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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Markiplier Makes: Pancakes

Difficulty: 0

Mark: Ethan get your ass in here.

Ethan: My ass?

Mark: Smack that ass for the thing.



Ethan: Haha

*Mark smacks again* Ethan: Wow. *another smack*


Mark: Once upon a time

Mark: In an old English country...

Mark: ...of Scottsdale, Arizona

Mark: There was a man who dreamed a dream

Mark: To take the previously made invention of pancakes

Mark: and turn it into something incredibly new and interesting and zesty

Mark: He made Mickey Mouse which wasn't to be invented for another 400 years

Mark: Into a pancake shape

Mark: And with that he created a new era

Mark: of pancake consumption, which was

Mark: a time-honored tradition among the Pagans of Eastern Europe

Mark: So from then on, we decided that it was time for us

Mark: To revive this lost art of pancake art

Mark: ...but I can't do it alone.

Mark: I need my friends

Mark: or

Mark: whatever is nearest and will do to substitute friends

Mark: Tyler 'The Apocalypse' Scheid

*aggressive spatula smack on table*

Mark: Known for his devastating flipping capabilities

Mark: If he were to flip at 100% capacity

Mark: he would annihilate the entire universe

Mark: ...and cause untold destruction across the land

Mark: He was known once

Mark: to flip SO hard

Mark: it cracked the very crust of the ocean causing

Mark: untold destruction!

Mark: You remember Noah's Flood?


Mark: More like Tyler's fist

Mark: And ALSO!

Mark: Ethan 'The Crust' Nestor

Mark: If you were to even question anybody

Mark: Who has the greatest, crispiest, goldenest crust


Mark: It would be Ethan

Mark: There is no telling to how good that crust could be

Mark: Contents of the pancakes aside, it might be bad,

Mark: The crust, the flakiness, the bitterness

Mark: the crispiness.

Cannot be beaten on any scale

*Mwah *

Mark: And you may be wondering who I am

Mark: among these TITANS of pancake!

Mark: Well...

Mark: I can't believe you don't recognize me

Mark: Maybe not with this face

*proceeds to rip off face*

Mark: It's me, Markiplier

Mark: Mark...

Mar- Mark, 'Mr. Butterworth' Fischbach

Mark: Oh yes, it's true.

Mark: If you were wondering what made


Syrup so thick and juicy,

Mark: It was all 100% me baby *barely contained snickers*

Mark: From

*all laugh anyways *

Tyler: *laughing* How do you not not laugh?

Mark: Do you know why there's a national recycling program for these?

Mark: Cause they sent it to my house for refilling. *laughter*

Mark: Yet covering every single pancake out there in existence

Mark: it's 100%

Mark: me.

*Tyler and Ethan laughing*

Mark: so let's get started with this trio of perfection how can things go wrong


Mark: In Mortal Kombat

Mark: Yes *slam* each in our own right legendary among the pancake professionados

Mark: but we are here to bring this home to another level of pancake

Mark: We're gonna take your suggestions,

Mark: and your suggestions alone,

Mark: to make the greatest, best, fantasticist

Mark: mysticalest pancakes in existence

Mark: And who-M-soever

Chica: *WOOF*

Mark: Makes-


And WHOM-soever makes

the greatest, best, most accurate pancake to your desires


So let's get started

SHALL WE? Shant we?!?

Ethan: We shall *smack*

Mark: We shall (2x)

We're going in RAW


We're not using recipes!

We're not using measuring cups!

We've been doing this for THOUSANDS of years


To make the best pancake possible

And you may be wondering "Uh! Where's the spoons?" *chuckle*

*clattering of spatulas*


These are mah spoons.

*everyone repeating "spoon" over and over*

Mark: These are my spoons!

*everyone again repeating 'spoon' with a variety of poses*

Mark: Each of us will have 3 minutes to make the best batter that we can.

NO BUTTERMILK here unfortunately!

Don't know why no one's wanting me to make buttermilk pancakes they don't want me to *slam* WIIIN!

Count it down!

