Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 달로그 #19(LOONA LOG #19) 김립 #19 (Kim Lip #19)

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Kim Lip : Wearing white outfits

HeeJin : We are getting married~

Kim Lip : We are going to the bakery with these wedding dresses on ~~

Kim Lip : Don't you think it's a bit too much?..

HeeJin : No I enjoy the attention

(Please give lots of attention when you see us walking by)

(It'll be hard to not look because my kid is pretty..)

Kim Lip : This is too much spotlight

(Entering with great BGM)

HeeJin : They don't have the cake that I like

Kim Lip : Same for me

(Looking for the same bread)

Kim Lip : Were you looking for Cheesecake

Kim Lip : Oh my god Cinnamon

Kim Lip : You were right I was looking for cheesecake

HeeJin : I wanted to eat that too but they don't have it..

Kim Lip : Should I eat Cinnamon roll?

(HeeJin looking devastated..

Kim Lip : I should drink coffee

(Wandering around)

Kim Lip : Have you tried this?

HeeJin : Yeah

Kim Lip : Not that great?

HeeJin : I wasn't great

HeeJin : Should we buy Cannele?

(But she didn't eat it and I got a Cinnamon roll)

(Talking selfies while waiting for the coffee)


Kim Lip : We are waiting

(HeeLip's taste: It's good if it's sweet)

Kim Lip : This is a video

Kim Lip : JinSoul is sound asleep

Kim Lip : I can't really talk

(The cafe staff is a drawing genius?)

Kim Lip : I bought Cinnamon roll

Kim Lip : Can you see it?

Kim Lip : I'm eating this

Kim Lip : in a most difficult position in the world

Kim Lip : I'm all done~

(Let's head to the set)

(Grooms waiting for Choerry to change outfit)

Kim Lip : Why isn't Choerry coming out

Kim Lip : Yeah we are all grooms here

(For tired grooms)

(Princess Go Won had appeared)

(Princess excited for all the attention)

(Excited aunts)

(A necklace with all the pearls that could grow (?)

(and all the lace)

(Aren't these toilet papers?)

Chuu : Go Won you have toilet paper stuck behind your back

Yves: Let me use the washroom~

(What are you doing)

JinSoul : How many layers are there?

Go Won : About 21?

Olivia Hye : There are only 11

Kim Lip : You counted?


Olivia Hye : There are 11 because you are the 11th member

(JinSoul likes these kind of interpretation)


(Not Choerry, just a door)

Yves : my skirt got torn

(Her energy couldn't be controlled by her abs)

(She had this altered but it got torn)

Olivia Hye : Show us

Yves : Don't film this

(Go Won's outfit=tummy cover)

Go Won : My tissue,,

Park Go Won is cute,,

(Choerry is here)

(You took so long)

(You too?)

(Me too)

Go Won : I called this the tangerine flavor

Kim Lip : Tangerine flavor?

(Go Won likes oranges)

Go Won : You know that icecream

(I didn't know at the moment)

Kim Lip : When is your turn?

Kim Lip : Do you know that it's by age order?

Go Won : I'm fourth

Kim Lip : I'm almost the last

Kim Lip : I'm eighth

(Kim Lip is the eighth oldest member in LOONA)

Kim Lip : I was shocked

Go Won: wow there are only three dongsaengs below me~~

Kim Lip : Hold on a moment

(You kid)

Kim Lip : What are we shooting today?

(Discovered something)

Kim Lip : I was wondering what this was

Kim Lip : It's my lip

Go Won : It must be an aumatic effect

Kim Lip : I changed it

Kim Lip : Is it good?

Kim Lip : Since I'm old

Kim Lip : My turn is almost the last

Go Won : I have to get ready soon~

(Come here)

Kim Lip : What should I do

Kim Lip : after sending off baby Go Won?

Kim Lip : I brought my camera to take photos of the girls

Go Won : Film camera?

Kim Lip : I will take photos for you later

Go Won : Sounds good

Kim Lip : Don't run away~

(Capitalism-driven smile)


(HyunViChuu eating bread)

Kim Lip : Is it good?

Chuu : Why are you not eating? It's good

Kim Lip : I'm full

Kim Lip : Is it good?

Kim Lip : Enjoy your bread~~

(Found a target)

Kim Lip : What are ya doin'

HeeJin : I'm taking a selfie with the lightstick~

Kim Lip : Why

HeeJin : Do you want me to beat you up with this

Kim Lip : You're tall

Olivia Hye : I'm wearing heels

Kim Lip : I'm wearing it too

Kim Lip : Why are you both tall?

Olivia Hye : That's just how it is

JinSoul : I'm lowering my height right now

(Sorry about the shaky camera)

(Her voice is so cute)

Kim Lip : I'll lower my height for you~~

Go Won : Manner legs please~


Kim Lip : We are done

Yves : I'm excited

Kim Lip : She's eating icecream

Kim Lip : Same color as her t-shirt

(Pretty baby apple)


Kim Lip : JinDol~

Huh? How come I don't get icecream?

(I was too late)

Kim Lip : Mosquito

Kim Lip : A fly?

Kim Lip : There's a fly in our car

Kim Lip : YeoJin~

YeoJin : Hello~

YeoJin : We had a MD shooting

YeoJin : I think it was meaningful!

YeoJin : Because it was our first time to shoot something

YeoJin : with lightsticks in our hands

YeoJin : I think Orbits will really like it

Kim Lip : We are wearing a lot of pink today!!

Chuu : And I'm wearing sky blue! It looks quite good on me!

Chuu : Pink and sky blue looking really

Chuu : A FLY!!

(A person who's 1736482 times bigger than a fly)

Kim Lip : We are going to our dorm!!

Kim Lip : Wear seatbelts everyone

Kim Lip : We are about to leave!

(Endless battle with a fly)

Kim Lip : It's OK it'll fly away when we start driving

Kim Lip : It's gone it's gone

Kim Lip : Close the door!!!!!

Kim Lip : It flew away x3

(Excited to go back to the dorm)

Kim Lip : Good work, everyone~~~

Kim Lip : I hope the photos turn out well!!

JinSoul : I'm looking forward to see Orbits with a cape and lightstick

JinSoul : It will look so cute!!!!

Chuu : It's like Snow White and the nine dwarves..

Chuu : But dwarves are so cute!!

Kim Lip : Let's do Snow White and 12 dwarves!

Chuu : So Orbit is the Snow White?

Chuu : OK!! (What do you think Orbits?)

Chuu : Let's go to the dorm~

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