Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part 1 なすびの電波少年的懸賞生活のすすめ完結篇 ss

Difficulty: 0

Original TV series run 1.25.1998 - 4.18.1999


People that entrust their lives and dreams to a single postcard...

However, that blessing will only be decided by God himself

For the end of the century, And the first time in human history...

A man who lives by only winning prize contests.

That man's name is ...

Nasubi ~ !

A Japanese Comedian.

Can people live by only winning prize contests?

The challenge is to win prizes by phone or post card entry

The goal is to reach 1 million Yen in prize value.

This is Nasubi's half year documented story!

We present to you Nasubi's magnificent,

Fully loaded, no regrets life on TV !

And also...... !


Nasubi face transformation exhibition!

Plus we will show you all the winning dances!

Nasubi's Denpa Shonen Prize life contest Part 1

Nasubi in January

On that day, it snowed in Tokyo...

January 1, 1998. Somewhere in the capital

On that day an audition meeting began for a new project

Everyone who participated was a young comedian

Among them are future Denpa Shonen contestants


Escape from a Desert Island

And Takashi Itou from Panyao, who hitchhiked Africa to Europe


And of course, that face was there too.


Now, let's proceed with, and please enjoy Nasubi's application video entry!

Hello everyone !

My name is Nasubi. Today, I will try my best! Thank you!

And then the audition begins...

In today's audition, all you need is luck

Luck ???

And then...

A raffle box is brought in.

And then...

Whoever pulls the prize ticket, is the winner!

In a perfect luck based plan from the staff

They each test their fate as the audition continues

Let's begin

Please open your ticket

And the winner is ?!

I won !

What is this lucky comedian's name?


However, he was still unaware of the new project details ...

Let's go then?

Now?! Really?!

I feel like I used all of my good luck at once...

You used it all huh?


But for this new challenge, Nasubi did not realise that Luck is the most important thing.

Aaahh!! So COLD!

Please get in

We're driving there?

Before departing, he wears an Eyemask and Headphones

The heavy snow continues to fall during the journey

The winning ticket that was drawn

Would forever change the destiny of this man.

The car stopped.

Uwahh! It's cold! It's cold!

Where is Nasubi being taken to?

It seems we have arrived.

Take off the mask

What did Nasubi see?

A room

The contents inside this bland room are...

A small Table, a mountain of Postcards, a Pen, a Phone, a Radio, a Cushion

In the kitchen is a Gas stove

A Toilet, Shower, Bath and Air con

And also many Magazines



W..wh...what ??

Get naked


Really? Pants too?

Is this ok...?

No way...

Wait, this isn't what I think it is?

Confiscation of clothes

W-what's going on?

Underpants too

W-wait, you know that...


What sort of plan is this?

You don't understand?

Magazines and Postcards, but I don't get it...

Something Prize contest related?

Firstly, what do you want the most?

I want my clothes!

I need to win them in a Prize contest?

No way

For what reason?

Can people live by winning only prize contests?



Wear this

What's this?

A Mic


No, no this is not good at all!

I still have questions I want to ask!

See ya

Prize life contest START!

No waaayyyy~~~

From now on, please enjoy the camera from inside.

Huh?! Wait, hey!


Hold on!

This can't be for real

1 hour later...

He becomes accepting, and...

There is no shame or embarrassment

Two hours later

Anyway, I should write...

He is pumped up at last!

And then...

Apron. A naked apron, 5 prizes.

Naked (image) Apron!!

It's gonna be ok!


Nasubi asleep

He has awoken!

Good morning.

It's the morning of the 6th day.

On the first day we left Nasubi with a notebook...

Nasubi's Prize contest diary!

"Denpa Shonen Prize life contest ..."

"This insane and unreasonable challenge has begun"

"I'm also naked..."

"I should make an effort to "enjoy" every day."

1 million yen, huh...

Let's aim for 1 million yen!

Let's listen to the radio

Power on!

Right at that moment!

Please write to us, saying "I want a guitar, a red guitar!"

A Present giveaway


He didn't notice...

After missing an opportunity, he focuses his time On writing postcards for competition entries.


Telephone call!

A winning prize call?

Hello, Nasubi speaking.


"Is this Nakagawa's telephone number?"

No it's not.

Wrong number phone call

"I'm sorry, I have wrong telephone number"

"I wonder how it feels to hear:"

"Hello, this is Nasubi"


Suddenly, he starts doing sit-ups.

Also stretching.

I feel dizzy

At that time!

This is the Prize give away information

This time he noticed!

You can easily eat this in your home, Spaghetti


Nasubi in February.

These where the entries made in January and Feburary

Please watch this in slow mode

Total of 5,748 entries

Roast Sweet Potato~~~ !

A roast sweet potato seller!

At that time Nasubi ...

Roast Sweet Potato~♪

I want to eat you~♪

"My head is full of food thoughts."