Kathryn (Off camera): 3




*various pouring, spraying, and other kitchen noises*

Mark: Usually as my dad would have done this he would have put this in the fridge overnight

uhh you know to fully mix and you know rise a bit, but

*high pitched voice* you know we're goin without it!

we're going a little bit you know off the uhh off the farm

TWO EGGS *Ethan very high pitched 'Ha!"* more like... more like the 'Incredulous'

*lots of banging* Scheid

uhhh there we go


sorry for oiling your pit there.

Ethan: *odd accent* Ahh, it's fine dude!

Mark: *weird surfer accent* it's fine, dude! I got oily pits for days dude!

Alright so as you can see my opponents here unintelligibly went for two eggs??

uhh when *transitions into 'Snotty Rich Kid' / 'Know It All' accent* obviously you should only use one egg

you don't want to *ethan squeak*

You don't want too gluey a pancake the more pro-ein you have in there the more it's gonna stick

You want a fluffy pancake you gotta go light on the mix

Markiplier is set to 'Low' and 'Oh Fuck God Stop' -those are my settings

How's the time?

Kathryn: You have... 1:10

Mark: EASY

Ethan: cha

Mark *scottish accent*: We got this

Mark *surfer accent*: Cha Cha Cha

Ethan: We used to make pancakes in our sleep

Mark: So you may be wondering "Oh this doesn't seem so bad!"

Oh, we're going to be judged on taste,

composition, and accuracy to the prompt.

*normal voice* That's how we're going to be judged

Ethan: *flirtatiously* May I taste your batter?

Mark: No

Ethan: One finger?

Mark: Not at all

*Stir stir stir*

You can't taste my batter on a boat, you can't taste my batter on a moat!

Tyler: Ethan!

NO (Pfft... Good job)

*Everyone laughs at Ethan*

Mark: Oh no, too much shoog!

Oh thats a good squeeze sugar *alarm*

Alright! Spoons down !

SPOONS DOWN!! *ethan lightly screams*

Tyler: Alright, I think I made the most batter!

Mark: *"swedish/french/russian" accent* Yeah, that's not the best batter...

Tyler: It's the very most!

Mark: It's about being quality over quam-nity.

Tyler: Well you need to food color it!

Mark: Yeah just like with YouTube it is not about quantity of videos, it's about quality!

*Ethan sound*

That's the Markiplier w-

Tyler: Okay do we get to wash our hand now?

Ethan and Mark: NO

Mark: *accent* WHAT ARE YOU STUPID?!


Ethan: What, have you never made pancake before?!?

Mark: Have you never made pa- dooooooon't you dare

Mark: Put that the back in your bowl, bitch

Batman: *Batman voice* Batman doesn't take no crime

Batman: Batman won't take it- NOOOO

Mark: Who's ready for this?

Ethan: I'm ready!

Mark: So. We'regonna- BRING IN THE SQUEEEZE!!


*accent* So, Tyler needs the girthiest boautles.

We get, you know, conservative go-flow ocean bottles.

Tyler: Are you sure I can't go wash now?

Mark: NO!

You wipe!

Oh, oh, a-wipe the big boy!

Oh my god, that was, like, /exactly/ my dick *everyone giggles*

So, we've also got fEUWd coloring

For, uh, psh, stupidity

Dunno why that's there

Pfft, whoever had that idea was a dum- BRING IN THE GRIDDDLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


No, not you.

Ethan: Oh- well- sorry

Should we spray it down? Give it a good spritz?

Mark: Spray yourself, you bitch.

*Pam Spray being shook*

Ethan: Should I spray it? Give it a good spritz? Mark: Yo- You ar- *wheeze* *laughing*

Mark: We're totally repeating?

Mark: Yes Ethan, spray it! You are the crust after all, woah.

This is why he's a master!

Oh my God, Jesus Christ Tyler: That is so much Ethan: *snifts* Aah

Mark: This is why he's the master. If you question the master,

you get bit in the ass; that's the deal.

