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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (EN/JP) 걸그룹 얼굴천재 pt.2 [아이즈원/블랙핑크/오마이걸/우주소녀/러블리즈] [아이돌릭 아무거나]

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We come back with women's groups in KPOP with perfect faces.

I realized that there were many subscribers who were upset

because several idols didnt appear in the last perfect faces video.

Idholic had its plans

So let's see

what kind of idols make our eyes and hearts bling.

As all idols are face geniuses,

IZONE is coming back in February.

so I hope you don't get mad at me.

Remembering this video was made with the personal thoughts of the Idholic team.

We start now.

Hmm..the genius face of IZONE..

This is so difficult for me

since Im a real fan of IZONE


6 of the members were selected as the center of the group for their beauty.

It is because there are many genius faces in IZONE.

As a fan of them, its really difficult to choose one member

Even my heart breaks, Ill try to choose one.

I remember you to not get annoyed.

All KPOP idols are perfect and precious.

I was thinking to choose Minju as the genius face because she was my first pick in ,

but since I talked a lot of her in other videos, let's take a look at other members

She is the future of Starship and born to be idol Jang Wonyoung.

Pretty eyes and smile

She is really pretty even shes really young. She is 16 only.

Look at her

Is she a human?

She is also really tall. She is 169cm with a small face. Shes perfect.

Lets see pictures of when she was younger

If in this world an artist wasnt a job

maybe we would have make that job for her.

So it was Jang Wonyoung of IZONE born to be idol.

Oh..its really difficult to pick only one person in Blackpink too

They have really different colors

So its really difficult to pick

But today, we will look about Jisoo

I picked her really hard.

If the other members have a girl crush image, she has a quotient with a mild impression image

They say Jisu was already famous in YG before her debut.

Also she got a lot of love in the mv of Epik high ,

and in the drama

She looks cold.

With clear eyes, and a big nose.

But when she smiles she is really naive and simple.

Actually, YG says they doesnt take care about the physical of a person

but with Jisoo that saying broke up

So it was Jisoo of Blackpink

Oh my girl was difficult too.

There are a lot of members who are famous for their genius faces.

From their debut to the youngest Arin who was famous as Doosan girl and pretty Jiho

But we will talk about Yooa today.

I pick Yooa because she has a different type of charm than the other face genius idols in this video.

In terms of SAT, Yooa has something wrong with it. That's the killer.

Just very heavy

Yooa is so famous for her uniquely beautiful visuals

that they are rarely mentioned in a similar fashion.

The most similar is the cherry

Not like this cherry, it's like the children's sujin cherry

Yooa is this cherry

The pecking one resembles Yooa right?

Yooa is know as a small head in the idols

She is 160cm tall but she doesnt look like.

So it eas Yooa of Oh my gurl who face and body is genius.

There are a lot of members in WJSN

So it was really difficult to only choose one member for me

I think you understand me

Lets look about Bona

Since Sungso is busy in China, Bona is the center of WJSN.

She doesnt look like just an idol but looks like an actress.

The fans of WJSN say her face looks like a CG

Are you curious how much?

I have seen her.

Oh, God said he was happy seeing this world

He was talking about Bona

I realized.

So it was the face of WJSN, Bona.

There are many pretty members in Lovelyz too.

We are going to look specially about Seo Jisoo

Ill explain you

Guys do you remember that in the last video we said the nameNaeunhas something special?

Guys, dont be scared

The name of the genius face of Blackpink is Josoo

Ta da

The name of the face genius of Lovelyz is Jisoo

Ta da

Both are their real names.

Ta da

If I have daughters, I want the first be Naeun and the second Jisoo.

Her big eyes looks like a desert fox.

At first glance, you might think her eyes are from others.

Thanks to this, the face looks cold

and adds a glamorous charm to the face itself.

So it was the face of Lovelyz Seo Jisoo.

So today, we looked about women's groups in KPOP with perfect faces 2.

We never get upset with that pretty faces.

We will try to continue making funny videos

Remember to subscribe, like and put on notifications

Everyone be happy with our pretty KPOP groups.

See you!

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