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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Erica Mena Cant Keep Her In Her Pants | Wild 'N Out | #TalkinSpit

Difficulty: 0

- You know how it goes,

we gon' have some Wild 'n Out girls bring out chairs,

some water, and some buckets out here,

and myself.

(applause drowns out voice)

Gonna sit down in chairs, fill our mouths up with water

and each team member is going to get the opportunity

to make us laugh so hard that we spit our water out.

The team that makes you spit the most, wins the game!

Real easy! Y'all ready?


Miss Erica, come on up here, please.


- Okay, Black Squad, wild out.


- Erica, them some big ass draws you got on.

(laughter drowns out voice)

(bell dings)

- Dat wasn't even the joke, but--



- So Erica, you know we been friends for a little while now.

You like chicks, and Ney likes chicks.

The truth is

sometimes I like chicks.

So, while you're here I'm just gon' shoot my shot

real quick.


(bell dings)

- What happened?

You wasn't ready for that?

- Hey, make some noise.

Look, I'ma get straight to it. (clears throat)

I walk by, had the (beep) like ohh (clicks tongue)

but little did they know I'm a duuude!

(bell dings)

- Yo, Nick. I ain't even gonna hold you.

And it's funny I say I ain't even gonna hold you,

because remember that Lil' Bow Wow video?

When you had the beej, by Omarion?

(bell dings)

C'mon son, how old are you boy?

Take the bandana off and take the bo-bos out.

(bell dings)

C'mon, I had those when I was like five.

It's over.

And you got gel in your hair.

(bell dings)

It's over.

- Okay, that cool. That cool.


I can't shake hands with your conscience, stupid ass.


Sick hair, where he braid.

(Beep) all that, boy, your head.

Look at that, your hair.



(bell dings)

Boy, your hair shaped like Squidward's house,

stupid ass (beep).

(Sings) "Oh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

You do!


Baggage roll.

(bell dings)

(horn blows)

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