If you like getting bit in the ass, ask a lot of questions. If you don't

*whispers* then shut the fuck up.

Alright, so what we need is we need your suggestions

right now. Write in the comments right now!

Tyler: No we have to color first Ethan: Color? Tyler: Color our batter.

Mark: I'm not coloring until it gets on the griddle. Ethan: mhm!

Mark: Where's my spatch!? Give me spatch. Here's your spatch! Ethan: Thank you

Here's my spatch Ethan: *drops spatula* Shit

that's Tyler's spatch

*accent* Don't toauch. Don't touch his spaouch

Ethan: Touch tip? Mark: Touch tip

Our ti- No! *Mark noise* forbidden lauve Ethan: *quiet echo* forbidden lo- *kisses spatch*

Aw fuck yeah! Oh fuck casual sex is great! :D

Alright! It's back on

We've got our squeeze. We've got to squeeze real good

If we don't squeeze good we die!

Ethan: Ready? Let's do one squeeze together, ready? Mark: No

Ethan: No? ok Mark: You squeeze by yourself

*sad Ethan squeeze*

Back in 1824 there were 13 people in the

s-small town of Salem, Oregon ... they thought someone was

a witch because they made a pancake art just in the

exact representation... of Satan himself!

*Ethan spits* yes sizzling with anticipation

they- they cast the witch into the local lake. This... and- but

as soon as she touched the water

suddenly and the entire lake turned

to syrup and *giggling* THIS is how the most famous witch

of all, *laughs* Mrs. Butterworth, came into being.... *giggling again* alright lets go

Kathryn: Courage the Cowardly Dog

Mark: We're just rolling into that *ethan noise* after that bullshit story? Ethan: Yeah, we are. (Mark: No let'ssnot!) Bullshit story? that was a- guh... that was a

Mark: That's my wife! Ethan: *mimics, laughing* That's my wife!

Mark: Let's do this. Ethan: Ready?

Mark: Courage Ethan: the Cowardly Mark: By who? Ethan: ee..uh... the former stinson

Ethan & Mark: Ready,

Ethan: set, g- bombs away!

Mark: Bombs away!


Tyler: Oh that's not good. I really hope I remember what Courage the Cowardly Dog looked like

Ethan: *laughing* He looked like a fucking dog Tyler: He didn't look like a "fucking dog"

Ethan: What do you mean "He didn-?!" Tyler: I watched the freaking show.

Mark: He's pretty much like a fucking dog if I'm not- If I'm

If I'm to be mistaken here

Tyler: Mine is corrupted!

Mark: *imitating* Mine's corrupted! *Ethan echoes "corrupted"* Someone has- has

tainted my bottle!

Mark: Fucking no! Ah, there we go. Ethan: Oh noo your-your flip

*strange accent* Flip executed perfectly!

It's ok Courage- SH!! SH! Sh! It's ok now...

Ethan: Live up to your name!

Mark: Only dreams, no nighmaures

*normal voice* Do doot doot do doot do!


Mark: Mine's done!

Mark: d-dude you've gotten a crevice Ethan: I know

Mark: What is THAT?

What is THAT?!?

Ethan: Ooh, time to flip!

Mark: Whoo no, no *Through giggles* NOOOohahhahahaho!!

Ethan: Courage, No! Mark: COURAGE, NOOOO!

Mark: As you can see-

*Tyler laughs*

Mark: That's Kirby! *Ethan laughs*

Mark: You made an actually decent Kirby!

*Tyler and Ethan giggle*

Mark: You made a surprisingly good Kirby!

Ethan: Kirby the Cowardly Dog.

Mark: *through giggles* WHAT IS THAT!?

Ethan: IT'S COURAGE! Mark: You didn't- you didn't-

even make a pancake!

Ethan: Yeah, I did!

Ethan: It tastes great!

Mark: So as you can see,

*Ethan giggles*

Mark: Courage,

Mark: Courage,

Mark: Kirby... *Mark giggles*

Mark: Pretty good, huh!?

