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Hi everyone

long time without see you

here we are at the "Chevette Space Station"

spending the winter in Canada.

I have learned many things when I get here.

One of the most important things I've learned is

found limits.

I think it's much more prudent, for everything the world told me,

and for all the problems I had to face here

that the most reasonable decision was to stop.

As much as it cost me,

however much my mood being affected

I had to stay in Vancouver. It's been almost two months in this city

what is a third of my permission to be in Canada

And, as the weather is, it is snowing now,

Now I'm locked in the car, which is the place most...

the most...

appropriate shelter I have

the other days have not been snowy but have been incessant rain

and I decided

I will arrive in Edmonton in March

if possible

because I also have economic difficulties

although, as many know,

I have already worked in Peru, I have worked ...

let's say, for money, not for volunteering,

in California. I also hope to work here

apart from the work I've done all the way

doing my transcripts,

which is the sure job that I expected to have

enough flow, but that doesn't depend on me

and that the conditions were unfavorable too

I also hoped to get some kind of sponsorship.

It has not been possible

to obtain financing by this way

I have decided that in Edmonton I will made

a break

And we will transform this trip

maybe in a...

in a trilogy.

Also I want to return to my country,

which is in an important moment

And it's like that in a moment

everything lined up to leave

now everything is aligning to come back

I'm going to write

I've been around seventy pages or so

covering up to Ecuador

so surely a book will come out

with all the details of what has happened

So all the people who have participated in this story,

please write to me because I don't want you to miss anything

to add also, because I have realized that it is so much

so much undergo, so much experience

that it is very difficult to condense it and save it entirely

so... it's ok

go by

it is not convenient to eat the world in one bite

so it's ok, this route has satisfied me,

the truth is that I am very happy with all the performance here

I am surprised with everything that has happened

it has been unbelievable, an amazing experience

Now that I started to write and review the details

I am realizing so many things that

I have already forgotten

A girl from Arica wrote to me that once her dog had escaped

and we had kept it in the car for a few hours

until her boyfriend could take it home

I don't know, things like that happened

and surely I will have to take one or two years

to be able to resume. Luckily there is a "Chevetter"

in Edmonton, which has almost 50 Canadian Chevettes in its yard

it must be a plot, a big thing

He's a plane pilot, it seems,

then you should know about iron (mechanics)

so it's ok. It's Trumper by the way

but one on the way learns to

to overcome that kind of barriers too

to meet all kinds of people and

and connect with people from the aspect that matters

which is a more human aspect

it's beyond differences ...

it is what I called the "Setrametsidal union of individuals" years ago

I invented that name

I'll explain it in the book ...

Then, this would be a great first stage

after stage zero, which was patagonia

if I continue I will run out of resources

and in the end I will lose everything

so I finally understood that it was the best alternative

take a pause, a break

so we're going to continue with this

anyway I have opened a crowdfunding

If you want to contribute me with that,

I will leave the link at the end of the...

of all this dialogue, of all this monologue


as Les Luthiers says

and well, there are still 1,500 kilometers left until Edmonton

so we will continue ... but surely in March

because the weather is hard

and they say here is the canadian tropic

and I've seen news that the other sites are really complicated

and you have to pass a mountain range that for me is the same as the Andes mountain range

all this mountainous column that goes from ...

Alaska to...

up to Antarctica really

For me centromeric is the Andes mountain range, it is the same

Even I think this mountain range goes around the world

for Asia, all that is the Pacific circle of fire

I think it's the same

so, it's difficult, it's a difficult mountain that with these weather conditions

and with the car as it is, because I have problems with a brake ...

the alternator failed again, the new alternator

and by the end of March I would have to be flying to Chile

the Chevette kept there in good hands

surely Peter is going to do it, I'm sure, he's going to give Chevette a hand

I have problems with the steering wheel since I left, I think it got worse here

Suspension ... the rear suspension, the car is very low

so when I pass through a ... a ...

anything hits me "bang" like that

then I want to leave all that impeccable so that the next

trip is good and in summer, I learned that

well, that for now, I leave the link

and please send me all the comments


of the people with whom we shared something

and I would love to have your impressions also told me

as his ...

what happened to find this story, this car

meet me as your inner reflections

It is very interesting. And give it a spin

to that kind of thing

because it would be very enriching for the text

add all that kind of details

You can send all that to me in the mail, hopefully

already, I extended too much, so...

to be continue... to be continue...

Anyway we still have 1,500 kilometers left

but for now I apologize for not posting anything, but there isn't much else to post

that this. Here I am reading, I have seen like 50 movies

I'm classifying them, that's good

movies that Elías Cáceres gave me

eight years ago, in Rancagua

so Vancouver has not been totally unproductive

Well, and pass the data please, for the matter of crowfunding

to your acquaintances, we need diffusion, much diffusion

Make this grow. When I'll be in Chile I will also visit all the

companies that might be interested in joining this project

and we'll see if that makes it more solid

because really here the budget issue has hit me in the kidneys

and left me down. The budget threw me to the floor

and I thought at a time that there were no more options and that

it was over. And that was very sad

for a period of time. Very very sad

but I already understood that it is possible to do so

although Vicho Muga thinks this is a failure

and that he will have to tell his son that ...

"Look, there are guys who are superheroes and ... I tell you another story ..."

until next time

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