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Hello everyone!

Story of Malygos, the blue dragon aspect does not begin with him as an aspect or even a


It takes us back in time to where the pantheon and their titan keepers had just finished

bringing order to the planet.

The elemental lords were banished to their elemental planes and the old gods were imprisoned.

Azeroth and the slumbering titan spirit inside of it had a chance to thrive.

In the ages after the pantheon left azeroth, myriad life-forms flourished across the surface

of the world.

The most savage and cunning were the proto-dragons, who dwelled in the frozen north of kalimdor.

The various proto-draogn species had a wide array of strengths and abilities.

Some were gigantic winged beings of incredible fortitude, their spirits tied to the world


Others had unknownlgy tapped into the latent elemental energies that permeated the newly

ordered world.

But there was one proto-dragon whose brutality and devastating power overshadowed the rest

of his kind.

His name was Galakrond and he was the largest proto-dragon who had ever soared across azeroths


So mighty was the enormous creature that the beating of his wings could flatten entire


Strength, however, was not his only weapon.

He possessed a cunning that made him an exceptional hunter.

In time, Galakrond came to dominate the most sought-after hunting grounds in northern kalimdor.

Compelled by an insatiable hunger, he devoured everything in sight.

With time, his body swelled to an ever greater size.

Yet nothing could ever sate his cravings.

So terrible was his hunger that Galakrond began feasting on other proto-dragons, even

the corpses of the dead.

Devouring the fallen eventually warped Galakronds mind and body with a necrotic affliction.

Misshapen limbs and dozens of eyes sprouted across his gargantuan form.

Death energies wafted off of galakronds jagged hide, reanimating dead matter.

These necrotic powers were infused in Galakronds victims, and they rose from the dead as mindless


The ranks of galakronds wretched minions expanded.

Soon, he and his ruined followers terrorized the skies over kalimdor.

A great threat to the other proto-dragons and while the story Dawn of the Aspects says

that the proto-dragons united to fight back, the chronicles says they failed to unite,

fractured by long-standing rivalries.

So considering chronicles is meant to clean up the lore, thats what well follow.

Instead we see the mightiest of the titan keepers, Keeper Tyr who noticed the threat

of Galakrond.

He warned his fellow keepers of what he had seen, but he could not motivate them to act.

Though the keepers had once sworn to protect the world, the war with the old gods and the

ordering of azeroth had sapped their collective strength and willpower.

They had become indifferent to the world at large, focused solely on maintaining their

vaults and arcane machineries.

Tyr knew that if Galakrond remained unchecked, he would devour all nature, spreading his

affliction to the far corners of azeroth.

His drive to seek justice and order in the world pushed him forward, trying to find another

way to destroy the giant proto-dragon and his minions.

The keeper founds his answer with five of the greatest and most intelligent proto dragons

in existence: Alexstrasza, Neltharion, Ysera, Nozdormu and of course...


Nearly all of these creatures hailed from different strains, and each of them displayed

unique powers.

Even the two sisters Alexstrasza and Ysera commanded distinct abilities.

The tenacios and kindhearted alexstraza could summon gouts of fire from her maw.

The mighty Neltharion possessed incredible strength, and his piercing roar could shatter

bone and rock alike.

The wise Nozdormu could asail his enemies with blinding storms of coarse sand.

The elusive yseras breath could debilitate her enemies, sapping their willpower and throwing

them into a deep trance.

The cunning Malygos could breathe frost, encasing his foes in solid ice.

Tyr beseeched the five proto dragons for aid in thwarting galakrond.

The creatures were initialy suspsicious of the strange being who had approaced them,

but they soon vowed to fight by his side.

Despite their differences, the five proto-dragons showed a surprising willingness to work as


Under tyrs guidance, alexstrasza and her companions warred with Galakrond and his fetid


Their battles raged over the snowy peaks and rocky spires in northern kalimdor.

Initialyly, Galakronds jagged hide warded off the attacks of the five proto dragons.

Tyr even lost his hand to the colosal beast.

Though disheartened by their enemys resilience, Malygos and his allies soon found his weaknesses.

