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And now we want to introduce you probably the third person that is going to be a part of the FC reactions


We consecrate you Lora to be in the radio panda reactions at FridayChopstix.

Okay then, we are ready.

What`s up!

Now we are going to watch..



Thank god somebody knows what we are about to watch.

I thought those are roman numbers.

The truth is that we just

needed young blood in the whole thing,

because we are old men and we don`t get it

and we decided for a change after all the boy bands atleast to have something female in here.

atleast to have something female in here..

And we yet still are doing a reaction on a male band.


Nothing, this side is more comforting.

So, please don`t sigh too much.

I don`t expect exactly that there.


So, now..

Okay, okay, I`m sorry.


Um, this one is..

is going to be a cyborg.

In some other future..

Oh, no, he already is a cyborg.

He.. uh, no.

How no?

Don`t give us hints what is going on.

We are guessing.

By the way she..

Come on they are cyborgs!

The one had no feet, which is cool.

And hands.

They all have no hands and feet.

Is he going to dance without feet?

That is going to be very cool.

I wish..

Oh no, wait, this is a sad melody.

Please get into the mood.

They put a woman.

She is whole.


They are uploading his memory.

Are they going to find the women of their dreams..

They are creating her now.

Or they are going to create her themselfes.


Thats the future.

The good thing about having a robot is that you can do whatever you want with it.



I got it, i got it,

she died are now he is making a robot for her.

Hippi, you are rushing it.

And what are they doing to him?

They are giving him energy.

A very good question!

How are they giving him that energy?


Thats very abstract, how they are giving him energy.

Didn`t you see how every one was..

Behind him.

Okay, yeah.

They were giving him energy.

Thats from naruto again.

And so..

But this really is a very touching video.

And they are watching eachother.

But my question is, weather he is going to kill her, or she is going to die on her own.

The hat.

The hat is bizarre.

The hat..

is not the most bizarre thing we have ever seen.

Well, it is not.

By the way, there was a cool part from the dance.

I saw it just now, but I forgot to comment.

Oh, he is crying already.

He is weeping.. much.

Well, sure.

Oh, she is dying.

I told you she would die.

But she is happy, something like that.

Well.. she doesn`t want to die sad,

so that he is even sadder.

She`d better smile at him of the last time.

And he is weeping again.

What do you expect? Him to be happy?

His job is to cry.

And how do you know he is unhappy?

Okay, surely..

Well, he difinately isn`t happy in this video.

Although there are so many people.

And he is saing to himself: "Now I`m going to get half naked and build a robot."

That was a bit weird.

That is how it usually goes.

There.. First I`m going to robotize myself.

So that I can forever..

I think he is remebers..he is remembering he has already done that.


And this one, with the hat, is somebody else?

Thats the rapper.

Wait, wait I`m starting to..

There is a deeper story.

They are robots and their еlectricity is always dropping

and they constantly have to rebirth.


But then why are they ugly sometimes?


And have no limbs.

Because that is in the making process.

Look here..

A flashback.


He remembers all the bodies he has went through.

Or probably the person, who was making him, always got lazy..

Yes, that is possilbe.

She was missing something.

Oh well, details.

Someone is going to attach it.

Not everybody is perfect, Hipi.

Well yeah, one hand less or more..

Only the fake ones!

He now put something on her head.

There are some fetishisms here.

He put a helmet on her, they are going to play some game.

Is is an asian video, what do you expect.

No, he is uploading her moemory.

Now she is going to be not just a robot

now she is going to be the love of his life

with whom they have experienced so much.


And they are again going to start their lovegame.



Now slap him, please.

Oh god, that would have been be such a turning point.

He is not smiling anymore.

She recodnized him.

I was hoping for the slap.


The video is not bad, by the way.

I mean, it is touching, if you are not talking nonsence in the meantime.

Now they are ready to enjoy eachother again.


The use eachother..

And they are staring, and keep on staring.

They are just staring at eachother.

Thats a romantic moment.

They came in!

But she is a robot! Beat them up!

Beat them up! How.. you are a robot!

Go, hit, shoot..

She is a lousy robot, I mean..

Imagine if he had made her stronger than himself

What kind of a bouns is thah for him?

Oo.. she is an illegal lousy robot.

Pirate version.

Pirate version..

That according to..

Yeah. I got that.

He is stonger than them,

Looks like it.

but he is not a robot.

He is half-robot, remeber he was..

robotizing himself.

I think he only robotized his heart so that he could escape the pain.

Well, he is celarly in pain.

Yeah, he still seem to be huting.

But he isn`t crying anymore.

We are in the movie.

There is a movie?


Kiss her on the forehead, it is warm there.

Here they are together, again like for the last time.

For no other reason, but beacuse of the batteries.

Yeah, of course.

With the new one they are going to kill themselfes together.


A dramatic moment.

Wait, we are following the story, while they are playing.

Ah, here they are.

You are excpecting from me not to watch the dance?

But now both of them are robots and they are detaching together.


They are detaching together..

The best solution.

And why is it the best solution?

Maybe beacuse they are going to..

Take them apart.

Well, if they don`t do it themselfes, someone else is.


The power is out.

They pulle themselfes the plug.

Good that they are in the matrix.

And what happens now?

They are staring, staring..

They were staring during the whole video, what do you expect?

There is something left..

That is maybe a robotic heart.

Thats a.. graenade.

It colud have been a lung.

It should have been a greande, it should have exploded at the end.

It shouldn`t have remained.

Well, truth be told, the video was a relly nice romantic story

as long as noone is talking nonscence about it.

As we did.

I really recomend it.

There was a nice story.

I saw some really awesome dance moves

that would definately impress you.

So yeah, in any case wahtch the video, you won`t waste your time.

Atleast I liked it.

Well it is better than other stuff.

Very nicely shot, very pleasnt.

Definaley one of the best things: there was no sex.

There was..



There was amorous staring.

Lovely staring.

Thats the same, thats the first stage.

How do you start the things anyway?

No, I..

No, no?

Explain to me..

Explaing me just..

How do you

Like this

in the dark

you see eachother

you kiss

you do what you do

and then you are gone.

Bravo, Lorche.

Noo, my question is

if you have rebuild your girlfriend one to one

You Hipi.

Of course.


and yeah I always build my girlfriends.

I`m sorry, I do not have a real one.

So, you bring back all her memories, how you have been together how you were happy

and you tell me thah the first tihng that you would do with her

after you have been seperated for so long

is to stare?

Girly, I would like to speak to her first.

Did you see speaking somewhere in there?

They were singing!

He wasn`t singing!

He was just staring at her.

I didn`t see..

Maybe he was tweeting..

And how did you imagine that?

Here we sould put a big red dot.

How do you imagine that?

You just build the robot load the memories spread the legs and go

Get rid of the red dot.

And I think this was the reaction or today.

We absolutely spoiled the romantic video..

That is my favorite video from this band!

Noone is going to be able to watch it the same way again.


Yeah, thank you for..

Yeah, we hope we have spoiled this video for you. Permanently.


Noo, we do not hope, it is a good video..

Nicely shot.

Wonderful video.

No, jokes aside, one of VIXX`s best songs.

By the way, now they have invented robots just for sex services.

I think exactly in Korea.

Yeah, I saw that..

Nevermind.. Bye!

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