You can upgrade to do glass shower doors

The towel racks look like grab bars

Look like towel racks, but are actually grab bars

And, you have some choices to your vanity

and, lighting within the bathroom

These homes have forced air and heat through the ceiling

so, you dont have to worry about strip heating

Through the living room

We also have a great extra space

that is called our three-season patio

This is a place where you can read

enjoy meals

and see some of our views of the community

You also have an exit out to some personal gardening space

Within our community, you do get three feet around your cottage

in which you can customize

Theres also a nice space in here

in which you have additional storage

Some people will customize this with shelving

or, put out garden tools

A great place to put Christmas stuff

There's also skylights within this patio enclosure

If we offer you a home that doesnt have an enclosure

we will enclose it for you

Follow me through here and were going to

point out one upgrade

When you come into this entryway

have a closet and then we have a beautiful entry piece

This was a customization, it was an upgrade

The closet can come all the way out

But, here we had a piece of furniture

that we really loved and wanted to display

and make it more of an entryway

But, if you have extra closet space that works as well

Here we have our bedroom

We have made this into our formal bedroom

You can easily fit two beds

Or, a queen or king-size bed

Pieces of furniture to hold your belongings

And, we do provide linen service on a weekly basis

here at Kendal Crosslands

This is a designated linen closet

but, we provide you weekly with linens

and, youll see those here

Well make your bed on a weekly basis and provide you with the towels you need

And, here we have our second full bathroom

Thank you for joining me for this tour today

and, we hope to tour you in person very soon

Thank you

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