Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Great Galveston Freeze

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Steam was coming up maybe 300

yards out into the surface.

Never have I seen that.

Solid ice on the roads.

Beautiful, very beautiful.

Seeing the snow on the sand,

something I've never seen,

but I mean this is shocking.

We woke up at like 3 in the

morning and it's incredible.

It's crazy nobody was

ready for this.

This house is about 101 years old.

Our pipes are busted. This

is day three of having no

electricity and no water.

Here in Galveston it's very, very cold.

They're not doing too good.

There are up next to the

heater just like I am.

We have no way to cook,

no way to heat the house or nothing,

and every place that open like

McDonald's there's a half mile line to

get in #2. So many people at

that McDonald's getting burgers.

First time ever. Even in summertime

it doesn't get that crazy.

Oh yeah, I'm going to get some

mcchickens probably.

And when I get it, I'm going to.

Yeah, the pizza place even further

down was backed up.

Thank you, thank you. My biggest

fear right now is more for

my neighbors. Unfortunately he's about

86 years old and lives by himself

and kind of a shed if you will.

So actually I don't know

where James is right now.

Hi James. I don't need much iPhone phone.

Give me a bag of candy

at the house that's all.

Remember the Baker can and I'm just

really appreciated to know that

there's no other good Estonians

and Galvis toniann's that care

about helping their neighbors

during this time. Alrighty.

The power went out.

It's been really cold.

Huddling blankets, dogs,

layers, layers of clothing.

Never been through anything like

this before, just not real sure,

but the night's gonna hold.

Power outage very surreal, total

darkness. Just a very unusual thing.

Not having any lights and very little

sound and very little movement.

Once you lose power and water,

those things are hard

to come by because the supply

is limited on the island.

Let's go go go. So I'm going to

probably cook some food that will

be able to last us for a few days.

There you go, you have going,

we just need prayer that I'm praying

for everybody in Texas really were a

good little community here and we tend

to help each other out and bad times.

That's one of the things we love

about Galveston. We get in the water

in Galveston and we appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

Just hang in there and Galvis toniann's

Texans. We will get through this.

People end up here for a

million different reasons.

70 to 80 people who come

in just for a hot meal.

We've also learned that the Galveston

will show up if we ask them to, and

so that's been really amazing to see.

Normalcy is returning at a slow pace.

Spring warm up. It's just kills great.

Once the water is fixed at the

house with the broken pipe,

then normalcy will get back.

The Description of The Great Galveston Freeze