"I don't care what it is, just please give me a win!!"



Telephone call!

Is this time a winners call?


"I'm sorry to disturb you right now..."

"We have some great information about learning English"

Unethical phone sales!!

"If I get caught up in this kind of solicitation, my life will end up in the gutter of the city"

"I must decline it"


"Your voice is very cute, we've talked alot huh"

haha, really?♥

"When I realized, we had talked for 30 minutes"


"If you like, I can come to your house and discuss it"


Me, to your place? ♥

"I cannot meet with her in this situation..."

Uh... It seems a little difficult...

"You don't want me to see your home?"

Uh.. yeah, no its not like that but kind of, umm...

"OK, sorry to have bothered you, Good bye"

Thank you, Goodbye.

"That was a dangerous situation"

A few days later.

As usual, Nasubi is writing postcards



Someone came!

Special delivery?!

My body's stiff...

Ah, I need to sign?

Hey something came


It's here!!

"I did it! I won a prize contest! This is my first prize"

My first WIN !

"Just like Gold Medalist Kyoko Iwasaki"

"This is the happiest moment of my life!!"

Can you feel my stubble against you~?

What did he win?

"12 pots of Fiber Jelly by Kikkoman!!"

Let's eat!

Tastes good!

"These days when I hear something outside"

"Oh?! Is it a special delivery?"

At that time!



Special delivery?!

It's the Postman


"Yeah!!! I won something again"

You should put a nameplate outside

Ah, Ok I understand.

He was being advised to write his name on the mailbox.

What the heck, I thought I won something.

That old geezer Postman...

"Come on Postman!"

"You should say; 'Thank you for writing so many postcards every day'

A few days have passed.

Suddenly, a strange pose.

"I feel like trying to do a handstand"

"I dented the wall a little"

Today, Nasubi focuses on writing letters.




Did he win?

Hello, sorry to keep you waiting


Here is the Ramen

W-w-whats this?

Stir fried Vegetables

The fee is 1700 yen please.

Err, I don't have any money...

Isn't this OOO, Mr.XXX ?

No... I didn't order it.

I'm sorry, I have the wrong address

He left the nice smell of fried vegetables and ramen...

But the delivery man is gone...



"God has given me a fate too cruel !!"

Furthermore ...

Telephone call!

Is this time a winners notification !?


It was a silent prank call.

"Is my life cursed?"

Let's eat Fiber Jelly!

To lift his mood, he eats one of the last remaining Jelly.

Another telephone call!


"Thank you for entering into the prize draw for Tochigi Koshikari (Rice variety)"

"We have selected you as a winner!"


"Yes ♥"


"I did it!"

Thank you very much


Second prize get!!

Good things happen when you drink Fiber Jelly!

I won Rice

Banzai !! Banzai !!

A few days later



Special delivery

Thank you

Is it Rice?!

It's Rice

Nasubi, carrying the rice, initiates the winning dance.

5kg of Rice GET!

I did it


He noticed something...

"I don't have a pot."


*Crunch Crunch*

He eats the raw Rice.


I can't eat this...

What will you do Nasubi?

I have a valuable item I can put it in...

Put it in?

This is!

"I can put rice in the empty Fiber Jelly package"

"I'll put hot water in and see what happens"

"Let it soak overnight and hope for something good."

Please, even if it's only Rice gruel, help make this into something!

The next morning

But did Nasubi's experiment succeed?

"It's terrible."

I'm sorry but..

I think this is a bit of a failure.

Experiment failed

The next day

Nasubi suddenly thinks aloud...

What if I warm up the sides?

I wonder if this is a good idea?

Gas stove

"I placed it near the gas stove to warm the water"

"What effect will this heat have on the experiment?"

Nasubi attempts this critical experiment.

Then 3 hours later...

But you know what, I'm pretty doubtful about this...

And the result is!?

Hold on...

What's this?

Fiber Jelly straw

It looks like watery cooked rice?

Have a look

Experiment Success !!

It's good!!

"God has given a helping hand and saved me once again!"



And then!



Someone's here!

Thank you for delivering

What is this?

Registered mail!

This is cash!

2000 yen!

It seems I won....

An illustrated quiz contest.

This week's winning dance

And more!



It's body soap

"I can wash away the month and 3 days body grime and become clean!!"

And more!!



Spaghetti set! ♥


He seem to be confused

About this...

It's canned food...

Meat sauce

"I don't have can opener."

These are the prizes from Feburary.

To reach the 1 million Yen goal he needs another 985,140

Nasubi in March

This is the list of entries made in March.

A total of 6,541 entries.

This is my once a day luxury.

Nasubi enjoys his watery rice dinner.

He soon finishes his dinner.

At that time!




Aw right! Something came again!


Oh...Orange Sake!

"Oida prefecture Mandarin sake"

I did itI did it

With Sake in hand, he does this week's winning dance.



