Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Terrible Soccer Players | Lele Pons

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And we are back at Glendale Stadium.

It has been quite and ugly soccer match thus far,

the two team captains, Lele and Twan, are actually siblings,

but it is still unclear what grudge they're hoping to settle with this soccer match.

Still anyone's game at this point.

And it looks like our two teams are huddling up.

Okay, okay, girls, this is a plan, okay?

You're gonna serve the ball over the net, then you're gonna grab it, dribble it and make it touched.

- Dutch song. - I got it.

Listen up, when a star bird strike, we're gonna hit a three-pointer, which y'all gonna do?


But how many the hounds do we have?

Well, we all like seven innings.

My uncle's cousin's friend is a neighbor's with Tiger Woods.

I like balls.

One, two, three... three points!

One, two, three...

One, two, three...

Here comes brother and sister, Twan and Lele, to discuss.

You know what they say about sisters and brothers, right?

Yeah, you know they alwa...

Good job, sweetie.

And don't be afraid of ball, it's okay.

So sweet pepper oh my god. Yeah, I kicked that ball wave watch this

Beam you wanna be not scared of the ball you gotta go get it run be strong for it strong

You gotta go go get it go get it go

Romeo, Juliet

How can this be?

If only I was warning to your team. I have this dance. My love. Why of course I

Could get lost in your eyes, I've lost in your heart Spence

I want a nice clean girly fight. All right. We went over the rules in the dressing room

All right anything below here is legal anything below here is legal. If you want to touch gloves do it now

Doing great, babe. I love you

That's my boyfriend no he's mine

Right now - the babes a big fan big fan. They're gonna do a great job on the bench also

To the bench

No one's even playing now

Fire to describe today's game in one word

Disappointed you know I mean the flagrant fouls the offsides all the penalties

So I eliminated everybody I'll be ready


That's it, and that's the game

Your do you wants us to game it doesn't matter

Come on let's get out of here, you know, I'm saying we'll need to worry about

All right sis I won, you know what that means

Don't forget to do the bed











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