Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ellen Gives New U.S. Citizen Diana Aquino Another Huge Surprise

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Last month we met an amazing woman

from the Dominican Republic who learned English

by watching my show.

Take a look.

You learned English from watching my show.

And how did you do that?

I was just flipping through the channels.

Just flipping through it.

And I just came out to your face.

You were there.

And I asked my mom, who's that?

And my mom is like, she's Ellen.

She's really funny.

Just watch the show.

You love her.

I'm like, but I don't understand what she's saying.

She was like, me either, but just watch it.

She's hilarious.

You said you learned English watching me,

so I have the Ellen Degeneres Dictionary.

We have Shutterfly.

It's a noun.

It's an incredible company that loves sharing life's joy

and wants to help you with your education

by giving you a check for $10,000.


Come one down Diana.


Cause I'm coming home again.

My home again.

Do you think about me now and then?

Do you think about me now and then?

Now I'm coming home again.

Maybe we can start again.


Hi there.

Surprise again.


You didn't know you were going to come visit me again.

No, I was not aware of that.

I'm surprised.

So now that you've been on TV and everyone knows who you are,

are you getting a good reaction when people meet you?

Oh my god, yes.

My family, my friends, they were all so surprised of me.

And they were--

I don't know.

They keep asking about you, if you smell good,

if your skin is soft.

Weird questions like that.

But they were--

Do I smell good?

Yes, you smell good.

I can-- like, I say to them.

Yes, she smells great.

All right, well, they know I smell good,

and that's the most important thing.

And so what are you going to do?

We gave you $10,000.

What are you doing with that?

I'm paying for a full year of school.

Oh good.


I'm paying for tuition, for books, supplies,

anything for that.

Only for school.


And then since you've been here, you're now a US citizen.

I am!

You took the test.



Thank you.

I did it.

Porsche became a citizen, and she had to study.

And I think she knows more about the country than I do.

Yes, I remember that.

Did you study hard?

Oh my god.

I studied for weeks.

I did flash cards.

I studied with the book that they give you

with the questions.

Because it's a 100 questions.


And because you don't know what questions they're

going to ask about, you need to study each one of them.

And then what did you do to celebrate?

We went to Olive Garden.



They treat you like family.

Oh, yeah.

We go there for everything.

For birthdays, graduation.

That's our place to celebrate everything.

Well, I'm so glad to know that.

That's where you like to go.

We want to-- you can save your money for school.

We're going to give you a $500 Olive Garden gift card.



Thank you!

We're back with my friend Diana, and I helped her learn English,

so today you're going to help me learn Spanish.


So what I do first is I drink a shot of tequila.


It's your favorite.


And then I try to learn a Spanish word.

And the Spanish word today is coche.

Is it coche?






Is that how I say it?

Yes, coche.

It means--



It means car.

And, like for instance, I drank too much tequila,

so you need to call me a coche.


Yeah, that's good.


Some sentences-- I'm going to keep using it in a sentence.

You've never owned your own coche.



In fact, you use public transportation

to get to your two jobs and school.

Yes, right.

And you're trying to save up money to buy a coche?




But you don't have to because we're

giving you a brand new coche.




Oh my gosh!

Let me tell you about this care.


I said car.

The first ever Ford Eco Sport is a fun, capable,

connected SUV with features like Apple CarPlay

and a wireless hotspot.

And you're going to love it.

And we will be right back.

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