He drinks.

"This is really good tasting!"

"I drank a whole can in one!!"



"I get drunk easily."

The next day


"I have a hangover..."

But then!



Winning 2 days in a row?!

What's this?


Folding bicycle.

Wow for real, look!


I won a folding bicycle!

"What a guy that Nasubi is!!"

It's a bicycle yo~ ♥

CyclingCyclingYa-ho~ Ya-ho~

"This is the best season for a bike ride!"


CyclingCyclingYa-ho~ Ya-ho~

I won a bike song By Nasubi

And then

Dinner time

Tastes delicious.

Riding bicycle while eating dinner...

I'm so happy right now

Nasbi enjoys eating the watery rice from the Jelly container.


He compares the Jelly and the Sake containers.

Using the pen, Nasubi begins work on the Sake can.

I've made a clean opening on the top...

And then...

I did it! You need to try these ideas out, look!

"This is the new version March 1998 Rice cooker."

It's perfect

Ball pen

Right here, Nasubi has a great idea.


Très bien

Until now, he has been unable to conquer the spaghetti.

Spaghetti set unopened.

"Who else on Earth can use a single can at such a high level technique..."

"Is it only me I wonder?"

As always he is writing entries diligently.

But recently Nasubi has a small desire...

"I want something with the rice!!"

Next day



Special delivery

Winning Prize?!


Nasubi does the wining dance this week also.

This many pots!!

"I can eat Natto-rice!!"

"Even just thinking about it"

"I nearly wet myself...."

At last, it's time to eat Natto-Rice!

Looks delicious

It's great

"I can die peacefully now"

But then!



What came this time?

"Pickled Daikon radish snack"

Instantly eaten.

It's great!

"It's perfect to eat with rice!"

And more!




Salmon bone snack

Nasubi instantly has several side dishes

He is busy writing postcards again

Then suddenly



Special delivery

Hitomi chan, it's from Hitomi chan

Hitomi chan?

"Please treasure it. Hitomi x"

Panties~~~ ♥♥♥

"What a great luck!"

"I won some panties !!"

Around two months ago....


Nasubi started the challenge naked.

But there are very few prize contest for male underwear

Only ones for used model panties

So he tries to get any underwear regardless.

The naked life is finally over

The time has come for Nasubi to join civilized humanity!


This is a bit harsh...

They're too small for him...

Back to being nude...

Then Nasubi...

I'll hang them up on the bike handlebars

Thank you very much!

The next day

He prepares his once a day luxury dinner.

Delicious looking rice

"I have mastered the art of cooking rice to such a degree..."

"That you can see each individual grain of rice."

There is some sad news to share.

This is the last Natto rice dinner.

"The day has finally come..."

"The last Natto"

I am grateful even to the last mouthful !

"Even 5 days past the use by date, it is still just as satisfying"

On the next day

Writing diligently as always.



Special Delivery

He has won again!


It's huge! What is this?

Hmmm? Packaged with newspapers...

It's Seal-chan

I sent an entry for naming a seal (x50)

A stuffed plushy seal

Aw you're so cute~

"After a difficult parting with the Natto, my heart heart is captured once again"

"A friendship is born!!"

I wonder if there is anything else inside?

There's a small gift, what could it be?


What a great gift!

A towel with a Seal print!

I can take a bath at anytime now!

Life with a towel Song by Nasubi

And more!

Marine park discount tickets! Thank you !

He begins talking with his new friend

You'll be unhappy without a name so...

That's right!

You are Nasubi's friend Bi-nasu... Bi-nasu.

"The pronunciation should be Shibuya-style with falling intonation"


Nasubi takes Bi-nasu for his first walk

As his partner Bi-nasu gently watches over him, Nasubi continues to write Postcards until...



Special delivery

He won something?

What's this?

"This is Yodo brand egg Sake" (Tamagozake)

Have a look Bi-nasu, it's Tamagozake!

He tells his partner the good news.

We see another winning dance

But then!



He won again!?




"The scenery of seasonal fruit, How relaxing!!"

They look so tasty!

Pure RED

This many pure red Strawberries!

So sweet ♥♥

"I haven't had such a fantastic taste in 2 months!!"

And more!


"Okame's mixed bean set"

After this the most expensive food in the contest... No, That Nasubi has ever eaten comes to this room!


Woah! Meat!

"It's special Oomugi beef steak meat!"

I have 5 of them !!

"The life of a poor comedian only used the word STEAK in his imagination."

"I'm so grateful to win these prizes!"


How should I cook this?

He thinks about it for 2 hours...

Nasubi comes to the gas cooker.


Ball pen

Cooking mission

He begins to heat the meat using the ball pen

5 Minuets later...

My pen has gone soft...

But then

The steak is cooked

Looks good!

This is the moment Nasubi tastes the most expensive luxury of his life!

