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- Greetings Diocese of Olympia

and all of those who may be watching.

For nearly a decade I have,

for each Lent,

selected a Lenten book for us to read

together as a diocese.

It's proven to be a good discipline,

and I have been inspired by just how many

take it on each year.

Last year we deviated from that just a bit

by instead choosing to follow the Way of Love curriculum

put forward by our Presiding Bishop.

It was gratifying and inspiring to see

just how many people did that,

and how that practice still pervades the lives

of so many in our church.

That kind of long-standing good,

and even more daily practice,

is exactly the transformation that's hoped for

when we take on such a collective task.

So this year for those who choose

to be a part of this Lenten practice,

I want to get us back to the reading of a book together,

and if you've been paying any attention to me of late,

especially after returning from my sabbatical

this last year,

and in speaking about pilgrimage,

this choice is not going to come as a huge surprise.

But for those who have heard me discuss it and said,

"Yes, I'm going to get to that someday,"

maybe this will nudge you just a bit to do it.

So my Lenten selection

for this year is

"The Art of Pilgrimage:

"A Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred"

by Phil Cousineau.

As I told you in my convention address,

blessedly this book was recommended to me

by Kathy Thomason,

the wife of our Dean, Steve Thomason.

Knowing that we were in this year of pilgrimage,

and that Marti and I were about to

embark on the Camino,

and Poland,

and Minidoka,

and so many more pilgrimages,

she said it was a book I just had to read

and quickly,

before I left.

So I did,

and I'm glad I had it right at that moment,

and what I love about this book is this;

while I read it in preparation for some well recognized,

traditional pilgrimages

that I've traveled far and wide to take part in,

this book's really a book to prepare you to take

your very next step.

It is ultimately about seeing every day you walk,

no matter where you walk,

whether a choice or a requirement,

that you learn to walk those steps as a seeker,

a sojourner,

one on pilgrimage.

Of course, if you know me at all

you know that I am a fan,

and great encourager,

of the traditional pilgrimage,

going to see a people,

a land, a history,

that you may not know or understand.

We go to see things we have never seen,

to meet people we might never know if we don't go.

We go to learn

and most often are taught lessons we never suspected,

and sometimes some we might have not wished for,

and when we return we're different,


We carry with us from that point on

all of those moments,

meetings, experiences.

This book is about helping you not miss those moments,

and also a bit about how to make use of them

when your normal path,

if there really is such a thing,

begins again.

In the book Cousineau says this:

So as you walk the way of Jesus

on our yearly pilgrimage of Lent

I hope you will read,

hopefully together so you can also discuss,

and encourage,

and challenge,

and learn,

more about yourself.

And more about how to make every day,

every moment more of a sacred journey.

For whether we recognize it or not

it is.

Blessing to all of you,

happy reading,

and have a good Lent.

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