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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 킹스베리 탕후루와 베리 크림떡 먹방 _ 드디어 너도나도떡 신메뉴 등장??딸기 라즈베리 찹쌀떡 :D

Difficulty: 0

(Guys, make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *0*//)

(Berry berry flavored NUDO NADO Rice cakes out!!! Yeah♬)

(And I'll try it with candied giant strawberry!)

Hello everyone~

It's Nado :D *I'm congenitally missing the bottom teeth* (Subtitle:Noh)

Guys, NUDO NADO berry flavor is out!

So I have berry berry flavored NUDO NADO rice cakes

and candied giant strawberries and frozen raspberries too

with cream! Let's get invovled

I made it well this time

I really made it well

Candied Giant Strawberry

It's delicious

Wow It's really juicy

Let me try berry berry flavored rice cakes

Pinky strawberry castella bread crumbs on the outside

Berry jam inside

(Cream made with raspberry and strawberry jam is smooth and yummy *0*)

It's great

It tastes great

Guys, it's so yummy

Why is it so good?

Let me show you guys how stretchy it is


It's delicious

The cross-section of frozen one looks like this

And it's tasty when it slightly melts

Like this. Look at this

It's like ice cream rice cakes (Cold and Che~wy!)

It's smoother when it completely melts like this

It's also good when it slightly melts

Cream is cold

Super Duper Delicious

It tasets like, when you take a bite,

Soft strawberry castella bread crumbs flood my mouth

It's smooth

Rice cake is also made with sour jam so it's sour and sweet

so it's chewy

Cream slightly smells like berry

strawberry and raspberry smell

(Happy moment)

One more bite

And it's a little tart

I feel like I become a berry fairy

Of course, I'm not a fairy

But you can be a fairy

Not me

How perfect expression "Berry Fairy" is!

Isn't it?

Candied strawberry is yummy too

They are really good together

They're crazy

Candied giant strawberry is so big that it's full of juice

(It's hard to eat...but it's super delicious cuz super giant!!)

I mean it's hard to eat

I spilled juice under the table

The next is

frozen raspberry

It's tart

Let me try it with cream I made myself

Who knows this cream?

Bach when I made rainbow crepe cake, it's leftover

Sour raspberries and strawberries go well with soft cream

It's yummy

Let me compare berry flavored rice cakes to melon flavored ones

Look like this

Can you guys see them?

Both are delicious

I like them

Especially I love melon flavored rice cakes

It's tasty

Cold one is better

I'll eat this


It's good for snack

You too

Guys, isn't it so cute?

Isn't it so cute?

So cute

It's so hard to eat

(Thump thump)

(It seems way better with milk *0*)

Sometimes you can chew something inside cream

That's seeds of raspberry

Raspberry's seed inside so

You can chew seeds of raspberry and strawberry

This is real fruit jam with pulps (You can enjoy the texture cuz it's full of pulps!)

It's tart



Frozen strawberry


It's cold (My teeth are sore)

Bach when you heard of plant-based whipped cream, it seemed better than diary-based cream

Many people thought like that but

Guys, for example, butter(diary-based) vs margarine (plant-based)

Plant-based cream is good of course but

so to speak, diary-based cream is more delicious and better

Anyway, it's made with diary-based cream

It's cute, isn't it?

It looks cute

Come to think of it, I made candied strawberry really well

Back in the day when I made candided strawberry,

It was my first time to make it but it was so sticky that they sticked to my teeth

So I had to remove them out of my teeth like this

It doesn't stick to my teeth at all

I'm the God of candied fruit

It's good

It's really tasty

(How to clean it up ㅠㅠ)

Under the table, it's so messed up

Guys, don't imagine

It's really serious

Don't try candied giant strawberry

Just try candied strawberry

It's so difficult to eat

But it's delicious tho

I'll try one more berry rice cake

Berry rice cake

Berry(very) berry delicious and berry berry cute, berry berry rice cake

It's yummy

It's so cold

My teeth are sore

The Description of 킹스베리 탕후루와 베리 크림떡 먹방 _ 드디어 너도나도떡 신메뉴 등장??딸기 라즈베리 찹쌀떡 :D