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- (man) That was [bleep] incredible.

- What a great group of people on the internet.

- Oh, this is my favorite one! How did you guys know?

♪ (punk rock music) ♪

- We're gonna put this right here at the edge.

I'm gonna go all the way down there and hit the tennis balls...

- David Dobrik! Oh my god!

- It's David Dobrik! Oh my god!

- Oh my god! I love David Dobrik.

- (David) I'm gonna go all the way down there

and hit the tennis ball six floors up and hit this.

- (man) You about to eat tennis ball, bitch!

- (chuckles)

- (man) You're not gonna get it!

(loud cheering) - Whoa!

- Ooh-hoo-hoo! That's pretty good, dude.

♪ (synthesizer music) ♪ - It's David.

- Oh. It's David Dobrik.

- (David) Big Nik, we have a surprise for you!

- (man) There's something special

inside for you, man. - (Nik) What's in there?

- (man) You know shout-outs? - They're gonna put him in.

- (Nik) No!

- (David) Yes, Nik. Good.

Good. Perfect, yes.

Yes. (clamoring)

Tie him down. Tie him down. Perfect.

- Oh my gosh! This is a mean joke, but it's so funny.

- (David) There we go, Nik! What's up?

(guys laughing)

- Nik is not in there. Let's be real.

- They never make any sense, but they're so funny.

- (David) Let's go! Go, go!

Yeaahhh!! - Oh! (chuckles)

- Oh my... Jesus.

- (Nik) That was [bleep] incredible.

- What a great group of people on the internet.

I really like this friend group.

- I've seen every single one of his vlogs pretty much.

- I think it's fun that even though Vine is over,

all of the Viners at that time still hang out

and still live together.

- (David) What's the oldest girl you've hooked up with?

That's a good question. I've never asked you that.

And what retirement home did she live in?

- This is what the Vine people are doing now?

- This vlog really just consists of them just talking,

like, about random crap at home.

- Oh, Toddy, he's so hot.

I literally have such a fat crush on him and Scotty.

- (David) She was 36, and she was a teacher.

What did she teach? - (laughs) That's a good question.

- (Toddy) Social studies. - (David) Social studies?

- (man) Ha-ha! And the rest was history. Ha-ha!

- I like it.

- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I'm happy. There's more, right?

- All of his vlogs are four minutes and 20 seconds,

which I think is really stupid. But it's funny.

- They're very genuine. I think that's the important part.

They're staying true to themselves.

- All right. So I've been watching dry ice videos.

- Oh, this is the one where they put

a whole bunch of dry ice in their pool, and they got evicted.

- They're putting it in a pool. Oh, this was so funny.

- (David) The record for most dry ice in a pool

is a thousand pounds of dry ice.

- And now he's gonna try to break that.

- (David) So we're gonna try to put 1,300 pounds of dry ice...

- Oh my god.

- (David) So this is 300 pound of dry ice.

On YouTube, we said the record was a thousand.

- (Liza Koshy) Did you actually? - (David) Yeah.

- Liza.

- Liza! (squeals) She's so cute.

- David and his girlfriend, Liza,

they are my favorite people on this planet.

- (Liza) You didn't! - (David) Yeah.

- (Liza) You're doing 1,300 pounds of dry ice?

- (David) Three! Two! One!

(guys hollering) - (groans)

This is so dangerous.

- (David) Keep pushing! - Whoa, that's so cool.

That's a lot of effort.

- Ohhh, my lord.


- I would be so afraid to fall in. Oh my god.

- (David laughing) Oh my... - Jeez.

- I wonder if it's always this fun to vlog.

Like, is it always this fun?

- It would make it if someone jumped into that pool.

- (David) You'll be in the vlog if you jump in!

- Oh, no, no, no.

- (David) Oh my god!!

You'll be in the vlog if you jump in!

- (squeals fearfully)


(laughter) - Their neighbors definitely hate them.

- Do it! Yeah!

What the heck? These guys are crazy.

- That is so dangerous. Aah!