Not so bad, not so bad

Um, we'll, uh, we'll- we'll- we'll judge this later;

that's the initial first look;

we're gonna fill out our plate with multiple things

Um, you're just gonna have a pancake

And good choice with Tyler "The Apocalypse" Scheid.

He knows that Kirby is the most destructive force known to man, and

in all video game world there's no one more

sinister and more devastating- than Kirby.

Mark: Alright what is our next suggestion? Amy: Squidward!

Mark: Squadward.

Tyler: That's a really good Squidward look

Mark: Thanks, we'll see how it turns when I - if I can flip this thing

I may need to borrow someone's spatula

Ethan: Y-your's looks like a d-*unintelligible* *Mark laughs *

Tyler: Mine is not- my stuff is not coming out of the freaking bottle!

Mark: Woah, woah

Ethan: Careful don't go on top of mine!

Mark: Oh shit- oh shit shit shit shit-

Ethan: guh, Mark! Mark: shit, sorry! (Ethan: God dammit) sorry, I've ruined yours...

*Mark and Ethan giggles*

Mark: Oh-ho-ho jeez Tyler: *laughing* jesus

It's like you're making an omelet. Just wait until it's done! Tyler: I told you his, his is too liquidy. Mark: Oh my GOD!

Oh yeah your's is, Ethan: There's too much liquid!! Mark: that's your main problem, your batter is off.

Mark: It looks like dog vomit... *Ethan laughs*

Tyler: Your's looks so good! Mark: Thanks

Ethan: Tyler, how's mine look? *Mark laughs*

Tyler: Like I just took a dump.

Ethan: They are consistent. Mark: They're so consistent.

Tyler: I had a hard time because my s- my s-stuff isn't coming out

Mark: right, right, right, right. Ethan: *laughing* Wait, Tyler, flip yours around

Tyler: No! Ethan: Just Squidward. Mark: Oh, yeah if you flip 'em around it's like the same thing!

Ethan: Mine are consistent, and so are yours.

Mark. And, uh, mine are Squidward and Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Mark: Yeah Ethan: So are mine. M: So uh, yeah that was pretty good!

Last one? Tyler: I had no idea how to draw Squidward I'm bad from... memory

Mark: Alright, what is the last chal-adge ? Amy: Homer Simpson

Mark: Homer Simpson? Amy: Or any Simpson

Nah do Homer Amy: A Simpson Ethan: *coughs*

A s- a Simpson? Amy: A Simpson!

Marge? Mark: I'll do Homer Ethan: Okay

Ethan: *softly* Peaceful time, making pancakes with you guys. Mark: It's relaxing.

Good change from our normal- *laughing* fucking insane things that we do

I just want to take the time to say that I really love making videos with you guys,

like, it's, it's some of the greatest joys of my week

to be able to come together to watch you

fail, and you succeed but in the wrong way.

Ethan: I like how you're using your finger to draw.

Ethan: *genuinely* it's really inspiring.

Mark: You may fail, but you fail it in- in- in- in a wonderful way. Ethan: Aw, thank you.


Ethan: *incredulously* Ch- you're really good at making pancakes


Mark: I love making pancakes. One of the-- One of the most

cherished times uh, when I was growing up was, umm

my dad made pancakes every single Sunday

and he loved pancakes, he- he- it was like a cherished tradition of ours

every Sunday morning we'd have

pancakes and he would start preparing em

on Saturday cuz he would have them sitting


in the uh- in the fridge so just kind of like

cooking and getting ready, and they were just the best pancakes, I've never had any other

pancake from any other place that was NEARLY as good as my dad's pancakes.