It's lush

"I can die happy now!"

Then Nasubi....

It tasted so good................................

It was a taste so great, his mind has gone blank.

And then!

Another win!

Densha De GO (Playstation)

He won game software!

And more!!

Plus special train controller!

I won Densha De GO! ♥

"Nasubi is the driver, Bi-nasu is the Conductor"

"We can play Trains!!"


"There is no Playstation nor TV...."

Choo Choo ~ !!

These are the winnings for March.

To reach the goal he still needs 909,800

Nasubi's winning dance compilation PART 1

Fiber Jelly

Tochigi Rice

2000 Yen

Body soap

Spaghetti set

Mandarin Sake

Folding Bike


Pickled Daikon

Salmon bone snack

Hitomi's Panties





Mixed bean set


Densha De GO! (PS)

Nasubi in April.

These are the entries made in April.

Total 6,916 entries

He starts the day with a chat to Bi-nasu.

You're really a lucky Angel for me you know

I've won meat and Strawberries thanks to you.

"Bi-nasu, you must be an Angel of Luck!"

"Or maybe you're even a God..."

I'll try my best writing entries today!

Please protect me

With God Bi-nasu watching over him, Nasubi writes away diligently




Special Delivery

He won today as well?!

What's this? I have a good feeling about it!

"I love sweets, I've been waiting so long for this!"


"It's 'Baci' from Italy, what a lovely stylish Chocolate!

Look, Bi-nasu!

Chocolate !!

He informs Venus with great confidence

Thank you very much for the Chocolate! I will enjoy eating it later!

"Bi-nasu is my Guardian Angel of this competition"

The next day

This morning he is writing entries when...



What is it this time?

Yamucha set ♥ (Tea and dumplings)

"Yamucha set made by Yukaro in Yokohama"

"Jumbo Pork, Peach, Shrimp, Shrimp And Crab assorted dumplings"


"How the heck am I going to cook them?"

Then Nasubi...

Can I eat them like this?

He's eating them un-cooked!

This is fine! Tastes good too!

I owe it all to you Bi-nasu

He continues to write with Bi-nasu watching over

At that moment!

Is it a bad Omen?!




Something came, what's this?

A doll?

What did Nasubi see just then?

It's Toru, Toru!


Its definitely Toru! Toru!!

I won!

It's Rikiishi Toru (Boxing anime)

"Rikiishi Toru Hero action figure"

I won't be defeated, Toru !

"I'm meeting with a super celebrity, and we're both naked!"

Mr.Rikiishi you're super cool!

You're my hero!

From here on, a world where only the two of them exist begins.

Listen Nasubi, in life, people experience many things...

Some good, some bad, it's alot of things...

Do you understand this Nasubi?

Yes! I understand.

You're a man. When the time comes you just have to do it.

That's why I have come here to teach you.

Do you understand?

Yes, I agree that's right.

Bi-nasu in isolation

I'm a man so I have to do it

Mr.Rikiishi from now on...

Please guide me with your wisdom and knowledge

I will be forever grateful !

A few days later

He is doing morning sparring with master Rikiishi

How about it Mr.Rikiishi? I'm pretty good huh?

Yes Nasubi, not bad at all!

Ok! I'm gonna get serious too!

Uppercut! Uppercut! Uppercuuuutttttt!!!!

Bi-nasu in isolation

Nasubi is defeated by KO! Sparring finished.

After receiving training from the master, Nasubi's post card writing is intensely focused




Special delivery

What have I won this time?

What the heck?

"I've won something amazing!"

"You could say it's quite Farfetch'd"

It's a Pokemon desk mat

And he does the weekly winning dance



Another win?!

What's this wrapped up in wood chipping?

"The moment I opened it and saw that I just had to scream!"


Something emerges?!


Ise Lobster

He won a live lobster!

A monster!

"Secret technique: Lobster dance"

Ise Lobster win !!


What should I do?

What will you do Nasubi?

Let's eat

"Nothing to do but eat it!"

"I grilled it on the cooker!"

"I am tasting Lobster for the first time in my life"

"I could only stand there in ecstasy..."

The next day



Today is also a win!

A vacuum cleaner

"A vacuum cleaner from TEKIPA national"

I can clean my room for the first time in three months

Bye bye dirty room Song by Nasubi

And then...

Switch on!

3 months worth of cleaning START!

An hour later...



"The Tatami mat is so clean I rubbed my face againt it!!"

Now that I've cleaned the room...


I want to take a shower...

Body wash

In a clean room, there must be a clean Nasubi !

This is the proper etiquette

Ok let's get clean

Nasubi's shower time

Just then!



Special Delivery

A win!




No one home

Nasubi misses a great chance

Shower complete

"Nothing happened today"

Next day

"Nothing happened for a week"



A prize?

Perfectly ripe Tomatoes

Prize life contest has vegetables!