They assaulted galakronds many eyes and his soft, vulnearable gullet.

By using their powers in harmony and trusting in one another, the five proto dragons vanquished

their gargantuan foe.

Galakronds lifeless husk plummeted to the ground, smashing into the frozen tundra of

what would become known as the dragonblight.

The five proto dragons had won despite all odds, but they had only done so by working


Neltharion was physicaly very strong, Alexstraza was born to be a leader, Malygos was already

very smart, Nozdormu was punctual and had a great sense of timing while Ysera would

dream of things others would write off as impossible.

Their differences made for one hell of a team.

It was a lesson they would not soon forget.

Malygos and the others would carry on this ideal of unity and cooperation for ages to


While tyr and the proto dragons were batteling galakrond, the other keepers finally emerged

from their stupor.

Too late, they realized the threat that the corrupted monstrosity posed.

They were heartened by the resovle of tyrs winged allies and ashamed of their own apahty.

Tyr however, never chastised the other keepers.

Instead he convinced them to imbue the five proto dragons with powers so that they could

safeguard the lands of azeroth.

Only keeper odyn was not down with this plan, but his protests were ignored by the others

which would lead to him taking a wing of Ulduar up into the sky and create his halls of valor.

The others simply did not agree.

They believed that through bravery and self sacrifice, the proto dragons had earned the

right to act as azeroths guardians.

The keepers journeyed to the frozen tundra where the final battle had taken place.

Acting as conduits of their creators powers, the gathered keepers bestowed the blessings

of the pantheon upon each proto-dragon.

Keeper Loken called on his creator, Norgannon, to endow the proto-dragon Malygos with incredible

arcane powers.

Henceforth, Malygos would be known as the Spell-Weaver.

The limitless realms of magic and hidden arcana would be his to share, explore and protect.

It also came with a blessing from Norgannon which said:

I believe that you will find that my gift to you is not just a profound duty - which

it is - but also a delight - which it is!

Magic must be regulated, managed and controlled.

But it must also be appreciated and valued and not hoarded.

Such is the contradiction you must deal with.

May you be dutiful...and joyous both.

The spellweaver together with Alexstraza the Lifebinder, crowned the Dragonqueen and given

command over their kind.

Ysera the dreamer, Nozdormu the timeless one and Neltharion the earth-warder.

Bristling with the pantheons energies, the five proto dragons transformed into immense

and graceful creatures.

Nozdormus hide took on a bronze hue like a sea of shimmering golden sand.

Alexstrazas scales turned a deep and vivid shade of red.

Yseras lithe form became a vibrant green to reflect her new connection with nature.

Neltharions rough hide became an earthy black while Malygos turned an icy blue color,

and his very scales radiated potent arcane energies.

From that day forward, these five extraordinary beings would become known as the dragon aspects.

The keepers also sougth to create a new species to help the dragon aspects protect the world.

These beings would serve the aspects as consorts and allies.

To this end, the keepers magically altered hundreds of proto dragon eggs.

From them would emerge creatures born in the image of the aspects.

This new race, known as dragons, would form five distinct flights: bronze, red, green,

black and blue.

Though each of these flights would serve a different aspect, they would all be bound

by their duty to protect azeroth.

To strengthen this bond, the keepers forged a grand tower in northern kalimdor called

wyrmrest temple.

It would serve as the heart of the dragons culture, a sanctuary where they could gather

and discuss their activities.

But above all, wyrmrest would stand as a symbol of their unity.

The keepers, satisfied with their work, disappeared back inside their lairs, leaving the aspects

to watch over the living creatures of azeroth.

And for a very, very long time thats exactly what they did, coming to tyrs aid when

needed and watching over their individual domains.

The blue made his lair within the nexus and his flight enjoyed the gifts of the pantheon.

Their realm was as wondrous as he could wish it.

Filled with brightness, filled with colors, and filled with youth!

Alexstraza jokingly commented that perhaps the creators should have made him father of

life instead of guardian of magic.

The aspects was humorous, full of joy and myrth and close friends with Neltharion the

earth warder.

Brothers they may not have been in blood, but they were truly brothers in nature.

