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Hey there everyone, Sebastian from Champion Helmets here and The RevIt Offtrack jacket

will cover you for any adventure riding youre planning on, so lets see why.

Rain or shine this jacket will cover you, while also keeping you safe in CE-level 2

padding in the jacket.

If you want to do all this, but dont want to do it in black, then this jacket also comes

in silver in red, blue, green, or sand and black colors in sizes S-XXL.

This jacket really does have a lot of features, making it an excellent versatile jacket.

If youre curious to learn more about Revits products, make sure to check out our full

Revit product playlist on our YouTube channel.

The Revit Offtrack jacket is mainly 450 density polyester, but the outsides of the forearms

have been beefed up to 600D in case youre in any fall.

Theres 3D air mesh around the collar to keep you cool as well as PWR mesh vents in

the chest and back.

This jacket also has a nice amount of reflection to keep you visible.

It comes in at a recommended retail price of almost 370 euros, or around 400 US dollars.

This jackets competitors include the Alpinestars Valparaiso 2 Drystar, the Dainese Super Rider

D-Dry, the Alpinestars Andes V2 DS, and, at the higher end of the market the Dainese D-Cyclone

Gore-Tex and the Dainese Antartica.

For protection the RevIt Off Track should cover you however you choose to pursue your


This jacket features 600D polyester reinforcement in the arms if you have a spill.

But you do have great hard protection on this jacket.

This jacket already comes with Revits SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor in the shoulders and elbows.

I've taken some out here.

This armor is light, flexible, and itll help dissipate some of the force of your impact

if it comes to that.

This jacket also comes prepared for a SEESOFT CE-level 2 back protector as well as a CE-level

1 chest protector there.

Lastly, this jacket also comes with a zip and belt loops in the back so you can attach

them to a pair of Revit riding pants or the Revit Safeway belt, whichll help prevent

the jacket riding up as you ride and if you come into contact with the road.

This jacket also does great for comfort.

Revit have really handed the reins over to you for how and when you want to wear this


For hotter weather, this jacket has two big PWR mesh panels that you can open up on the

front to varying degrees to let air in.

Again, this helmet has air mesh at the top as well as the mesh on the back.

But if you need more air you have this other vent in the rear that you can open up even


You've also got these two zippers on both arms, so you can let in air through these

ventilation panels there.

This jacket also gives plenty of adjustability for better fit.

In the sleeves are standard Velcro strap cuff as well as these strap here if you want to

bring it in tighter as well as the button in the bicep that you can open and close as


In the waist as well, you have these two straps so you can bring in the waist as well if you

need and lastly you've got this sliding collar hook here at the top so you can have different

levels of tightness on the collar.

For the interior, this jacket will still be good in cool or wet weather.

Since the Revit Off Track has two liners.

On the inside, underneath a zipper is a detachable thermal liner attached via a zipper and buttons

to the jacket, and you can also remove the body warmer once you undo the interior zipper

as well.

You've got this offset zipper here, which will help with waterproofing to make sure

the water stays out and this is composed of Revit's Hydratex-G liner, which is their version

of Gore-Tex.

Taking a look inside now, this is the bodywarmer here and behind that is the waterproof liner


Ive turned it inside out and removed the body warmer so you can better see the interior

here and get a better idea of how it looks on the inside.

This jacket also does well for comfort with this hook on collar so if you want it out

of the way you just put it around the side and you've got these two velcro pockets at

the front.

If youd like to purchase the Revit Offtrack, make sure to head to where

we have a lowest price guarantee and great bundle deals with discounted pants.

The Revit Offtrack offers plenty in terms of options, safety, and comfort.

Though it does come at a slightly higher price than most Revit products, its still a solid

mid-range price for a great quality jacket.

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Im Sebastian from Champion Helmets and thanks for watching!

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