- That seems very dangerous to swim in.

- (David) Scott! Look, a beer.


- They're not getting their security deposit back on that.

- I can't be dumb, 'cause I'm too scared to be dumb.

So I just live vicariously through David's vlogs.

- They're just crazy.

They're just little kids in big-people bodies.

And they made a vlog.

- (guys) Dab! Dab! Dab! Dab!

- (David) Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! - Josh Peck. He's so cool.

- (David) Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! Chill, chill chill.

I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!

(laughs giddily)

Dude! - Wait, is that an actor?

- (David) Rob Riggle is outside my apartment right now.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Is everything okay?

What's going on? - (Rob) You know I live above you?

Did you know that? - (David) No idea.

- (Rob) I could smell the pot coming up.

- (David) Oh, you can smell the weed?

- (Rob) Yeah, I can smell the weed.

- (man) I think what he's trying to say is he wants a hit.

- (giggles)

- (guys chanting) Rob! Rob!

- (Rob) No, I can't.

I'm a cop. - (David) You're what?

- (laughs) "I'm a cop."

- (David) Oh shit.

- (Rob) I am gonna have to confiscate the weed.

- (Josh) Maybe we could do some common ground thing.

Tell him. You're friends with... - Man.

I can't believe this is the Josh Peck I grew up watching.

- (Josh) Tell him. You're friends with, uh--

- (David) His daughter.

- (man) He flirts with her in the hallway. - (David) Yeah.

- (Rob) My daughter's 13, Dom!

- (David) That's right up his age range!

- (Dom) Oh my god. - (chuckles)

(guys yelling) - Whoa!

- (David) No! No, no, no, no! - Oh my gosh.

- (David) No! No, no, no, no! - Oh shoot, dude!

- (Rob) Say a Rob Riggle movie! Go! - (Dom) Shit! Elf!

- (laughing) He wasn't in Elf!

- (Rob) I wasn't in Elf!!! (Dom screams)

The correct answer was

Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street, and The Hangover!

- (laughs)

- (David) NO!!!

That's a really bad mistake, Mr. Riggle. - Aah.

Iconic that table.

- Why do they always break this table every single time?

- (David) That's a bad mistake. Oh no.

- Alex, like-- yeah, look at him!

He gets so angry!

(broom snaps)

- (Alex) [Bleep]! - (laughs) Whoa.

- (Rob) All right! I'm leaving.

- I can't even look. I can't stop laughing.

- (Rob) I'm leaving.

Not because I'm scared because he's yelling at me.

- (chuckles)

- (Rob) I'm outta here! - I really like their sketch style,

how it's just like a vlog, but then everything happens.

- (David) So this is a magic trick? - Yeah.

Take one of these cards. - Oh, this is my favorite one!

How did you guys know?

- This is when they get Bailey, the rabbit.

- (Alex) Take one of these cards. - (David) Got it.

- (Alex) Got it? - I'm a big fan of magic.

But I can tell I'm gonna be disappointed.

- (Alex) Now... - (David) Gonna shake the hat.

So you're putting the hat under there, okay?

- (Alex) Yep.

- (David) Okay.

- (Alex) God damn it. - Whaaaaaat?

- (Alex) What the [bleep]? Argh!

- (David) Alex. - (Alex) I'm trying to [bleep] sleep!

- (David) Dude, calm-- - (Alex) You're watching [bleep] cartoons.

Oh, Bugs Bunny. Hilarious. - He's so mad.

- (Alex) ...[bleep] hysterical can you get?

- (David) Leave him alone, dude.

He's just-- - Aww.

- (Alex) [Bleep]. - (laughs)

- (David) Do you like that, buddy? - (laughs) What the [bleep]?

What the hell?

- (David) Do you like that, buddy?

- (Alex) David. - Jesus.

- (Alex) He's just a kid. - (giggles)

- (Liza) If you ever kill this bunny...

- (David) I'm not gonna kill the bunny.

- (Liza) Yeah, but if you do... - (David) Okay.

- (Liza) ...I want the fur.

