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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 60-Year-Old Candy Taste Test

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It's like eating a shoe.

( music playing )

You may have heard of Christmas in July,

but today it's Halloween in April, minus the costumes

and the going door to door and the trickery.

Yeah, we're pretty much just gonna eat a bunch of candy,

but it's not just any old candy.

It's time for...

So we're going to be taste testing discontinued or out-of-production,

limited edition candies

that we bought off of the eBay,

and then we're gonna decide

bring it back, or nah, that's whack.

All right, first up, M&M's released a limited edition

white cheesecake flavor for Valentine's Day 2017,

and we have acquired it.

Toss it. Here we go.

This cost us $32.


That's $32 worth of M&M's right there, sucker.

Um, let's open these up. I mean, it does say--

- See if they've held up. - Best before November, 2018.

So these things last forever.

They are not expired.

Oh, well, fresh.

But they will be...

But they're gone.

...if we-- Yeah, they're gone.

They're not in production.

Make it dramatic.

Did you get one of every color?

Look, I got one of every flav-- color.

So did I and other ones, too.

So there's, like a flesh tone,

which is interesting.

And then pink and white.

I'm gonna eat all three at once.

If you gave me these and you didn't tell me they were cheesecake,

I would think something was wrong with them 'cause they have like a--

they lead with something like sour and unexpected.

Almost like a butter.

Once you know that they are... cheesecake...

- Pretty good, right? - Pretty good.

Yeah, they are.

Now, when you bite it in half,

you can see it's white chocolate.

These were released Valentine's Day.

If roses says, "I love you,"

what does giving your lover cheesecake M&M's say?

I don't know. "You need to put on a few pounds"?

"I'm sleeping with your sister"?

Are you talking to me or...


I don't have a sister.

I'm just conjecturing what it might mean.

These are really good.

It's refreshing to do this segment with something that's not expired yet.

I know that's not going to continue to happen.

We're really loading up 'cause we know we might get poisoned later.

- Yeah, this was pretty easy. - These are really good.

We're saying, "Bring it back."

In 2007, Tics-- Tics Tacs--

Is that what it's called?

- Tic Tacs-- - Tic Tacs.

...discontinued the classic cinnamon Tic Tacs

to make way for newer flavors,

and then after petitions broke out on social media

to bring cinnamon back--

We're bringing cinnamon back ♪--

Tic Tac unveiled a new and improved cinnamon spice Tic Tac in 2012,

but these didn't stay in production,

so we purchased these out of production for 19.99,

and they expired in September of 2014.


Oh, that's a lot of these.

( clears throat )

Oh. Are Tic Tacs normally that hard?

I think so.

Oh, gosh.

Now-- 'Cause a Tic Tac,

you usually just put it in your mouth and let it sit there.

- Yeah. - It tastes like--

exactly like those little red hot cinnamon things that I hate.

I don't understand the whole, "We gotta make room for other Tic Tacs.' Really?

How much room do you need for a Tic Tac?

Can't you just have more than--

You don't have to make room.

They've got shelves at the warehouse,

and they gotta make r-- That's fishy to me.

Something that people liked, and then they brought it back and they changed it,

People didn't like that. And now they're out of production.

I just don't feel that there's any demand for this, I'm definitely not demanding it.

I don't like it because it looks like a pill, like a drug.

- Yep. - And I don't like doing that.

Yep, say no to drugs.

Link: So nah, that's whack.

- Rhett: Yep. - Link: Keep it away.

In the summer of 2004,

Trolli confectionery brand

released road kill themed gummies.

These are flattened animals with tire marks on them,

and then they quickly killed production of the gummies in 2005

after the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

called out the candies for being insensitive

'cause apparently gummy animals have feelings, too.

We paid $9 and they expired July of 2005.

- Now-- - I like gummies, now.

I usually only eat free-range gummies

that have died peacefully

in their sleep from natural causes.

Yep, but for the sake of the question,

I'm willing to...

First of all, let's explore these a little bit.

It didn't sound-- It sounded more like you just unpacked a pack of marbles

versus gummies.

- Pretty hard. - That's not a good sign.

Oh, and there's, like, seeds on them or something,

like they've developed spots.

This is a snake that's been run over.

This is-- What is-- another snake.

- This is like a-- - That's a chicken.

Is that a turtle or a beaver?

It's not the first time I've asked that.

I've got a chicken, a turtle--

Oh, no, maybe it is a beaver or a raccoon, I don't know.

Let's eat it.

But, I mean, the concept is not offensive to me.

Maybe the taste will be.

Oh, extra gummy.

That is-- That is so chewy.


The yellow one does not taste good.

The red one does not taste good.

If you're gonna be in a chewing competition,

'cause you know there are those,

and you needed to train,

get yourself some 13-year-old gummies.

