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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UNBOXING: HUAWEI AF-14 TRIPOD AND SELFIE STICK

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I

bring it to my channel welcome everyone

so with this English teacher in France

and in today's video everyone I just

would like to share to you some

information or something about this

unboxing of mine yes this unboxing guys

is actually very important not the

unboxing okay not the unboxing that is

important for me but this thing that I'm

going to unbox is important because yes

as many of you have what I known I

really need this this thing because you

know most of the time I would like to go

live while I am out site to actually

share to you my life outside I mean here

in France so yeah this is it guys so

lesson books

this one guess what what is this what is

this guys so yes guys I'm gonna unbox

this tripod of mine this is actually a

tripod so this is a three-in-one so this

is why we I don't know how to pronounce

this Huawei I think yeah so this is the

Wow a tripod selfie stick so I guess you

cannot read if I show it to you you

can't even read because I'm using the

opposite side of the camera yeah so

that's it guys so uh it's a tripod

selfie stick but it's very interesting

everyone because you know this is a

wireless version wireless version

because actually there is a wireless

remote you can see there is a wireless

remote and there's also a tripod as you

can see you see and of course aluminum

rod so yeah guys so this is black I

wanted a different color for example

pink like the monopod which I

had that I actually broke everyone so

yeah I wanted to have food because this

is my favorite color but sad to say they

don't have any other colors exempt black

so they only have the black one so here

we go

this is the black one yeah so we have

your remote control and then rotation

360 and then battery button cell and rod

is fixed anti-skid aluminum rod and

tripod tripod supports night shot and

light painting modes okay so that's it

guys so this is the bus at the back I

hope you guys can see that yeah yeah

it's opposite guys that you can read it

you can try a reading on the opposite

side so yeah guys and here is the photo

this is how can this how it's gonna look

like so you might be wondering guys

because I told you I've actually ordered

one on the Amazon but you know when the

one which we order which I ordered

through Amazon everyone has not arrived

and I can't wait it any longer everyone

because it's like it's been a week and

it hasn't arrived - no and I badly need

was that a selfie stick

for me to use outside or even at home

sometimes so yeah I guess I just decided

to actually go to a how can I say

telecommunication shop nearby and yes I

bought this one guys I bought this for

guess how much I bought this okay before

I'm going to tell you let's open first

okay so that's how it is so there is

plastic here so let's try to open it we

open it here oh it's a tightly closed

okay maybe here is better okay so we

open it here and yeah there is a sign

like that yeah I don't know what it is

yeah anyway that's the box and okay

what's open

okay see guys look it's very small so it

means I can just carry like that it can

put it in my bag it's so handy

everyone yeah so that's it and okay here

we go

and there is cover and it's inside oh

it's inside the little plastic there we

go so what do we have here in the box we

have a we have small manual here this is

tri pacifistic Wireless version Quick

Start Guide so this is a Quick Start

Guide so there is a guide here how you

actually use this tripod because

actually it's quite complicated to use

this I mean maybe because I haven't used

like this this is gonna be my first time

you know and this is also safety

information see it's got two manuals

safety information and the Quick Start

Guide okay so I'm gonna read this so

maybe soon but now let's try yes guys I

finally got this okay so here we go so

this is it guys this he eats black

everyone black yeah the black one guys

this is a black one so anyway I think

black is very good because you know and

there's plastic here so that's it you

open it that way so that should be like

that so you're gonna put your phone yes

and this one is the remote the wireless

remote so you can actually remove like

that you remove the plastic here and

then you can remove yes so you could put

the remote here while using you can put

or remove like that and then you can

just do like that or you can just remove

you remove the remote and then you do

like that selfie and then you do

yes guys so let's try so for example the

phone so this is a bit different because

you are going to put the phone this way

oh my god I don't even know if I know

how to put it okay wait so that's how it

is look so that is the left guys and

this is what is mentioned here this is a

aluminum arrived you see aluminum right

guys it the quality looks very good yes

so the quality looks very good so how

about the price

so yes days yes guys so I'm gonna just

put back the the remote here yes see and

let's try to put the phone here how to

put I forgot how to put it okay I think

it was I think it goes like that oh my

god I don't even know what to put so I'm

gonna put the phone here but I'm gonna

make it shorter first oh my gosh I don't

even know how to put it I don't know

what to put it guys I hope oh my god I

don't know how to put it it should be

this way aqua or what okay so I put it

that way yes I put it that way guys so

you see so I put it that way I put the

phone in here so it's not the the pulley