Immediately eaten...

So gwoood~ ♥♥

Nasubi is deeply moved by the taste of Tomato

But after this he wins something even more moving!



Its huge!

Nasubi's deeply moving item is?!

A remote control!

A remote control!

A remote control in the box means....

What is it!?


"A 14 inch color TV by Victor!"

"A 20th century scientific Angel called 'TV' has descended on the primitive man Nasubi!"

Please allow me to breath life into this TV when I switch it on!

Let's fire it up!

Here we go


I can't get channel 1 here?

Education channel?

Nihon TV? Huh?


Fuji? TV Ashahi? TV Tokyo??

"Why does this round and cute box show nothing but a sandstorm..."

Nothing left to do but read the manual...


Nasubi has realized something.

"There is no antenna in the room"

Nasubi is very shocked and depressed.

But those feelings will soon dissapear when he wins something wonderful after this!



Finally, it's arrived!

That item is?!

My life has greatly leveled up thanks to this

What is it!?

A toothbrush and toothpaste set

Of course, a winning dance!

I will brush my teeth for the first time in 3 months

"I will settle this 3 month grudge by brushing with all my might!!"

It started to bleed hahaha

These are the winnings for April

The remaining goal is 834,700 Yen

Nasubi in May

These are the entries for May.

A total of 7,369 entries

In the morning Nasubi is writing entries




He won today!?


After this, a first time situation since the Prize life contest started!!

Sorry to bother you

A man wearing a white coat enters!

I'm just here to check your health

He is a doctor.

It's been 3 months since the start so the staff have called for a Doctor to check Nasubi's health.

Thank you and sorry to have troubled you to come here to this filthy room...

It seems to be a difficult life...

"Unexpectedly, a doctor came in and took my blood pressure..."

"He checked out my body and took a sample of blood and urine for the finale."

Ok, we're finished.

Health check up complete

You're always naked?

I'll report the results back to you later

Thank you very much, it's appreciated.

A few days later the report arrived...

Absolutely no problems at all, Nasubi is in good health.

The next day

After seeing the Doctor, Nasubi continues to write postcards





It's a leathery smell

Leather smell?

It's very black...


Shoes! ♥

This week also has a winning dance

"Shining black, shining brightly black I won black leather shoes!!"

I must try wearing them!

But suddenly a sad memory is recalled

It was 2 months ago...

Panties ♥♥♥

After winning the used model panties he was to leave the naked life behind him...

This is harsh...

They where too small to wear...

Nasubi returned to the naked life.

Will he be okay this time?

Please let them fit!

Nasubi will become a civilized man with shoes right now!

They fit!

I have a shoe on!

We have come this far, let me try the left foot too!

They fit!

I'm wearing shoes!

Nasubi is wearing leather shoes!

A historical moment!

Wearing black leather shoes Song by Nasubi

"I remember the 'Pantie incident' and worried it could reoccur..."

"But these are 30cm size and I'm 29cm, So they are a perfect shoe fit!"




Portable Barbecue set! ♥

Give me the meat!

"From Mountain or Sea, Anything I win now can be easily cooked!"

The next day

No winnings today.

But Nasubi has a new concern...

"I have noticed a bad thing."

"My source of life, Rice, Has finally reached the bottom of the bag..."

In the beginning, he won 5kg on the 20th day.

Without being able to win rice, He could not continue the prize life challenge.

"I've reached an absolute critical moment that Could lead to the worst situation possible."

Dear lord, please don't abandon me now.

I'm begging you!!

The next day



A prize!

Nasubi is laughing, is it Rice?!


The country I want to visit is~ ♪


Right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean

On this day, the inevitable fate has caught up to Nasubi.

Rice bag

"Honorable Rice, are you really going to abandon me?"

Only one portion left...

Today is the last I guess...

"I want to believe it's not true!!"

"I want to believe it's not true!!"

"Please, I'm begging! Tell me its not true!!"

Today is really the last...

This is the last of the Rice.

The last...

"From the day I received this Rice I had prepared for a time like this!"

"But the time to part has come so quickly, so easily..."

"I don't want this ending, I don't want it at all!"

One hour later, the rice is cooked.

This is really the last serving ...

Nasubi's once per day enjoyable Rice dinner...

Is a simple pleasure that has now disappeared

It's farewell, but I have to eat it.

Any time there was a Rice prize contest, Nasubi would send numerous entries.

"I wish a Prize life contest miracle would occur!!"


"I have been parted from the Rice for 3 days now..."

I'm hungry.

At that time!



Has a miracle occurred!?


A free trial English language lesson ticket

A miracle did not occur...

I don't know what to do with it~ ♪

Either way, it's a winning dance.

A free trial English language lesson ticket is ...

No good compared to something I can eat right now.


Food is what I want!

"Something I can eat, I want to win anything I can eat !!"

