Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NYU Zoom Series: Look & Sound Like a Star

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NYU Zoom Series: Look & Sound Like a Star

NYU Zoom is a free and easy way to host audio/video meetings, classes, or webinars

Here are a few tips to help you look and feel like a star!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Cast yourself in the best light with natural or diffuse light on your face

Elevate your computer with books for a more flattering camera angle

Remove any nearby distractions

Or set the scene with a virtual background Animated gifs are a lot of fun too!

Quiet on the set!

Pick a location that works for you

Consider using a headset

When youre not talking, please mute your mic

Get Ready for Your Close-up

No makeup artist on set?

UseTouch up my appearancein the video settings for flawless skin

Distracted by your own video selfie?

Click your video and selectHide Myselfin the More menu

And yes, you can wear pajama bottoms!

Visit for instructions and to learn more about NYU Zoom

And, as always, contact the NYU IT Service Desk for 24x7 assistance with IT services:


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