is not like that because other sticks or

other tripods they actually do it that

way like the previous one I had but this

one is like that but yes you can

actually move this here like that you

can do like that yes you can do like

that so t-shirts can I can also turn

where should I turn it I don't know okay

later I'm going to study how to journey

maybe like that okay you can turn you

can turn dice I can turn the what's the

run you see so please think this is a

remote here so I can do like that

hello everyone welcome to AEDT we'll see

trade friends so yes guys or I can also

do that everyone you can also move it

that way like that so you see wow it's

very good guys I love it

I'm very satisfied yeah hi everyone

welcome to my livestream so yes guys

excited here now in France in as you can

see around

I'm so happy guys you see oh that's very


I am so satisfied everyone so yeah you

can actually okay let's try it let's try


where's the camera this is the my

daughter's my this is my old phone

because I'm using my phone to take this

video now so where is that camera here

okay okay all right so let's do it let's

try with the remote I have to remove the

we I remove this blue plastic first okay

before I can use okay yeah okay let's

put it here first I think there's a

battery or something here okay it

shouldn't work now I hope it's not

working I don't even know how to do that

okay let's check how it works okay here

we go

is not working I mean the remote is not

working I don't know I need to study

help to do that

or how to uh anyway it's not very

important for now it is trying to check

if the battery really works here yeah

this battery so it was ripped it must

work yeah yeah here we go

doesn't work at all so I can do like

that but the remote in my hand or I put

the remote here it's like that so it's

very comfortable guys it's very

comfortable to use you see ya guys it's

very nice isn't it yes it's very good I

am so satisfied so anyway how much did I

pay for this everyone how much did I pay

for this can you guess how much yes guys

so you see the quality is very good so

of course the price is also very good

for the businessman it's very good for

those people who have business so I can

make it short like that you see oh my

god and another thing guys before I

forget you see I can do that that's

right line here this is this right but

you just do like that okay there you are


yeah you know how to do it oh my god I

don't even know what to put it oh uh

okay this way what did you have

difficulty about to use the trackpad now

but anyway okay open it okay there you

are oh my god every I'm so happy it's

very big you see it's higher than my

usual tripod every one so that's it guys

so yes guys it's very good you can see

new tripod and take notes I can make it

higher everyone I can make it higher to

see yeah yeah okay there you are yeah so

I can just put it here Omega I can put

it on the floor okay let's put it on the

floor I am so happy selfie stick

Jane selfie stick so when I go live

outside everyone I can just use this

yeah I can make it shorter like that

hello everyone welcome to my wife's

dream I'm so happy guys really I am so

satisfied with this see I have to move

it that way okay there you are okay that

that's it you see it's very stable guys

the quality is really amazing you see

and understand here there is a yeah

there is something here that can make it

not move you know see Wow Wow okay

there you are okay there you are okay

here you are so yeah I guess let's make

it short

oh shorter you see oh my gosh see ya

let's do it

so yes dolly does it about my unboxing

everyone thank you so much yes yeah if

you're new to my channel don't forget to

subscribe everyone and yes of course

maybe I'm gonna Oh teacher you haven't

told us how much it is okay guys now I'm

gonna tell you of course I did not

forget it okay so yes guys I bought this

one I bought this for 40 euros guys yes

I bought this for 40 years finally think

it's worth buying it because really you

know it's only one thing and you can use

it in many ways you know you can use a

tripod here and you can also use it as a

monopod you know see ya and there is a

remote but for the remote I'm gonna

study this how to use it because it

seems not to work so maybe later yeah

and make it short like that yeah I said

you see and the quality guys is very

good you see very good quality very good

you see yeah I miss it you open it for

the tripod tripod try try three three

three not three three three not three

three so yes guys that's it yes guys I

bought this for 40 euros everyone do you

think it's too expensive or it's worth

buying it so that's the purpose I can

use it a selfie stick monopod I can also

use it as a tripod in density

well I am outside so I can just put it

anywhere you know so yeah what do you

think about the price do you think it's

worth buying it or what so whatever you

think about this everyone please comment

below alright still I will be happy to

actually see your comments about this

right but everyone so anyway English

teacher in France is so happy that I

finally have my monopod tripod at the

same time everyone yes but my pocket is

not happy of course but anyway I need

this okay not just for YT but for

personal use as well because you know

sometimes when I go out I like taking

videos or taking photos yes so this is

it this is really very useful everyone


so anyway guys so yeah that's it that's

all about my unboxing everyone so yeah

guys if you're new to my channel please

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everywhere yeah bye bye