Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BVNDIT(밴디트) SEUNGEUN - "NIKI - Indigo" 댄스 퍼포먼스 영상 비하인드

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["Indigo" dance performance video shoot!]


So I'm here...

I must look strange to you looking so bold.

It's been a while, so it's about time I gave you a dance video again. Isn't it?

So I'm here to give you a great one.

Actually, I'm not so sure about it because the other members aren't here.

[Jonas Blue - Wild] And the last time I released a performance video,

I had other dancers with me.

But today, I'm alone.

I'm by myself.

And today, I'm performing to the song, "Indigo" by NIKI.

I imagined this to be more bubbly but

But I got this outfit... And it's pretty, but I just didn't expect it to have such a bold mood.

But on the other hand, the studio has so much natural light

and it's very well-lit and light in color.

So I'm not sure how they'd all come together.

But I'm just hoping they all work out well.

I originally had another song I wanted to do.

But we couldn't upload it because of its adult lyrics.

So when I asked the boss about it...

...was his answer.

But when I asked about this song, he gave me the go-ahead.

So I got on it immediately.

The song that wasn't allowed... Which song was it?

It's called "Honest."

Listen to it and analyze it... And yeah...

Analyze it and see why...

(You gotta tell us the name of the artist T_T)

(You gotta tell us the name of the artist T_T) Figure it out yourself.

(You gotta tell us the name of the artist T_T)

So, well, since they made me look cool,

I'll have to do my best.

I'll go do my best.

See you!


- Seungeun come as you are. You'd be very photogenic. - Really?

Oh, so pretty.

Oh, very nice.

You look like you've been pulled from a western.

- Hm? - A western movie.


(Back to reality)

(Back to reality 2)

Clinking clank!

[All done warming up...]

[All ready to shoot...]


- I don't think that one's working out. - I'm not sure either. Did it break?


[Filming resumes...]

(That wasn't the only issue...)

Oh my gosh.

They are so slippery and so high.

What's on your face? Is it a scar?


I don't think I have a scar.

- Let's take a look in the mirror. - Oh my gosh!

[Back to filming after looking in the mirror and preventing slip]

(Adding mood and filming the latter bits)


(Drops again)

That one keeps dropping. Should we remove it?

It came off! It came off again!

(Put it back on and resumes filming...)

(Drops again)


That silly bracelet.

The name is Let. Bracelet.

It's not made of gold. That's why.

Gold plating. You know?

If it falls off again, I won't hesitate to ditch it.

(Filming resumes with the fearful warning)


[The bracelet is saved!]

(Fighting!) [The bracelet is saved!]

(Done with the dance, discussing the ending scene...)

Opening the door would be cool. But...

There's a Carnival behind the door.

(You're opening this?)

(You're opening this?) Could you cheer instead?

(It's really opening?)

[Rumble! Clank!]


(Second take)

There's an old man looking at me funny.

(Last take)


Good one.

Is it a wrap?

Thank you!

Good job!

Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you. Don't we need to get the thumbnail?

The thumbnail? The thumbnail...

Shim pro...

- Don't make me laugh. - One, two, three.

Okay, nice.

Thank you!

Oh, it's over!

Thank you! Seungeun's second performance video is over!

Thank you for shooting the video so nicely!

Please edit it nicely as well.

Now I'm going to go wash.

I'm going to erase it all.

It's over. It's finally over!

[And the shoot for "Indigo" is over!]

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