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Although not everyone will agree: The XB271HU in my opinion, has a great design especially

when compared to its predecessor- the XB270HU. The top and side bezels are very thin and

on the bottom we see the Predator branding and On-Screen Display buttons. The monitors

stand gives it a very unique look in its favor. The red and black color combination works

well. The stand enables the monitor to pivot and swivel and I love that. All the cables

you need for the monitor come included, which is a great bonus.

The main benefits the monitor offers are:

1. 1440P 2. 144Hz overclock-able to 165Hz

3. G-Sync 4. IPS Panel

The monitor comes with other neat features like SRGB (which is useful for editing), I

love the USB 3.0 hubs, and its cool that they added an HDMI port. Although you really

should be using the DisplayPort with this monitor.

The reason I went with this monitor is cause

of the features I mentioned which were exactly what I was looking for- also where Im from,

it was cheaper than going with the Asus. The monitor came without any dead pixels and minor

glow (its an IPS so thats to be expected). Being IPS, the monitor has great color reproduction

and viewing angles, which helps the editing I do for YouTube; It has a 4ms response rate,

but it doesnt affect me personally. But if you play competitively, better take that

into consideration. My only complaint is about the On-screen display

settings. The layout isnt intuitive and pretty confusing to navigate through. From

time to time I like to fiddle with the settings and turn the on-screen crosshair feature on

to see if it makes any difference in my shooting but now I avoid it because it just doesnt

feel nice. If youre planning on getting this monitor,

make sure you have a GPU that can handle 1440p and make it NVidia- Nothing against AMD but

its cause Gsync only works with NVidia cards. If you dont already have a card

that supports 1440p gaming, I suggest you spend your money on that instead because Gsync

in itself wont increase your fps and low frame rates will still look like low framerates.

Gsync works well on this monitor and being able to utilize my GPUs potential to the

fullest is a great experience. With Gsync enabled, Youll be able to overclock the

monitor to 165hz. Now that Ive broken the 60hz barrier- I find myself sacrificing visuals

to experience higher refresh rates. Ive come to realize that I much prefer the smoother

gameplay than maxing out the graphics.

Final thoughts: All right, final thoughts. The monitor not

only comes with a great design, its also a great performer. However, it is an expensive

monitor; the difference between this and my 980ti is about 2 or 3 dinners. Apart from

that, it hits all the sweet-spots this generation has to offer and I dont have any problems

recommending this monitor.

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