The next day



Is this time a miracle!?

Hey, hey something came!

"In yesterday's diary, It's true that I wrote; 'Anything I can eat...' but..."

"Things dont always go as expected In the prize life contest huh..."

It seems I have done it, You could say I've done it...

It's Dog food.

Another non miracle.


It looks good

He wants to eat it!



"It's bad..."

The next day

He wins again today!


Please, give me a break!

It's Dog food.

Are you trying to turn me into a dog?

I'm not a dog !!!

Let's try it out, like a snack



A miracle occurred!

And also...

There's this many bags!

I'll hold onto this!

Woof, Woof, Awoooo~

Today Nasubi is again immersed in writing entries


I'm hungry...

I'll have to eat dog food and try my best today!

"Recently, meals have only been dog food and water..."

"I have a pretty authentic dog style diet here..."

"I must take extra care so my secrets don't get out."

The next day

I did it!

What happened?!

We have Natto again

It's the second Natto win !

This weeks winning dance

It's Nasubi's favorite food... Natto!


Nasubi has a realisation

I don't have any rice...

"Without rice it's impossible to make Natto-rice."

I want to eat Natto-rice !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets eat!

He eats it as it is.

Its great

This is the taste of human food!


Empty Natto container

"I finished them all today."

The next day

Dog food

He once again returns to dog food.

What is it?!

Fruit flavored Jelly

Look how many there is!

"This win really suits the time of late spring into summer!!"

He tries it straight away.

It smells great!

And then...

Empty Jelly container

I finished them all

I appreciate the food

He ate them all in a day.

But you know...

In the end, Jelly is just a dessert

I'm Japanese, so what I really want is rice.

Even though I sent alot of entries...

I'm still waiting on a reply for the rice

At that time!

Is it Rice?!

It's a cosmetic set

"I saw that the entry deadline was approaching for this Pricey item so my mind said go for it, Cosmetic set."

Nasubi shows an interest in one of the items inside.

This is...

That is?

Hey this is fun! ♥

A face pack.

I'll go from handsome to an even more handsome man

After 10 minuets, the treatment is complete

Look, it's nice timing

Dog food

Nasubi is eating his staple dog food today again

I've got used to it

Let's have some water...

"I have become completely immersed in this dog food way of living Naturally, there is the desire to scream out loud."

What has arrived?

Water purification system

Will it just fit on?

He attempts to attach it.

Five minutes later


Another 5 minuets later

This time it's on correctly!

The water is coming out nicely!

Let's give it a try

Orange Sake can

Shall we drink?



I wish I could cook rice with this purified water you know...

My thoughts are only focused on rice....

That's the feelings I have

"I long for a life of human foods..."

The next day

He won again today!

Is it the desired rice?!

It's a mug cup

Shall we... drink some water? ♥

Oh? what a lovely sound of the water filling the cup!

Let's drink!

As expected, it's different!


With this wonderful water I want to cook some rice, mug cup!

My thoughts are only focused on rice....

At that time!

It's heavy

Is it rice this time?!

It's diet health tea

This is Nasubi's song; Diet & Me

Nasubi, Nasubi, he dont need no diet

Because he's already sufficiently... ♪

Thin enough as it is you know! ♪

Are you saying its okay for me to become even thinner?!

Cheers! ♥

As expected, he drinks.


Tea can be this delicious huh?


Dog food

Diet Tea

"I'll use the tea to make up for The lack of nutrition in the dog food"

"It's probably an ideal menu balance"

A few days later

Another standard meal day

With wonderful water in one hand, let's eat!

Today he is not drinking tea, but purified water.

"Thanks to the power of the mug cup, the water tastes even better!"

"If only I could cook some rice with this wonderful water..."

At that time!

Is it finally rice?

It feels nice and heavy

A high probability of rice!

It's a knife, fork and spoon set

Of course, there is another winning dance today.

There's so many!


Let's eat!

Dinner continues.

This is like a first class hotel dinner feeling

To begin, he eats the dog food with a knife and fork

Trying to pierce with the fork is a little...


Using a spoon should be easy

We can get a good amount with the spoon, Ah, I knew it. The spoon is great!



"Using a spoon is completely different from a dog, and because of this human self awareness, my prize life contest is resurrected."

Eating with the spoon is easy!

But at that moment Nasubi thinks...

As I lift my spoon up, I don't want dog food on it...

I wish it was rice.


With all my heart, with all my strength, with this spoon!

I want to eat rice like this!

But right now I have no rice.

Right then, Nasubi's prize God reached out to him.

What could be inside with all this weight...

No way...

No way!

Is this for real?


God has gifted me the power to live

It's rice! ♥

It's rice! It's Koshihikari !! (Good brand)

And look, this much! It's 10kg !

10kg !

10kg !

There are no words.