Had they been humans, dwarves or some of the other mortal races that we know, the pair

would have looked quite at home drinking ale in a tavern.

All the more reason why the betrayel of Neltharion or Deathwing as most of you know him, hit

Malygos so very hard.

This took place over 10.000 years ago during the War of the Ancients.

Queen Azshara and her highborne were busy summoning Sargeras and the Legion into the

world, but not everyone was down with their plans.

A ressistance rose amongst them night elves, earthen, furbolgs, tauren, demi gods, creatures

of nature as well as the dragons.

Led by alexstrasza, the dragons convened at their ancient meeting ground of wyrmrest temple

to discuss how best to hold back the legions invasion.

It was during one of these gatherings that neltharion proposed a solution.

He convinced them to sacrifice a portion of their power and infuse it into the dragon

soul, a singular artifact of his own design.

The weapon, he claimed, would focus their powers and scour the legion from the face

of azeroth.

Unbeknownst to the other aspects, neltharion had fallen prey to the whispers of the old


Over the ages, the vile entitities influece had tainted the bedrock surrounding their

underground prisons.

Neltharions ties to the earth made him uniquely susceptible to this evil.

Darkness had gradually pervaded the aspects once-great heart.

His desent into torment and madness went unnoticed by the others and led him to create the dragon

soul, although it would later be called by another, more fitting, name: the demon soul.

It is done the earth warder declared.

All have given that which must be given.

I now seal the dragon soul forever so that what has been attained will never be lost.

. Neltharion shut his eyes.

His body took on a black, ominous aura, one that flowed from him to the tiny but mighty

talisman in his forepaw.

The other great dragons started.

For a moment, a very brief but telling moment, the dragon soul burned as black as its creator.

Should that be?

Asked ysera quietly.

For it to be as it must, yes.

Neltharion replied almost defiantly.

It is a wapon like no other.

It must be like no other, added the knowledgable malygos.

The earth warder nodded his appreciation for the blue dragons words.

With their powerful artifact created the dragons flew over the battlefield and took on the

demons down below.

The weapon was indeed mighty.

Perhaps there was hope for Azeroth to stand up against the might of the demons, but when

Alexstraza told Neltharion that it was time to break the matrix.

To get their powers back and assault from multiple fronts...he let go and showed his

true nature.

They would all betray him, the voices had told him.

They would all want the dragon souls for themselves.

Those closest to him were actually his enemies.

The earth warder used the artifact created on not just the demons but also the elves

and the dragons themselves.

They fought back, A flight of blue furies circled wildly around the caged aspect, at

their head one who had, until the betrayal, championed the earth warders cause more

than any other.

Neltharion! roared malygos.

Friend neltharion! look what you become.

The thing that youve created will destroy you!

Give it to me so that I can put an end to its corruption!


Neltharion shouted back.

You want it!

You all want itIt is mine...MINE!

Neltharion But malygos got no further.

The black dragon hissed and his body grew more fiery.

The golden aura spread from both him and the disk, burning away the cage the blue had cast.

You leave us no choice, old friend.

Malygos hissed as he dove for the other aspect.

Around them, the other blues positioned themselves to strike neltharion from all sides with their


Of all flights, the blues knew the intricacies of magic as none of the others.

Like a pack of wovles closing in on the kill, the blue dragons swarmed around their foe.

An aura of deep cobalt surrounded malygos.

That obscenity should have never become reality, the spellweaver informed his counterpart.

And as Ive become instrumental in encouraging its creation, tis only fair, old friend, that

I erase it.

What seemed an arc of pure white flew at the disk.

As it neared, it revealed that malygos had spoken the literal truth when he had said

he intended to erase the demon soul.

Wherever it touched, an emptiness existed.

No mist.

No sky.

A pure white emptiness remained.

The effect on the heavens proved momentarly, of course, but for the sinister disk the fate

would certainly be permanent.

Or rather...should have been permanent.

None of them would ever know whether malygoss spell would have destroyed the soul.

Before it could touch the disk, neltharion spat.

His spit became a black, blazing sphere that met the arc but seconds before the latter

would have touched his creation.