Oh, gosh.

I don't think-- You'd really go to town on your jowls, man.

Is it just me or do you taste a soapiness?

The flavor has exited the building.

- Maybe that's what... - That's what happens when they get hit.

Yeah, I know. It's like a dead gummy

left for dead on the side of the road.

The sweetness inside every gummy bear

- is the soul of the gummy bear. - It's gone.

Link: Nah... Both: That's whack.

Back in 1978 the Reggie! bar was created.

It was named for the 14 time, American League all-star baseball player Reggie Jackson.

It was discontinued in 1981,

so, Rhett, this bar is at least 37 years old.

We paid $20.29 for it.

I'm almost afraid to open it.

Reggie's gonna be upset with us.

Reggie, I'm sorry, but we have to taste your bar.

Oh, gosh, Reggie's got a baseball card in there.

Oh, gosh, the smell that came out of this thing.

Let me sm-- let me smell it.

Smells like Reggie after a few games.

( shudders )

It smells like the back dredges

of a army surplus store.

Let me just pull it out on the card.

It's like you open up the fire door,

and trying to get out-- Oh, my gosh,

it looks like a turd.

It's got peanuts.

But just imagine how beautiful it was at one point.

37 years ago and this thing came off of the production line.

You're eating it off of his card. That's...

"Milk chocolate, peanut butter, and roasted peanuts."

There's peanut butter in this thing.

This thing should be freakin' awesome.

Okay, eat it.

Try it.

It's got an Upper Deck card in it.

- Yes, it does. - It smells so bad.

- I think I'm gonna have to let you try this one, Link... - First?

...since you love baseball cards so much.

- Oh, gosh. - I'm gonna--

I'm gonna let you try it too, man.

That peanut butter's really holding up.

- Oh, gosh. - It's lost it's elasticity.

Wouldn't you say?

Yeah, it looks like bad nougat.

- All right. - Dink it.


It's like eating a shoe.

It's-- Actually it tastes

exactly like just eating Play-Doh straight.

It really does.

It's got, like, a gelatinous clayness, sour--

It's startin-- It's really--

It's really sour.

I need to wash-- I think I might need to wash Reggie out of my mouth.

The insects that we're eaten on this show taste better than this. Easily.


Reggie, I hope you've aged better than your bar.

Yeah, I think we're going to say...

Now we arrive at the illegitimate child

of Kool-Aid and Alka-Seltzer,

first introduced in 1956--

that's 62 years ago--

we have Fizzies.

We paid $150 for that package of Fizzies.

Good gosh, two, four, six, eight tablets back there.

Basically just a flavored tablet

that you drop into water

to create a fun, fizzie, candy-like drink.

And it also says you can add additional sugar to the drink

'cause there's not a lot of sweetener in this thing.

Well, it's gotta be safe to drink. It's made by a witch.


"Bewitching soft drink tablets,

artificially sweetened, dietary."

Oh, is it dietary?

- Oh, well, sign me up. - Here's the sugar.

How do I--

- Just, you-- maybe you-- - Pop it?

- Just... - Well, I would peel it.

'Cause I think that-- I mean--

It's just frickin' 62 years old.

You don't wanna bust it too much.

Wanna keep it intact.

- Okay, I'm trying to get-- - Can I use my fingers?

'Cause yours don't seem to be working.

Here we go, here we go, here we go.

Ooh, yeah.

Look at that.

- There's one. - And there's another one.

Two tablets. One for you and one for me.

So this is basically like Emergen-C,

but it may cause an emergency.

That's right. Let's find out.

All right.

- Oh. - Rhett: Oh, it's still fizzy.

Still so fizzy.

Fizzy, fizzy, fizzy fizzy, fizzy, fizzy, fizzy, fizzy

Fizzy, fizzy, fizzy fizzy, fizzy-- ♪

Whatever makes things fizzy

can hold up in a tablet for 62 years.

You wanna just drink it straight or you wanna add sugar?

I don't think I wanna add sugar.

All right.

Smells innocent enough.

Famous last words.


Wonder if it fizzes on the other end.

On the way out.

Dink it. Sink it.

Oh, that is fun.

- And refreshing. - That is so fun.

- Refreshing. - Fizzies really is fun.

I was putting it up here so we get some ASMR action.

I'm afraid to continue to drink it

- but after 62 years... - It's good. I want more of it.

...if it holds up this well, I mean,

it should definitely be brought back, I think.

I mean, but-- there's-- I mean, at this point

I feel like we've got so many fizzy things,

the fizzy market is pretty-- ( clicks tongue ) ...pretty tight.

You're gonna slide that pill right in there? I don't know.

What if it fizzed, but then it also turned into a ( makes bubbling sound )

- a big dinosaur? - Now you're talking.

Link: Bring it back with dinosaurs.

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