That's Ethan's,

Mine *Tyler burp*

Pretty good alright, my first attempt at making art, I-I've never made pancake art before so

Ty: I like how you didn't use any color

M: Yeah, well I mean that's how, like traditional pancakes are usually done

you have to use the amount of cook

well that's not bad I can definitely see it, you got thick outline goin here-

Ethan: I think my issue was the batter than I made

Mark: Yeah, your batter was shit

Tyler: Well, it was- I was trying to fill it in

and it's hard when I don't have the squeeze to fill it in

Mark: I think you had the right amount of

like baking soda because yours are thicker

mine's are a bit thin probably a lil bit chewy but uh

Ethan: Mine are just right *Ethan and Mark giggle*

Mark: Your's are perfect the crust on your's, WHOO

so it comes down to this-

there are three categories of judgment

Number one, quality of the pancake itself,

outside of art how does it taste,

is it close to a pancake

And number two how close is the art

to the actual thing that was supposed to be

Like if it's Courage, Homer and Squidward,

How *Markigiggles* close

were they to the actual inspiration. And number three

taste, how does it taste, which tastes the best,

bar none, what tastes the best

Okay? Make sense? And

that's how we're going to need it but-

we have impartial judgeeeeeeeees

Kathryn and Amy: ♪Tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh

Tyler: Who's tasting the pan- Amy: You guys

Tyler: no 'cause we're, biased- Amy: I'm not doing it!

Mark: Wait no, there are three pancakes, one for each of us, we trade out which

one of which, you can have Courage Ethan: Mm-hm

I'll take your Courage Ethan: You can have Squidward

Mark: Thanks Tyler: Ethan you trade with my Ethan: Tyler

Tyler: And Homer

Ethan: Uh, wait sorry, uh no this one was Homer


Mark: And now this works out so we each got one of these

we'll start with artistic interpretation like which one

do you guys think was closest to the


Tyler: Mark. Ethan: Uh- Tyler: This is Courage we're starting with Courage

Ethan: We're starting with Courage? Tyler: I-I'm voting, I'm voting Mark just

based upon the plate,

Mark: Yeah I-I really wish i could see Courage out

of this one, but I just see Kirby.

Ethan: *laughing* There's a little Squidward in there, too!

Mark: Ho my god, that's an amazingly good Squidward in there!

Oh man if this is Squidward, I would say like Squidward in the

middle of the pink force but- no, I gotta give

it to myself too, yeah

Eeh, for Squidward!

*Mark ponders the blackened mass before him as Ethan laughs at the mess he has created*

Tyler: Obviously it's between Mark and me,

and Mark is definitely the winner

Ethan: I don't know about that Mark: Yeah I don't know about this man, have you seen it Ethan: I've got some color in there!

Mark: Mmm- *laughing* smells like Squidward!

*Mark and Ethan giggle*

So, Homer Simpson *affirmative Ethan noise* I actually gotta give

a l- a little credit to this one I could see

Homer because what I was trying to do was, I was-

you were doing the same thing-

I was trying to make- that mouth is brown- and I was trying to make that different,

I can see the mouth distinctly better

it's just seemed like a rest of it got a little lost...

Tyler: I- I- I overflowed it at the end

Mark: Ethan's!

Tyler: I mean Ethan's... I mean you can see the eye right there,

Mark: Yeah, the mouth,

the anger, the drinking problem like, I can see it

Ethan: You did a good job with the hair on yours I gotta give you props for that.

Mark: Oh thank you, I didn't know if that would turn out, but... Tyler: I think, I think

overall Mark wins the artistic category. 100% Mark: Aww, thank you, thank you.

So by texture though-

and I think we'll just go overall on this one-

'cause it was just the batter, and batter the same

I gotta give it to Tyler, because this is more l-light

Ethan: Yeah Mark: It looks more like a pancake

mine are very thin, his is- pancake-like Ethan: Mine are very- uh...

Mark: BUT- *Mark and Ethan giggle*

/again/, we gotta like, look at Ethan's Tyler: This reminds me of like

crepe- crepe thinness, it's extra eggy

Mark: This is a thick crepe *laughs*

Tyler: Not, not that one! Mark: Squidward's a thick crepe here-

Tyler: I'm going with this one, like the crispiness,

Mark: He is the crust, it's Ethan the- you are very close to me *various Ethan noises/laughter*

I would give it to Tyler for the pancakeness of this Ethan: I- I agree.

