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Korean barbecue its usually a balance of quality versus price and very rarely is it

trying to be extremely high end.

this place is a little bit different its Korean barbecue with dry aged beef with wagyu

its all prepared right front of you on a beautiful piece of crystal Ive never

experienced this level of Korean barbecue lets hope its worth it lets hope

its not a gimmick Were at one of new Yorks if not New York most expensive Korean

barbecue restaurant and I think the centerpiece is this amazing crystal grill what whats

going on here it hits a higher temperature than any other grillsIt just sears it as soon

as the me that the grill like steam just coming out everywhere so we heat it up first so when

it hits the highest temperature weve place that steak on there and a sears it very well

and it will block that juice of the meat to you know stay in there I like the blockage

of juices.

thats you guys get this thing we actually got it from Korea because we customize

the grills the shape of it its fit into our grills also its thickness and everything

all together thats what makes the steak taste very good so tell me about the wagyu

you beef that you guys are using.

Wagyu is a mixed bred ofAmerican black Angus and also Washu so theyre actually raised

in Oregon its American Wagyu you know they play the music classical music and they massage

cows those kind of crazy things so the marbleization is amazing only got sick pure beef tallow

is like its amazingly thin layer covering the top of the stone amazing marbling hereSo

Im not gonna have the glorious Korean barbecue small when I leave thats what want though!

Wow that seared really quickly Im really impressed and theres no marinade on it

so I mean you dont get any caramelization really from any other sugars or and any marinade

perfect maillard reaction so gangster just using a knife right on the grill you cant

do that with a metal one no chance that its gonna its actually going to ruin the grill

but for us it doesnt leave any if scratch so like any other korean barbecue once the

meat its starting to get done goes to the side so you can start picking it want

to have an experience left for the customers to enjoy the Korean BBQ you know picking right

off the grill is the fun of it Korean BBQ you have to steal the good pieces before your

table mates get them.Thats one of the purest beef flavors Ive ever gotten from a KBBQ

grill theres no marinade I didnt even dip it in anything.

Its already seasoned yeah I think what makes KBBQ great what differentiates it from

you know any old barbecue or or or steak is that you get to accompany it with Kim Chee

and with this gorgeous pink that pickled radish its fermented in the beet sauce thats

why its pink.

its not artificial pink but its natural pink and so it looks very classic and pretty

so thats what were aiming for and also with that radish goes along with this scallions

salad with apple vinegarWhats going on with the salt its from korea Were the

only ones getting it in North America when you try to solve just the salt your feel the

sweetness of it.its not just salty its good itscrystallyI actually think that

with the saam and with the salad I kind of feel like Im eating a burger like a bun-less

burger because it has the acidity of the saam with the crunch of the lettuce it feels like

I am having a bite of a really good burger like that thirty dollar burgerI had so much

KBBQIve never had to dry aged beef as KBBQ that would be like inconceivable in Korea

right?dry aged thats not a thing in Korea yeah I mean a lot of Asian only look for wagyu

cause thats something that theyre familiar with.but when the local Americans come most

of them do go for the dry age let me actually cook it for you as soon as it flips over you

can definitely tell that its dry aged, you get that that waft of funk right in your

face that is something Im not used to like Korean barbecue is always you know fresh meat

thats thats the halmark of it look at that, shes expertly cutting the cap offor

as Nick Solares would say, the margin.the margin and of course we have a maillard reaction

in full effect here if I get one piece and you get five well thats no I didnt want

it to go overcook.I Ive never had dry aged meat with chopsticks it doesnt happen when

you go to high end steak house its good because its covered in butter but this

is no butter healthy that makes it healthy it is instantly melting in my mouth its

crazy I mean the first thing I have to say is that it is definitely more sophisticated

than almost any Korean barbecue Ive had.

its perfectly cookedIts got a nice funk outside the outside is crisp but the inside

still super tender that might be one of the best single bites of Korean barbecue meat

that Ive had if you guys like what you saw and you want to see more click here

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