Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Debutante / Leonora Carrington

Difficulty: 0

one day soon perhaps one day I'll tear off the anchor that keeps my ship far

away from the Seas with a type of courage that's needed to be nothing and

nothing I'll let go of what seemed to have been in decel you be close to me

I'll cut it down flip it over I'll break it I'll make it a tumble all at once

throwing up my wretched sense of decency my wretched and ponderous ways of

thinking after I've cleaned out the abscess of being someone I'll drink

again of the nourishing space the tranquil low-light beautiful and sad

sets the birds among the dark branches dreaming while enraptured saw the

waterfalls great fountains against the marble gleaming I'm sorry I didn't know

hyenas could try

my mother expects me to act as if I'm on display its balls parties just to show

myself off tonight is my coming-of-age gala but I hate Affairs like those

especially if they're given in my honor I'd much rather be here with you

you're lucky I'd be glad to go this Zoo is far less glamorous I don't know how

to dance but I can make conversation anyway you certainly can I felt a

certain attraction when I read my poetry to you

I returned much earlier today so that we could feel free to be ourselves and I'll

get along well with girls my age but you're different

my parents they try to control everything about my life friends parties

education I want to join the Peace Corps well hunt for I want to help starving

children in the world they should feed me son I joined the Peace Corps I might

make a difference I ate some Peace Corps workers once and they tasted sour a

debutantes ball sounds fun you should go in my place we don't look

enough alike otherwise I'd go all right listen in the

evening lights and nobody can see very well and if I dressed you up a bit

amongst all those people nobody would know and they're almost the same height

oh you're my only friend I beg of you

consider it done

here's the dress I was going to wear tonight it may be a little long laughs

now try on these heels

here now these said nasty smell in your room before tonight you'll take a bath

scented with my new salts. Starving children don't get to bathe. Starving

children starving children the children in Africa the children here you don't

see any starving children in our neighborhood I think it's a rumor

don't be late to breakfast now I wonder how we can disguise your face may be

available oh here try on this hat

I don't think it's my size but then let me make you a mask

but this isn't a costume affair

I've been through my entire closet Bureau and there doesn't seem to be

anything you like I must go down to breakfast you keep looking and I'll

return within the hour

did you find anything that suits you I think I have a solution do you have a

maid yes Wow you ring for the main and then when she comes in little pops up

and tear her face off that's not sensible she'd probably be dead if you

ripped her face off somebody would find the body and we both go to prison I'm

hungry enough to eat her well what about the bones them too so do you agree only

if you agreed to kill her first before you rip her face off otherwise it would

hurt too much right it doesn't make any difference to me

only I didn't hate balls so much okay I'll ring for the maid oh I'm so

full two of the limbs are still left but if

you have the bag I'll save them for later in the closet you'll find a full

reptile bag take the scarves out of it and use that one

now look how beautiful I am I have carefully eaten around the face

of it just what is me that is left indeed you've done a good job of it too

I feel it fine for I've the impression I'm going to be a big success deceive me

now let's practice your dancing here Hey

okay go on now remember don't stand next to my mother she'd know wasn't me in a

minute apart from her I don't know anybody good luck

we had just sat down to eat when that thing in your place gets up and cries I

smell a bit strong eh well I don't eat cake then she tore off her face and ate

it with one big bound she disappeared through the door if you take away the

smell what's left my dear the worst kind of animals are hairy on the inside


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