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Its 4:38 pm on August 3rd, 2020.

I am driving but have to stop because my Youtube channel is having...

999.929 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

I think that it will reach 1.000.000 sub in one more hour!!

One minute later it has had 10 more subs

Now it is 999.940 subs :O

I dont know what to do now?

There are only more than 50 sub to go

F5 F5 F5 n times

Thrilled as if I was getting married!

OMG 999.970 already!

I see that other Youtubers have a counting machine,

counting down to when it reaches 1.000.000 subs.

I dont know what it is and whether it really exists

I only know to press F5 F5 and refresh my Youtube Studio to watch

How much? How much?

WOWWW 999.986 subscribers!!!

It is rising too fast!

Seven more!

Six more!


999.997 now!

With only 4 more subs my Youtube Channel will reach

1 MILLION!!!!!


1.000.001 subscribers!

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy Welcome to my seriesVy Vocab

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy This is the second episode of seriesVy Vocab

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy Welcome all of you to episode 8 of seriesVy Vocab

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy Welcome all of you to episode 8 of seriesVy Vocab

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy You are watchingVy Vocab

Hi everyone, Im Khanh Vy You are watchingVy Vocab

On Aug 7th, 2018,

with all the determination and love for foreign languages,

Vy Vocab was born!

It is about learning English vocabulary through different songs

But when I realized singing covers is no longer my strength

Vy Vocabhas transferred into learning vocabulary through different social topics

Now, after two years,

Vy Vocab is where I share my English learning journey with those who also want to master this language

As a friend, an older sister, or a younger sister

At first I was the only one appearing and talking in the video

As if I was the center of my video

But I have learnt that

Every story begins from the strength of connection

Vy Vocabhas luckily had chances to reach 10 universities in and out of Vietnam

To other countries like America, Japan, Singapore, Thailand

Vy Vocabhas met thousands of talented and interesting students

Therefore, I realize that there is no better way than learning from other people

No matter who they are, where they are from

And I decided to produce a new series namedVy Talk”,

where I talk to different inspirers with beautiful minds

I feel that when interacting with people surrounding,

we will feel happier, become more empathetic,

and have more energy to fulfil valuable missions

You agree with me, dont you?

In three of mychildren”: Vy Vocab, Vy Talk, Vy Vlog with 142 videos,

You always stand by my side,

provide me with a huge source of inspiration to improve myself and create values

You see, Connection is the key

I believe that thanks to increasing connections,

all of us can go further on our chosen path,

strive for our happiness and our communitys happiness

I can do it. You can, too.

You can even do better

When starting my Youtube channel, I really want to gain Silver Play Button

I dont dare to think of 1.000.000 subs or 1.000.000 views

But guess what, this day has come!

So I want to send a message to all of youngsters out there

If you want to do something, just do it!

But let's consider two factors

First, do what you like and you are able to

Second, whether what you do create any values to anyone

Creating valueshere means helping them to have a better life

No matter who you are, where you come from,

how old you are or what your gender is,

you all can do it!!

I understand that many people will not believe in you at first

Of course they will not laugh at you directly

But they will ask something likeAre you sure you can do it?”

Is it right?” “Maybe it is wrong” “Why do you do that?”

All of these will make you feel anxious and unsecure

However, out there a lot of people do not believe in you,

why do you need to become one of them?

Also be aware of the fact that on any journeys,

there will be various comments, judgments, suggestions, praises or criticism

There will be some that make you feel over the moon,

and proud of yourself

But there will also be some that make you feel frustrated, disappointed, discouraged,

make you hate yourself and lose your confidence

There is one precious lesson I have learnt from my experiences

We always need to have a modest attitude in any circumstances

Only when we are modest can we rise from our failure,

appreciate all the recommendations or opinions from others,

be ready to transform ourselves into a better version,

be willing to learn from the others and never rest on our laurels

Next, we always need to show our deepest gratitude

to anyone and anything appearing in our life and supporting us on our journey

Keeping those in your mind,

and whoever you are, a Youtuber, a teacher, a designer, a cameraman or a film producer

I totally believe that you can reach your goals

and gain achievements!


Try your best!

This cake is to congratulate Khanh Vy Official on having 1.000.000 subscribers!

Hoo Hoo :>

1 million subscribers may belong to different generations

First of all, "con" - Khanh Vy want to send my thanks to all grandparents and parents

and every senior for spending time watching my videos

"Em" - Khanh Vy also want to send my thanks to all my brothers and sisters,

not only in Vietnam but also in other countries all over the world

for spending time watching my videos.

"Chị" want to say thank you to all of my younger brothers and sisters,

who always give me compliments!

You make me feel that I need to set an example

for youngsters to follow and feel inspired!

"Mình" also want to say thank you to all of my friends!

With only one click of yours on my video,

no matter whether you watch or not, how long you watch,

like or dislike, subscribe or unsubscribe,

I still feel so grateful to all of you!

"1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS" is just the beginning of my journey

so I will make every attempt in the future!

Fighting Khanh Vy! Fighting all of us!





(Blowing the candles)

Congratulate myself!

Congratulate my bro Cuong - my cameraman hihi

Touch wood :>

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