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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 50 Phrasal Verbs For Computers, Phones, Electronics and Machines - English Phrasal Verbs The Native

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Here we go!

back upPlease back up your work so its saved.

break upThe signal is breaking up, so try a different channel.

call backIll call you back after Im finished with my meeting.

call upIll call up the company and place an order.

click onClick on the link to download.

clock inI usually clock in at about 9 AM to start my shift.

clock outI clock out around 5 PM when Im ready to go home.

connect upConnect up the cables and well have Internet.

dial upWe used to dial up people to call on old phones.

exit outExit out of the program when youre done.

fill outPlease fill out the form with your information.

filter outWe filter out search results we dont want.

freeze upLooks like the computer is freezing up again.

go offlineThe machine will go offline when the printing is done.

go onlineYou can find anything you want when you go online.

hack intoSomeone tried to hack into my account.

hang upWe would hang up old phones when done with calls, but now we just push a button.

hold onCan you hold on for a minute while I take another call?

hook intoHook this cable into that machine and theyll be connected.

hook upI need to hook up all of the parts for the whole machine to work.

key inBe careful when keying in the data so you make no mistakes.

link upWe can speak together online when our computers link up.

log inLog in to access the data.

log outWhen youre finished, be sure to log out.

look upI often look up things online when I need a quick definition.

pick upI picked up the phone when I had a call.

plug inCan I plug in my computer over here?

My battery is low.

pop upA warning message popped up on the screen.

power downPlease power down the machine during storms.

power upYou power a machine up to get it moving.

print out / print upIll print out a copy of the report.

put inIm putting in some code here to fix a bug.

ring upIll ring you up on Saturday about our plans.

scroll downScroll down to see the rest of the information.

scroll upIf you scroll up, youll see the menu.

set upPlease set up the equipment over here.

shut downShut down the computer when youre done using it.

sign inPlease sign in with your name and password.

sign outPlease sign out after your session.

sign upIf youd like to join, please sign up with your name and email address.

start upStart up the application to begin using it.

switch offSwitch off the machine when the work is done.

switch onSwitch on the machine to activate it.

tune inI tune in to listen to my favorite radio show every Sunday.

turn downPlease turn down the volume dial to lower the volume.

turn offTurn off the light when you leave the room.

turn onTurn on the TV with the remote.

zoom outZoom out to see more of the screen.

type upIm typing up a paper for school.

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