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( gagging )


( music playing )

As you may know, my love for cereal knows no bounds.

I will go to great lengths for it.

I will even travel back in time for it,

and in a sense that's what we've done today.

Yes, thanks to eBay we have acquired some discontinued cereals

and we're about to determine if they should be re-continued.

It's time to play...

That's right, we have acquired discontinued cereals.

We're gonna be tasting them and then rendering the verdict.

Scoop it, it should be re-continued,

or poop it, just let it die.

And these have been-- some of these have been

off the shelves for a long time, years.

And we might eat all of them, so don't try this at home.

- Just let us do it, okay. - Yeah, let us do it.

All right, first up is a limited edition cereal

dedicated to retired basketball player Tim Duncan,

who is regarded as one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history.

It is the Slam Duncan O's!

I'm not gonna open all these boxes

like my children open boxes because it's kinda like

collector's items. I'm gonna try to--

- even though I already ripped that one a little bit. - Be a little meticulous

when you pour it in your bowl.

We paid $27 once you include shipping for this.

So I hope it's-- I hope it's worth it.

It was released in January of last year

through a grocery store chain

that's in the Texas area which makes sense.

Now first of all, just the appearance of the cereal,

it looks like Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs just mixed together,

which if you guys did that-- shame on you, Tim Duncan!

Or maybe it's a genius move.

Well, there's more evidence that supports this because look.

This says absolutely nothing about the cereal.

It's just all about Tim Duncan.

It's just Tim Duncan facts and mysteriously

Tim Duncan's face is nowhere to be found on this.

He's like, "Just use my back."

That's true.

Isn't that weird? It's the only cereal

endorsed by someone that only includes their back.

Wow. Now he had a cereal in 2000.

I bet that one was all about his face.

- This shouldn't be too bad because I mean they've been-- - It's not that old.

So we're gonna dink it and we're gonna sink it.

Hmm. Well--

It's stale.

It's definitely not fresh.

I also taste a little Tim Duncan.

And I like it.

It's not bad. I mean, but you can just buy two boxes

of cereal and mix 'em together. Sorry, Tim.

So you're saying poop it just because

you can mix two existing cereals?

It's just too simple, he was afraid to show his face.

It's not as good as the Glen Rice Krispies I had once.

I like it. So I think we're divided on this first on, guys.

- I'm saying scoop it. - I'm saying poop it.

If your butt is pooting because of gluten

then you'd love these gluten-free Brown Rice Krispies!

They're like regular Rice Krispies but made without barley malt.

And this from, uh, when?

This was discontinued just a couple of years ago.

Uh, 2015.

We got it for 15 bucks.

What a steal for some crisp rice.

And the interesting thing is

it's English and then, bam, it's French on the back.

So, Snap, Crackle, Pop becomes Cric, Crac, Croc

- in Francis. - Of course. Of course,

because those sounds are different on the other side of the ocean.

- Cric, Crac, Croc. - Actually, cric, crac and croc sounds more--

'cause I've never heard something make a crackle.

I hear cric, crac and croc a lot more than snap, crackle, pop.

The French are right again.

Oh, it's interesting. There's like little ridges on some of the pieces.

Do you see that?

Brown barley stuffs.

It's not that different than what I remember regular Rice Krispies taste like.

Tastes exactly the same to me.

Rice Krispies is more about a texture

than it is about a taste.

That's why you gotta dump a lot of sugar in there.

Honey, something else.

They even put raspberries on the box itself.

You gotta have something added to this 'cause it's lacking.

For people who are deprived of it because of gluten, they need this.

Yeah, so what happened? Why did it get discontinued?

Did Snap, Crackle and Pop, like, got over Celiacs?

- Is that what happened? - That must be it.

I don't think you can do that. I think it's permanent.

So you think that--

I mean, I think this is an economic decision.

I'm gonna leave it to them.

Based on taste, I'm not bringing it back.

So if demand doesn't dictate it,

- I'm saying... - Poop it!

Back in the year 2000, Kellogg's released

the limited edition Powerpuff Girls cereal.

Now this box is 17 years old.

Wow! I wonder if it still fizzes in your mouth.

We gotta proceed with caution.

We paid $12 to ship this,

but we only paid seven dollars to acquire it.

So, this is not highly sought after.

- It's got like a-- - It's got games on the back.

Oh, gotta be real careful with this.

What's in there, Rhett?

- It's one big mass. - Pour me.

Oh, it's one big mass?

Oh, it actually smells like regular cereal.

Oh, it's coming-- Yeah.

That's good, that's good, that's good.


- It's actually very Rice Krispiesy. - Yep.

I'm gonna pour my milk in here.

See what this does.

Yeah, it has a Rice Krispies kind of a nature to is.

- But-- - 17--

Does cereal get better with age?

Sure! It's like wine.

It smells totally normal.

- It does. - I mean, it doesn't really smell.

I don't think you can--

I think this stuff would be good to the year 3000.

Just kidding.

- Is it fizzing? - Okay.

Now it's really starting to taste bad.

- It does. - Oh, gosh.

Oh, you're spitting it out?

I wouldn't swallow it.

It tastes like bugs.

No, it's something--

No, it does taste like bugs!

The bugs that we've eaten on this show,

where they're like dried and nasty.

We should get it out, man!

Yeah, first of all,

they missed out on a great opportunity to make Powerpuff wheat cereal.