A blinding series of sparks marked their collision....and then there was nothing.

With a savage cry, Malygos signaled for his flight to attack.

But Neltharion acted more quickly.

Even before the white arc vanished, he held forth the demon soul.

Instead of the golden light that had decimated so much of the land below, a gray one shot

forth in every direction.

Malygos created a shield of smoke, but plain smoke it might as well have been.

The gray light caught him, threw him back hard.

He sailed over the hills, over the horizon, roaring in agony all the way.

For his consorts and followers, however, the fate that neltharion had in mind was much

more horrific.

As one, the dragons shriveled.

They deflated like draining water sacks.

Their cries were terrible to behold.

Though they struggled, none could escape the grasping gray illumination.

The other dragons sought to come to their rescue, but it was already too late.

Reduced to dry husks, their magic and their life force drained by the demon soul, the

dying blue dragons faded at last to dust that scattered in the wind...

Neltharions brutal attacked murdered nearly all of the blue dragonflight.

Though the other dragons attempted to stop him, they were forced to flee.

The night elves were also horrified and awestruck by the suddden betrayal.

Eventually they, too,retreated from the battlefield to escape neltharions wrath.

As the dragon souls energies flooded through him, neltharions body began tearing apart.

A raw power like the seething heart of a volcano engulfed his soul.

Smoldering fissures wrenched open across neltharions scaly hide.

From these wounds, geysers of white hot fire and magma burst forth.

With a howl of rage, neltharion finally withdrew from the engagement and disappeared into the


Though neltharions assault was short lived, it had changed the world forever.

Single handedly he had shattered the unity and power of the great dragon flights.

They would never be the same again.

The war of the ancients did not stop in this moment though.

Miraculously the resistance would be able to fight back the demons, take the dragon

soul away from deathwing and use it to reverse the portal, send the demons back to where

they came from.

This would then sunder the land, but the world survived.

The demon soul was still a bit of an issue as every aspect had sacrificed a portion of

their power inside of it with the exception of Deathwing.

They were troubled to find that they could not destroy or reclaim the power they had

infused into the weapon.

Left with little choice, the remaining aspects decided to hide the dragon soul in a place

where no one would think to look: a remote corner of the world that would become known

as the redridge mountains.

Enchantments were also placed upon the artifact, preventing deathwing or any other dragon from

ever touching it.

In the millennia that followed, the weakened dragon aspects largely retreated from the


Deathwings betrayal had changed them forever, but none so much as Malygos.

The poor blue tapped out after seeing his followers, nearly all of his flight wiped


It didnt help that the betrayel came from someone so close to him and with a weapon

created with his aid.

Driven mad with guilt and grief he would linger in his lair for thousands and thousands of


Yet not all of his flight instantly died though.

Sindragosa was mortally wounded by the blast which hurled her far across the land deep

into the frozen north.

Blinded and near death, she sought to reach dragonblight the place where dragons go

to die.

Yet her wounds to severe and she did not make it.

Amongst the cold peaks of icecrown she gathered what remained of her energy and called out

to Malygos for aid.

Her only answer was the howling artic wind.

In her final moments her thoughts turned to bitternesss and hatred: Hatred against the

legion, hatred against Neltharion, hatred even against Malygos but most of all, hatred

against the world of mortals.

And in her dying moments, Sindragosa vowed revenge only to be found millenia later by

the Lich King.

Saragosa was another consort of Malygos that survived Deathwings betrayel but her mates

madness caused them to abandon their clutch.

Taking care of the eggs was not really on their to do list after the massive loss of

life so their entire flight might have gone extinct if not for the actions of alexstrasza

and her dragons.

They gathered the remaining blue dragon eggs and did what they could to hatch and raise

new whelps.

For a time, some of alexstrazas followers also safeguarded magical artifacts and places

of power on azeroth.

They basicly took over from the blues as their flight was in disarray.

All the different flights took quite a beating during the War of the Ancients and their individual

realms became easy prey for forces with bad intentions.

But what those might be and what Malygos is going to do next...that is a story well

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The Description of The Story of Malygos, Dragon Aspect Of Magic - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]