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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Introduce Yourself in English

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hello again in this video I want to share with you a powerful way to

introduce yourself in English so you're probably frequently in situations where

you are meeting a new person or you are in a meeting or in a situation where you

need to introduce yourself until the audience or tell someone a little bit

about yourself so I want to share with you a very powerful way that you can

practice beforehand so that you're ready for those situations

here in the United States we have something called the elevator pitch

which basically just means a short introduction of ourselves that we can

quickly have ready for when we have a situation where we have maybe 1 2

minutes to introduce ourselves and that's it ok so I'm going to show you or

give you some framework of how you can introduce yourself and be ready to

introduce yourself in a powerful way ok first we want to obviously say our name

ok for non-native English speakers here is a powerful strategy for you so I want

you to say your first name on an up intonation your second or your last name

and on a downward intonation so we're going to break up the first and last

name with a little bit of a pause in between so we're going to say my name is

Annie Rudin or insert your name my name is Annie Rudin my name is Annie Rudin

did you notice that little bit of a break in between my first and my last

name now this is helpful for native English speakers because most likely

they're not familiar with your name and the way that we present the way that you

present your name will be very helpful in them being able to understand it and

to be able to maybe repeat it back to you ok so when you have that up

intonation and then down into nation it helps deliver that your name in a way

that's easy for them to understand all right the next part is where are you

from this is something that people just want to know especially if you have an

accent if English is not your first language then people just like to know

where you're from

saying it upfront we'll definitely get that out of their way because most

native english-speakers what's going to happen is you'll start a conversation

with them in the back of their head they'll be thinking hi I wonder where

they're from because of an accent or something that they're picking up in the

way that you speak when you can just go ahead and get that out of the way then

it kind of takes that out of their mind and they can focus more on what you're

saying and not how you're saying it okay so this is a way for you to kind of

control the conversation around this topic of where are you from and just as

a side note with the question where are you from this is this is a common thing

that native English speakers do with each other

we really like to know where people are from because it gives us a common

element to connect with if we've ever been to that place then we can talk

about that place together so it's a it's really a factor of connection people are

looking for connection when they're asking where are you from the next thing

that we want to do in this introduction is talk about what do you do okay what

is your work what is your profession what do you spend most of your days

doing okay but again another way to connect with you okay and I want you to

adjust to your audience but really an important thing to remember is to keep

it simple okay instead of for me I could say I'm a speech-language pathologist

and I work on accent modification for non-native English speakers and someone

could be like there's a lot of words in there that I don't understand not

exactly sure what that means I'm just going to not I'm not going to try and

connect with them on that because I don't know what they're talking about

instead I like to say I help non-native English speakers learn how to speak

English clearly and with confidence okay a much easier thing to understand

another much easier concept to understand and relatable to most people

they're going to understand that maybe they'll ask more about it if I if I

address it that way so I want you to find a simplified way and starting with

I help people or I help a specific set of people with a specific set of

problems really becomes more relatable to your audience and it gives them more

to connect with and more to talk about as as the conversation continues okay

the next one is to give some personal info or information we want them to know

that you are a real person we want you to be authentic because that

authenticity brings connection so for me you know I like to talk about that I am

married and I have four almost five children okay being a parent helps me

connect with other parents being a business owner helps me connect with

other business owners okay so something personal something that is unique to me

along that and it can be one in the same as far as something personal and

something unique or you can have two separate things that you talked about

but bring in something unique or memorable about you so one thing that I

like to do is you know say I've been married for 15 years we have 4 going on

5 kids and to a lot of people that sounds like a lot of kids and very

overwhelming but to me it's it's pretty normal because I am the youngest of nine

kids in my family okay something memorable is something unique

not everyone has big family like that and it's something that we can maybe

talk about more if the person is interested and we can continue that

conversation okay so here is a framework for you practice this practice it in

advance kind of know in advance what you're going to say so that you're

prepared for those situations and you have it ready to go when someone says

hey can you introduce yourself or hi my name is so-and-so and you can kind of

then start the company start that conversation as well okay go ahead and

practice this come up with your own version of it and try it out and let me

know how it goes and I'll see you again in the next video

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