That was the main thing that I think is missing in this whole thing

is that they didn't go with puffed wheat.

- Oh. - That was really just staring them right in the face.

It smells great but it tastes like insects!

But I feel like I could taste what it would've tasted like

if it were the year 2000.

- You know what I'm saying? - You're trying to scoop it

- just based on-- - No, no, no.

Definitely you should not scoop this.

You should definitely poop this.

Next up we've got Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal.

- Look at that. - Based on the 1989 film,

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

- It doesn't really hold up. - The movie?

The movie doesn't really hold up. Let's see if this cereal does.

Look at this packaging, though.

On the front it's got a free cassette tape case.

Well, if you haven't seen the movie,

in the movie they have a phone booth

that they get in to travel through time.

So, that's what this is.

And Keanu Reeves is in it.

You know, the guy from "The Matrix."

- Check that out, Rhett. - I will.

We get yourself a cassette holder.

I feel kinda bad opening this up, but we only paid, what?

Seven dollars and 55 cents plus nine dollars shipping for this thing.

I worked so hard to open this.

Yeah, it doesn't come with cassettes.

It just holds cassettes,

which you provide.

This is cinnamon oat O's with marshmallows,

which sounds like an interesting combination.

- Much like Bill & Ted themselves. - Yeah.

What's the other guy up to?

I always thought the other guy was Sean Penn.

Like when I was a kid I thought the other guy was Sean Penn.

I don't know-- I thought that--

I wasn't even getting them confused.

I just thought that that was what Sean Penn looked like.

Oh, my goodness!

Smell that.

( sniffing )

- Ooh, smells like... - Cardboard.

...a long day with Keanu Reeves.

Mmm. Golly!

The, um, the marshmallows have desiccated.


This-- Oh!

I don't know if this is even safe at this point, Link,

but-- you know?

- How old is this? 1991? - Yeah.

They keep letting Keanu make movies.

So, let's--

We're talking-- This is 28 years old?

- Golly! - Did I do that math right?

I have every reason to believe that that was not puke--

that little piece was not puke green in 1989.

Maybe don't swallow it but definitely taste it.

Hold on. You can smell the cinnamon and the oats.

Maybe the cinnamon and the oats will bring it home.

Maybe it'll make it hold up after all these years.

Now, let me point out, this is made by Purina.

Like literally.

It's made by Purina, that is their logo.

It says it right there.

The dog food company.

- But is this dog food? - No.

We're nervous.

Oh, gosh.

It's like eating a thrift store.

Oh, gosh!

Oh, man, it's really starting to come now.

( groans )

Oh man, you know that smell at a thrift store?

- Mmm. - Imagine...

- It's like going to the back... - ...digesting it.

...just biting into a rack.

- Of clothes. - Oh, my gosh!

( mimicking Keanu Reeves ) Most heinous.

That is absolutely horrible.

I have a feeling that this would be a lot like it would be like

- to watch the movie right now. - Yeah.

If we were to eat this and watch the movie together

we would probably just vomit all over the television.

Poop it!

Okay, wrestling fans.

Bret the Hitman Hart Cereal was created

by the WCW in the year 2000.

So, these 18 year old, oven baked cornflakes

lightly coated with honey and almond bits

cost us 36 bucks.

Okay, I'm gonna be real careful with this.

Plus $11 to ship it.

So, we really invested in this one.

Now we're ripping it open.

Look at those pecs on the front.

Makes me hungry.

Oh, gosh!

Oh! I didn't do that.

Oh man, the smell that just came out of those cornflakes.


- Pour me. - Oh, wow!

Smell that first.

That's what I imagine like the floor of a wrestling ring

- smelling like. - Yeah.

Like the underside of it.

Like if you pulled up the curtain and just stuck your face in there.

It's like if you smeared sawdust

into Bret the Hitman Hart's armpit and then licked it.

It looks great, though.

I think there was a toy in this.

I think it's a needle with steroids in it.

- Now, we're just talking-- - Nope.

This basically just looks like Frosted Flakes to me.

Yeah, these cereals

that were named after celebrities,

it wasn't about the cereal.

- It was about the box. - In the '80s and the '90s,

kids just ate anything you put in a bowl.

There was absolutely no discretion.

Their parents just gave them anything.

It seems like the year 2000 was a sweet spot

for this type of stuff, too, like the backend of that era.

Bret's signature move was The Sharpshooter.

I think these are gonna be The Shartshooter.

If you decide to swallow.



If you swallow this it's gonna cause a royal

- rumble in your stomach. - Oh!

- Oh! - It's kinda like just eating paper.

It's-- it's--

it's so not crispy, crunchy or anything positive

that you would associate with the mouth feel of a cereal.

- Yeah. - It's like it's bendy.

And papery.

You think we can send this in to Smyrna, Georgia?

And still get this hat and T-shirt?

Look at that. We get both of them for $24.95.

It's funny how that's not even a great deal now.

You know-- you know what I'm saying?

They made all their money off merch in the back.

Bret Hart was overcharging for his merch, man!

- Dang! - Let's try it, though.

Oh, I'm starting to feel a little sick, honestly.

And none of it even went down the pipe.

I think it's 'cause you made eye contact with Bret.

- Oh, true. - That's all it was.

So what's the verdict?

Both: Poop it!

All right, hopefully we won't be pooping later on.

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