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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hard Lid to suit the Can Am HD8 - Load-Lid by Utemaster

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Hi, I'm Bruce MacKinnon.

I'm with the Raglan Surf Life Saving Club.

We've just collaborated with Utemaster.

Utemaster have been amazing to work with.

They came here.

They had a look at what we did.

We showed them some things that we do with stretchers

and how we use the vehicle.

They went away and created this Load-Lid,

and we're stoked to have it.


Hey ya, my name's Mia, and I'm a patrol captain here

at Raglan Surf Life Saving Club.

And we're stoked to have this brand new Utemaster Load-Lid.

We like to put our first aid equipment in here

to keep us safe from the public and the weather.

We've got first aid boxes, a defibrillator, our uniform,

so when we go for a swim it doesn't fly away,

and some rescue equipment as well.

These roof racks on the back of it

also mean that we can put our rescue boards

and spinal equipment so that it doesn't fly away while we're

driving down the beach.

The sturdy top makes sure that we can stand on top of it

and get a higher point of view when

we're looking at swimmers way out the back of the water.

Yeah, it's a very versatile product, high quality.

Thanks very much, Utemaster.

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