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Hey you guys I'm Diamond King Today I'm gonna be teaching you a pose.

Today I'm gonna be teaching you seated forward fold

So you want to start on your sitz bones. You want to extend the legs forward

you want a straight back You want to pull the navel into

the back of your spine Props that you will need during this pose

Stap, Yoga block, Pillow or a Blanket You can even use an extra yoga mat

Options for you You can roll a pillow blanket or yoga mat and put it under

your knees and rest your legs on top of that Keep back straight, move torso towards the legs

Bring arms in the direction of your toes you can grab toes ankles or your legs

and you want to relax into the pose bring breath to the lower back

another option for you you don't have to put blanket to yoga mat underneath your knees you can

bring knees as close as you can get them torso close to the thighs

grab toes and use the breath to push you into the pose

take and inhale .......exhale slide the feet away from the body inhale...exhale slide the toes again

inhale exhale so you are using your breath to help you into the pose

another option you can take your strap around your flexed feet you the strap to control the stretch

moving forward or backyard legs are extended pulling navel into spine keeping the back straight

you can use a yoga block put yoga block on top of thighs or blanket on top of

thighs and rest on top of the blanket and or block those are options for you

and that is seated forward fold. thank you guys remember you can follow me on all platforms

@therealdiamondking I hope you have a good day

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