- (David) You want the fur? - (laughs) Oh.

- (Liza) I want the fur.

- (David) You want the fur? - No! I forgot she says that!

- Vloggers have such a good life though.

They just wake up.

They just do whatever they want and post it.

- (David) Anything else to add, Liza? - (Liza) Was g--

Bailey! - (David) Bailey!

- (laughs) - (Liza) Silly rabbit!

- (David) Trix are for kids!

- I'd also just like to point out, in the Couples React videos,

he and Liza are the cutest.

- He makes vlogs. But they're-- they're like staged vlogs.

It's... I don't know how I feel about this.

- Oh my god. That was perfect.

Dude, this guy's videos, they're absolutely perfect. I like them.

I might have to go subscribe to this guy now.

- (FBE) Those were all videos by YouTuber David Dobrik.

- Yes, they were.

- (FBE) David got his start in part on Vine

but has been creating content for YouTube for the past two years.

And he's already amassed over 3 million subscribers.

- Whoa, I didn't know he had the money.

- (FBE) So what do you think it is about David

that makes him so popular? - He's so down to Earth, dude.

Like, he's so real, you know?

He doesn't portray himself as someone he's not.

- All of his friends,

they're all super-funny, charismatic people.

And it's just like you want to be friends with them.

- Normal vlogs can be very boring.

But his vlog style is kind of just his own.

- It's a combination of he's telling a story and telling a joke

and telling a pre-established premise. But it's with his friends.

It's with his life. It's with his home.

It's almost like a reality show that's much more comedic

and aware that it's a reality show.

- It's supposed to resemble life.

But, you know, it's just him and his friends getting together,

writing a quick script, and then just making a scene.

And that's really cool, because it's kind of reminiscent

of what his actual life is.

- (FBE) David has grown into making content

that's garnering millions of views, launching a merch line,

and even working with more traditional celebrities.

Do you feel online stars should even be called "online"

versus just being celebrities,

or is there still a difference to you?

- Well, I think when the term "online star" or "YouTube star"

first started, it was definitely kinda jokey.

Like, "Oh, he's a YouTube star."

But now, it's more just descriptive.

- I can probably talk to a 14-year-old kid.

They can probably name more YouTubers than they can celebrities.

- If you want to put online celebrities

and change them to celebrities,

it's weird, 'cause it's like

you don't want to see them as celebrities,

'cause they're still really, really connected

with their fan base, unlike a lot of celebrities

where they just have social media.

- There is a difference between an online star

and a traditional celebrity.

But it doesn't mean anything bad.

It just means, like-- it usually shows me

what kind of people they're popular to.

- I don't think it's always gonna be

"online celebrity," "real celebrity."

Because if they do have so many engaged fans,

like, you're famous.

- Teenagers to 20s, there is a really blurred line now

where it's all one platform.

But if you go into the 30s, 40s,

people will say and be like,

"Oh yeah, it's this star of a YouTuber."

And they're like, "Yeah, but are they a real celebrity?"

And it's like, "Yes. Clearly."

(clang!) - (FBE) Truth!

So there's a chance that David

might actually be watching right now. - (quiet gasp)

- (FBE) So if he is, what do you want to say about him

and the success of his channel? - Okay.

Uh, you are hilarious. Keep being you.

- Please don't injure yourself, 'cause it scares me deeply.

But great job.

- I love you. Like, seriously, oh my god.

If you watch this, I'm gonna flip out and probably cry.

- As long as you are doing what you want to do

and putting out the content that makes you happy,

makes your friends happy, um, keep doing you.

- I'm very impressed by the growth of your channel.

And I like how you have original ideas.

And I hope you can keep making cool content.

- You deserve it 110%.

It's absolutely amazing that you're not afraid to be who you are

in front of a camera and shy away from that.

Props to you, dude. It's amazing.

- Thanks for watching this episode of Teens React.

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- Thanks for watching, everyone. Goodbye!

- Hey, what's up, everybody?

Thank you so much for watching this episode

of Teens React, David Dobrik.

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