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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Annoy British Girls in 3 Simple Steps

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hello and welcome to English with Lucy

I've got've got a different sort of

video for you today

this isn't an English lesson, this is just me

talking about some topics and it will

serve as English listening practice and

it will also help you to understand our

culture a little bit more

make sure you switch on the subtitles

which I have lovingly written for you i

take ages to do them and it's going to be about

how to piss off British girls and to

piss off means to really annoy and make

angry now when I say British girls I

kind of mean females in general, but me

being a British girl this is what pisses

me off

now I know that different cultures are

different maybe in other cultures it

wouldn't annoy some girls I don't know I

like some debate so definitely comment

about whether women in your culture are

annoyed by these things as well now

number one is commenting on a girl's

weight whether you're saying they're too

slim or they're too heavy or basically

calling anyone fat or noticing weight

in the United Kingdom

you should not do that it's just

something that we don't do and that you

we shouldn't do I used to live in Spain

and my ex-boyfriend was Spanish and

sometimes I'd be around his family and

they'd say oooh you you look a bit chubbier

or oooh you look a bit slimmer and I

found it really weird at first I was

like oh my God, they're commenting on my

weight but it's just something that we're

not used to so yes if you don't want to

piss off a British girl then you

shouldn't comment on her weight if you do

want to piss her off then comment on her


number two commenting on how much she is

drinking or just alcohol consumption in


now I know that in many other cultures

drinking isn't accepted but in England

it is it really is a big part of our

social life

it's how we like to relax and it's

something that we enjoy doing

I have a presence on the internet teaching

English as a foreign language and a lot

of my subscribers don't drink and I

receive messages like please Lucy don't

drink alcohol in the next video

cos sometimes I do include shots of me

drinking alcohol please you see don't

drink I don't want to see you drinking I

am unsubscribing because you're

drinking alcohol and I just think okay

if you want to unsubscribe

that's fine i want my channel to show

everyone what British people are like

and what we do and what we what we like

doing in our spare time I want to show

our culture and drinking is a big part

of our culture

now i'm not talking about binge drinking

which is when you drink way too much all

at once but a glass of wine in the

evening for me is very relaxing

I actually think the alcohol can be very

positive when drunk sensibly and in


now the third way to piss off a british

girl is by being overly persistent I

receive quite a few messages asking a

question about English or something like

that and I don't have time to reply to

them all and what really annoys me is

when they then come back again and again

and again

why won't you reply to me you're so

arrogant is it below your dignity to

reply to me and that really annoys me

because nobody is obliged to answer you

i put my videos on the internet to help

you guys I love doing it and I do it for


you guys don't have to pay anything but

I am under no obligation to reply to

anyone now I often do reply to people

because I like helping them but coming

back to me and getting angry and saying

I'm a b*tch saying I'm arrogant is not

the way to initiate a response so those

were three ways to piss off British

girls and I think i'm going to go and

have a glass of wine

make sure you connect with me on all of

my social media and I'll see you all for

another lesson very very soon


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