Mark: He's got the batter down. Ethan: Ya

Now, here comes the hard part- Ethan: *interrupts* Taste Mark: Taste

Tyler: Alright- we have to try without syrup and then with syrup

Mark: Okay, w-we're just gonna go through each person's Ethan: I think that we

should do a blind tastetest Mark: We'd know. Tyler: We'd know.

Tyler: We'd totally know Mark: Alright

Take Ethan's, alright, cheers

Tyler: Cheers. Clink-ies!

Mark: It's very sweet! Tyler: It is very sweet.

Mark: It's very sweet. Tyler: I do appreciate it. Mark: It's light, It's fluffy, It is fluffy-

like, it is not bad

Tyler: Got a nice crisp to it, Mark: It's not a bad one, it's just

weird 'cause like in the middle it's kinda goopy Ethan: *laughs*

Tyler: Mine doesn't, you just have the thick one Mark: I've the thick one, yeah

But this is not bad Tyler: Here try this one.

Mark: I- I just don't mind this Tyler: I do not mind this at all

It is pleasant. It is not bad. Not /pancake/ but-

Tyler: I would- I would eat it. To Mark?

Mark: Alright, let's try me.

Ethan: Your's are a little bit bland Mark: Little bland, Definitely a little bland, Tyler: But definitely pancake tasting,

like texture Mark: This is the one that could use syrup,

like you- you definitely want syrup on it

Tyler: Yeah, this is definitely a syrup one *affirmative Mark noise*

Tyler: Okay Mark: Ok not bad, m- pancakey, not as sweet-

which may or may not be good- but

in my mind I- I still like Ethan's better

Tyler: Alright Ethan: So we got a little sweet,

little bland, will Tyler be right in the middle?

Mark: It's a little chewy Tyler: A little chewy Mark: I would say, just a little chewy

Tyler: It's got good flavor

Mark: Not bad yeah, it's sweeter than mine, chewy but-

Tyler: It's like it didn't fluff quite enough

Mark: Yeah I thought it was gonna be fluffier just because of the way it is, but it

turned out thicker, not bad,

but weirdly enough I gotta give it to Ethan.

Tyler: I- I- me too, it tastes good Mark: It looks bad, it tastes good

Ethan: Thanks guys! Mark: Yeah. That's a point for everybody

Ethan: That is a point for everyone Mark: We all win

Tyler: We're all winners I already ate my pancakes so I like-

Mark: I eat mine but I'm eating Ethan's.

Tyler: I'm eating Ethan's too.

Mark: It was all that sugar that just *all laughing* BOOM, FUCK

Tyler: Like superblast. *mouth full* I think they all taste good in my umfuffinum

Mark: I think we all are winners in our own way, I had the artistic interpretation,

you had the pancakey look and feel of it,

and you had taste overall

I like it! That worked out really well, I mean not

every competition has to end in

bloodshed and terror Ethan: No

Tyler: *stabs at Mark with spatula*

Tyler: I would never stab you with a spactula *Mark and Ethan laugh*

Mark: *laughing* Thanks, Tyler!

Thank you for that, awww that means so much to me

So, anyway that is the end of the

pancake challenge we hope you guys

enjoyed this we have a lot of fun making it,

we have a lot of fun doing this, and

from Ethan "the Crust" Nestor to Tyler "the Apocalypse"- *laughing*

"the 12 Apocalypses" Scheid

and me Mark "Mr. Butterworth" Fischbach.

And I expect excellent fan art of that name in the future

Tyler: If you guys wanna make pancakes, pancake art Mark: Oh yeah! *affirmative noise*

Tyler: We would love to see it, send it to us tag us, instagram, twitter,

Mr. Butterworth: Mr Butterworth.

Tyler: Put it in the comments

Mark: Yeah so just let us know if you guys wanna do this

it is really easy to do, you just get a

squeeze bottle, put pancake mix, and just time it up

so either way, thank you everybody so much for watching,

and as always we will see you

In the next video

BUH-BYE Tyler & Ethan: Byeeee

The Description of Markiplier Makes: Pancakes