"This is a major win like the super Dokyu!!" TLnote: Dokyu is a WW1 Dreadnought battleship

"Niigata Koshihikari Rice 10Kg" "Just hearing the words takes me to a world of enchantment..."

Woah I'm dizzy...

Nasubi is so emotionally moved by winning the rice, he cries.

These are the winnings for May.

Until the Million Yen goal...


Nasubi's winning dance compilation Part 2


Yamu-cha set

Rikiishi Toru action figure

Pokemon desk mat


Vacuum cleaner



Tooth brush set

Black leather shoes

Barbecue set


Free English lesson

Dog food (Canned)

Dog food (dried)


Fruit Jelly

Cosmetic set

Water purification system

Mug Cup

Diet Tea

Cutlery set

Koshihikari brand rice

Nasubi in June.

These are the entries for June.

A total of 5,561 entries

The time for Nasubi to eat rice has fianlly come...

Rice time!

I made the Fiber Jelly container into a measuring cup

Here we go!

What a great sound! ♥

Thats right, I can use the wonderful water to make wonderful rice!

Water purification! ♥

Water purification

Ever since winning the water purification system, Nasubi has dreamed about cooking rice with that water.

That wish has been granted

Let's fire it up.

Switch... ON!

One hour later.

The rice is perfectly cooked

And you know what, I have a shining silver spoon to eat it with

Shall we have a little taste


Check out the hot steam...

"Using the wonderful purified water to cook the rice,"

"The serving taste is so completely different from before. I'm totally surprised!"

Nothing compares!

The next day

No way...

For real?

What's the win?

Can such a... Wonderful item...

Really be ok to accept?

This is really too good for me...

It's Duck meat

"Super expensive Duck breast meat!!"

It's Duck Breast, Duck meat Gaa- ♪

This week's winning dance

Nasubi hurries to the kitchen and naturally uses the BBQ set that he won before to grill the Duck meat

20 minutes later...

Look at how nice and cooked it is~

Let's eat! ♥

"No mater how I look at it, I can only say one thing."


The next day

Another win!

I didn't think this sort of thing would come!

What is it this time?!

Assorted Ice cream

Ooh! So cold!

"24 Ice cream cups."

Let's eat

Here, Nasubi notices a severe problem.

"I don't have a freezer..."


Empty Ice cream cup

I finished them all

The next day

What is it this time?

A kettle !

"Easy press Kettle by Kyusu"

Today Nasubi is enjoying his cooked rice.

Tastes good, I'm grateful

But after this, a win that he will appreciate even more!

That precious gift is...?

"I have won a prize that carries the smell and charm of the sea!!"

It's Seaweed

The familiar winning dance

It's a Nasubi seaweed sandwich... Kinda...

Let's eat!

It's great!

Nasubi has a flash of inspiration!

"Seaweed + Rice = Onigiri"

First, toast the seaweed a little.

The next step is...


However, he toasted the seaweed a little too much

It's completely encompassed

This is nice!

Let's eat the Onigiri!

"The finest Onigiri of my life"

But on this day, the item Nasubi will be most greatful for in his life will arrive.

What the heck is this?

It seems like this item wont have much affect on my life


Its a poster...?

Nasubi is a little dissapointed.

What kind of poster?

"This is a gift from God"

It's a poster of Hirosue Ryoko

"I love Hirosue Ryoko"

Nasubi always wrote his affection for Hirosue Ryoko in his diary as a big fan he would always enter contests for her prizes

"I adore Hirosue Ryoko"

"Hirosue Ryoko is extraordinary"

Nasubi and Miss Hirosue co-starring together!

It's a dream appearance

How wonderful of you to come to this mans deplorably filthy prize life contest.

It was never my intention to meet you in these circumstances...

I feel terrible for it, I'm sorry.

Thank you

Then, Nasubi...

I must stick it up

Something to pin it with...

There is nothing to pin it with in this room.

Another flash of inspiration!

Rice! I can use Rice!

How does it look?

Affixed with rice.

What a special moment, I'm so happy!

The next day

Nasubi is stood staring at the poster all day long


I'm going to note all these thoughts in my diary!

"Miss Hirosue Ryoko, I, Nasubi love you very deeply!!"

"Now we are living our lives out together..."

How about it Miss Hirosue

The prize is?

Guronsan Plus

Energy drink.

The winning dance

Maximum efficency is here!

Then, he drinks.

"I guzzled them down two at once!"


After this, Nasubi...

Hirosue san

Hirosue arousal!

Hirosue crisis!

The next day

He enjoys his once a day luxury dinner time.

But at that time...

After this bad omen Nasubi finds himself in a pinch!

That evening at midnight

Denpa Shonen's Producer enters his room.

Long time no see

It's been a while

At that time Nasubi thought...

Is it over?

I made a million Yen?




W-why are you giving me this?

