Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shaking the Nations

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(gentle music)

- Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada.

I'm sure you feel it, don't you?

God is moving powerfully

and in an unmistakable way throughout the Earth,

like with this coronavirus.

God is saying the same thing

that he said to his people in Haggai 2:7.

He said, "I will shake the nations."

Don't you feel that?

And, yeah, we see this virus putting kingdoms in upheaval.

But, it's also doing something in our own hearts.

God is moving.

He is saying something to the world, yeah,

but he is also saying something to me and you, individually.

Like, Ken and I live in a relatively small home

and we keep bumpin' into each other

and we find we are being a little more impatient

with one another, a little short.

And so what is God telling us?

(tongue clicking) We need to humble ourselves,

extend mercy, say I am sorry, show a little grace.

And if one of us messes up,

the other has promised to say,

"You know, that's okay, it's a rough time right now.

"I understand, let's just move on from here, okay?"

It's just one small way

we can invite revival into our hearts.

Yes, God will shake the nations,

and the world will no doubt change,

but it begins with me and you,

in small ways, within our very own home.

So come live with your family members to partner

with the Lord Jesus today,

in changing the status quo around your house.

Let's shake things up for the Lord Jesus.

(gentle music)

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