Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PETA's Alicia Silverstone Interview

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It was just a dream that I had and I just never actually thought I could get it together

to do it and finally somebody nudge me to, its time to really write your book and

when you have a deadline you have to do it. (laughs) So, although Id been planning

to write this book for eight years, I finally did it and, um, really I, the, my inspiration

for it is, I really just know deep, deep in my heartI have absolutely no doubt that

when you eat this way you will feel better than youve ever felt in your life, and

I feel like its a crime to keep that a secret. Im a food snob, you should know

that. I will not eat something that is not delicious so when I talk about the food in

the book, I am not lying to you that this is really amazing food. The most incredible

thing about eating this way is you really do get younger and stronger. I think we think

of aging as this idea that youre going to slowly, you know, just, unravel and thats

just normal, but it really isnt. Getting fat and sick is not part of getting older.

Its just not. Its just, you can get healthier and stronger and so I feel like

Im getting younger and healthier as I go along and I want to share with people those

secrets, and show them how delicious it is. Two weeks into being vegan for the first time

in my life people were likewhats going on with you? You seem to be glowing or something,

like whats happening?” Not to mention all the weight loss, but like, those are all

the, like, superficial things, and there all fantastic, but um, I mean I loved that I lost

weight, I loved that I felt, had so much more energy and I loved, but the biggest, most

impressive thing to me was that I just felt like I was walking around the world a little

lighter. Really, what Im talking about is vibrancy and Im talking about how amazing

youll feel. Those are the sort of everyday feelings that you might want to shift because

Im assuming youre not ill, but if youre ill, you can heal yourself through eating

this way. It will actually heal you, and, um, you know, the book, we have loads of great

information in the book about, you know, different medical doctors talking about, you know, how

theyve cured heart disease and how theyve cured cancers, and how they have all these

different pro, and diabetes, theres all these different programs and its all through

diet that these illnesses are healed. So, um, I just think its so amazing we can

stop wasting all this money and time and energy trying to find cures for things that, the

cure is in the food. The cause is in what you do to cause it. Im so excited for the

book to be out in the world and see how it, see how people feel about it, and, hopefully

it really inspires people and makes them feel good, and really, I just know in my heart

that this will help them to be their best selves and I really cant wait for them

to get to feel that. Im Alicia Silverstone, and Im a vegetarian.

Theres nothing in the world thats changed me as much as this. I feel so much better

and have so much more energy. Its so amazing.

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