Eye mask


I can't understand this at all

Headphones (loud music)

The producer takes Nasubi outside wrapped in a blanket

Black leather shoes he won

Ahh~~ outside fresh air!

Its been about 5 months since I've breathed in fresh air

It's nice



Yay! we're moving! We're moving!

Road trip

Being in a car after 5 months!


Two hours passed.

I wonder where we are going?

Five hours have passed.

We are going to far, really.

Here, Nasubi says something unexpected...

That reminds me, the African continent still remains, right?

African continent?

That's bad for a single person.

It's a bad situation for a person to hitch hike across Africa alone you know

As he has been isolated in this show, Nasubi doesn't know about Panyao and is becoming anxious.

TLnote; Panyao is another pair on a separate Denpa Shounen show that was running at the same time, where they hitchhike across Africa to Europe including Takashi Itou from the opening auditions

As it is, my mind has become clouded with anxiety...

Let's sleep.

But with all this noise I can't sleep even if I want to...


They have arrived.

The place Nasubi was taken to was...

It's okay to take it off now

"The room atmosphere is pretty much the same, no matter where I look it's the familiar feeling that I got used to for 5 months."

Everything here is the same, so that means...

We just moved house?


Last month the news media found out Nasubi's address.

For the principal of fairness to the Denpa Shounen Prize life contest

The decision to move house was made.

But Nasubi did not know this was being broadcast to TV so the Producer says...

For renewed luck

It's for my own benefit then?

Thats right!

"Far too honorable for me."

See ya

Well, it seems like nothing is missing

Ah, I don't need the cushion...

Kitchen check.

Everything's here

Not a single thing changed huh

But after this Nasubi is in a serious pinch!!

Nasubi is looking at everything he has won so far...

Whats wrong!?

This is bad

There's no rice.


I had some rice, right?

Eh? Am I dreaming?

A ghost?

At that time!

The producer appears

Sorry, sorry

I left it in the truck

I was so panicked, give me a break!

It's okay to forget other things, but you cannot forget the rice !!

No, the truck....

It's not the truck's fault!!!


Don't scare me like that.

A few days later

In the new room of Nasubi's prize life contest

He continues his diary with renewed determination.

"I have moved to a new home to bring my life better luck"

"My hopes and dreams will depend on the promise of this new land!!"

Nasubi is hyped!


"The power of the new house is emitting!! The power of the new room is exploding!!"

The first new house prize is....?

Put this there...

Something thin and narrow?

The box mountain is piling up

Just what the heck is it?

There's quite a few of them, huh.

"Kokuyo" (Office store)

Ah! Did I win the Kokuyo chair and desk set?

Oh! This is nice!

Look at this wonderful, stylish chair I won

Look at this I feel great!

You know...

It's like I'm a CEO now

Two hours later

It's finished!

Desk assembly complete!


Mr. Table...

Thanks for everything up until now.

He says farewell to the small table

"My first win in the new room ~ !

"Kokuyo personal desk & chair!"

Then, Nasubi...

Good evening, I'm Nasubi

Today's top news story is

He became a news caster.

Err.. About the Yen, it's in trouble and not improving

What the heck am I saying...

I didn't expect the move to increase my luck like this

It's gone up like this!

The move was a big success!

The next day

The new desk has massively increased efficiency

Today, God will smile upon him again.

Another delivery, another delivery!

Uwahh! A precision instrument?!

"The endless luck of the new house is exploding with power!!"

Primitive man... Has modern technology!

Automatic translator!

This is amazing! What did you say!

I will arrive around 8 o'clock, please keep my room reserved.

This is the Japanese

Let's give this a go into English then, here we go!

Let's try French

This is amazing!

Moving was a great success!!

New room Banzai!!

However, Nasubi still one worry...

I can't touch the buttons as my nails are in the way.

My nails have become this long.

Five and a half months of growth!

I need to cut them.

After this the luck of God delivers a wonderful item!

That wonderful item is...?

Manicure nail polish

Pretty amazing.

These are the prizes for June.

550,440 Yen remains until the 1 million Yen goal.

Nasubi's winning dance compilation Part 3

Ice cream

Duck Meat



Hirosue Ryoko Poster

Energy drink

Desk and chair

He didn't dance for the Translator and Nail polish as the desk was in the way.

Special Movie

This was never broadcast on TV, But Nasubi has an original gag.

That gag is...

Nasubi ! Nasubi !

Nasubi ! Nasubi !

Nasubi did this almost every day.

Nasubi ! Nasubi !

It's funny to watch in fast forward also.

For some reason he didn't do it between days 80 ~ 112.

Nasubi's prize life contest will continue...

VHS raws, translation, timing and typesetting by iiharima 2016 Please support Nasubi @hamatsutomoaki he is a charity and aid worker from Fukushima now

The Description of Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part 1 なすびの電波少年的懸賞生活のすすめ完結篇 ss