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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Interlúdio (Interlude) - 1/2

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I'm no more the same Edgar that I knew

Now I will have to discover a new world

I don't know if I'll be able to give the steps to outside of this door

I don't know if I will survive for a long time

but I know that I need follow my new path

This that has happened with me will not be so

I will until the end to find out who destroyed my life

Let's go Edgar!

It is only one step to out of this door

It is only a step

Then another step

And so I need follow

To understand what is happening

you need to understand what happened to me

and what led me to this

It was three o'clock

the night was cold

and the rest of the remaining noise of the day

hovered over the darkness and low light of a lamp

That was another night that I could not sleep

intrigued by a problem not solved

on a case of my particular investigation

the only material found at the crime scene

was a shapeless object with strange markings and drawings

the writings could have been made in some unknown language

or it was just another crazy made by a sect of fanatics

I could only recognize a few letters below

that formed the word 'Saman'

I don't know if was because of my sleepless nights

but I realized that in a short time

the word 'saman' was completed in a name


but the name disappeared as soon as there appeared

maybe my mind was just tired

creating a brief illusion

That was only the beginning

of the strange events

that have taken place later

I needed to leave

something could have been lost in my mind

and I needed to breathe

a bit of cold air of the night

without realizing

my steps had carried me near of the scene of crime

But I would not call it crime

after all, find a carcass of someone

which seems to have been buried for many years

however, the test of skill was shown

that those bones were the remains

a couple who had disappeared

only two weeks

You have something that belongs to me

Please, I wish that you give me back

I have nothing belonging to you

and if this is the case

You must be well trouble, young lady

Stop! No dares do a only step forward

Just give me back what is mine

You have nothing with this

And if you get in my way

you will regret

Miss, wait! I just want to talk with you

Are you Samantha?

You are an idiot even

you are so blind that you cannot see you own shadow

Oh God! She took me the artifact

You should not have been involved

Now you will see the world as it really is

you will cry, you will scream

and you will desire never been born

we need to go behind her, leave him here

We cannot leave it here

He is innocent

He will suffer the consequences

And if there is nobody for help him

he will suffer

I've already been in this situation

I don't want that it happen the same with anyone else

Let's take it from here to somewhere safe

I do not know, some place for he to recover

But she will escape

and it is important we have the possession of the artifact

Don't worry

she is so mad that will traces anywhere

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