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- We challenged ourselves

to go on a 2,000 kilometer road trip

across blizzarding Canada.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

What's going on friends,

and welcome back to TechKaboom season two.

It feels good to be back.

- [David] We're back, whoo!

- Yes.

We're going to start things off with some adventure.

David and I decided to go on a 2,000 kilometer road trip

across frigid western Canada without using Google, once.

So that means no Google Search, no Google Maps,

and most importantly, no



(dramatic music)

Okay, Google Plus doesn't exist anymore.

Thank God.

But, basically, we're saying no Google search,

and no equivalents either.

So obviously no Apple Maps, or Siri, or Bing.


My phone is Google, I use the Google Pixel.

Does this mean I can't use my phone?

I mean, I'm gonna need to be able to call and text

for this challenge, so I'm gonna just have to not use

any of the Google features.

The question is, how dependent am I

on those Google features,

and the internet in general?

(inhaling sharply)

I guess we'll find out.

Let's do it!


- Aargh.

- Alright, planning time.


- We have a few days to get there, and no Google to get there.

- So this is my idea. - It takes a couple of days.

- We know the sun rises this way.

- Yes.

- Vancouver is the opposite direction.

Just drive to-- - Drive towards the sun.

- Yeah, drive--

- (laughing) As long as we keep our trajectory

towards the sun always. - The sun.

- Then that's the way. - We should get close.

- Eventually.

- Okay, we need a map.

- I've never looked, but I feel like a gas station

would be where you'd find a map.

- I feel like that's where historically

you would find a map,

a gas station. - Right, it must be.

- Also we need gas, also we need snacks, so, gas station.

- Okay!

See you in Vancouver.

Ah yes, look at the beast.

In wonderful condition.

Alright, here we go.

Leaving the road which way?

- Step one, gas station.

- Alright, right I guess.

- Follow the sun, Fin. It's over there.

- [Josh] I swear to God, every time I go

to one gas station on Gates, - Yeah.

- They always try and sell me the car wash.

It's making a very weird noise back here.

- What's that?

- Wha-oo-raa-oo-whawhawha, hear that?

- What was that noise?

- And we made it to the gas station.

First objective, complete. - First one complete.

Not too bad, dude.

- (inhales) Perfect.

- Alright, we got the map. - We got a map,

Alberta and British Columbia, that should be everything

that we need, hopefully. - Two in one.

- Six dollars for a map, by the way.

Google maps, free, to get the entire universe.

Any street in the world. - Sold.

- For British Columbia and Alberta, six, six dollars.

- I guess, David, you try and figure out

what the heck that actually means,

and I will start heading in the direction

that I think I know.

- I don't even know how to open this really.

- I've used a map once. - Yeah.

- And it was horrifying, dude.

- So we are in roughly in this area, right here.

So basically, we want to get all the way over here.

- Yeah, so we should follow that, all those roads

we should follow, all the way.

- I got it, I got it, it isn't that hard,

dude, it isn't that hard.

You just follow highway number 1.

- Highway number 1, baby.

- Highway number 1. - Alright.

- All the way to Vancouver.

We figured it out! - Dude, that's good!

- Who needs Google maps? - That's pretty much

what we thought. - No one!

- [Narrator] Moments later.

- So, we're only a couple of hours in,

and we already hit dead stop traffic.

- Yes, ahh!

- And I can like guarantee you,

that if we were using Google Maps right now,

it would have taken us like around the city

to avoid traffic.

- Google Maps will let you know about that.

- Google would not have taken us this way,

they would've known.

- We get to, it's scenic route.

- True, scenic route,

we see a little more. - There's more to see.

Watch for the blues

Cuz I know that they jumpin' ♪

Nothin' in my view

So it's hush on discussion ♪ ♪ What? ♪

Hush on discussions

You know what you need to

I keep it in the

- Alright, first stop.

We made it to Banff no problem.

I did know how to get here though,

so I don't know if that exactly counts.

Coma and a coma, ♪

And a coma, gotta get it. ♪

I've been plannin' ♪

- Four hours in now, and the ability to not look up

where the nearest bathroom is has been a problem.

Wait, is that a bathroom?

That's a bathroom!

Pull over!

Oh, too late, we missed it. - Oh, dude!

- No, I'm sorry Josh!

- That hurt. - I'm sorry!

("Beautiful Life" by Martin Hall)

And now I'm runnin' like there's no tomorrow

My life was on a one way track

This ain't a story about happy endings

Oh I can set this world on fire

I could tear this town apart

- Phew, alright.

We made it to our destination for the day.

Kamloops, and that looks pretty far.

We made it all the way, where is it?

- It's actually more than half way there.

- Yeah, so (clapping) ba-ba-boom.

Kamloops, we made it.

So I guess the next challenge will be try and find a hotel.

- Yeah. - Without, (laughing)

using our phones, how do we even do that?

Alright, let's see if this is even a thing that exists.

A hotel map, I'll be right back.

Kamloops Area Map Recreation and Business Guide.

And he said it might have hotels on it.

So basically it's like a town directory,

so, yeah, and those things.

("Beautiful Life" by Martin Hall)

With a painted smile I was the willow tree. ♪

Hi, I'm just wondering if you guys

have any vacancy for tonight?

Two, five, zero.

Cool, what's your guys's rate?

Hi, I'm looking to get a hotel tonight.

I'm looking for a room for three tonight.

Uh, it would be three to the room.

- [David] Get the, your locator logo here,

so if you go to page 27, we can actually see

- [Fin] Here, this is actually like,

it's a functional system!

This is so intriguing, who would have thought?

Okay, cool.

Well, the Sandman Center, is it the same as center,

and then there's an actual center, this is like.

- Yeah, this is like the whole--

- This is gonna be like a $300.00.

- This is like the Expo Hull Hotel.

- Like $300.00, $400.00.

- Yeah, this place seems like fancy, bro.

- [Josh] What, price would we take this one at?

200 bucks, would we take it?

- No, no, nah no.

- No, 180?

- 135. - 135?

- Whoa, that's the same price as the other one though.

You have to realize we're getting quality for our money.

- 153. - 135 is five dollars more

than, uh, so I'm actually giving you a little bit more.

Yeah, let's do 150. - Okay, we'll see.

- Before taxes, so (laughing).

It's like, we're ballers here, okay.

(rapid drumming)

- Yes, whoo! - Wow, that's impressive.

- Hell yeah. - I can work with it.

- Me too. (laughing)

- [David] Do you guys have a pool?

And what time do they close? (laughing)

- [Clerk] We do have a pool and a hot tub.

It's open until 11:00 p.m.

- Awesome. - Beautiful.

So in our hunt for a hotel we ended up stopping

at the first one we saw, and the rate's pretty good,

and it's very nice.

In your beautiful life

So I think we're stoppin' here.

David, puttin' down the details.

(switch clicking) Ah!

- [David] Ah, my God, are you kiddin' me?

- This is like a-- - Holey Moley.

- [Fin] Yes (laughing).

I love it!

- [David] All of this for $139.00?

- [Fin] No way, dude.

- Crazy, dude.

- What? - What?

- [Fin] Who needs Google dude?

- Just stop at a random hotel.

- Just stop at the first place you see.

Okay, so we actually ended up finding this super nice hotel.

I say, our first night on this trip, we hit up the hot tub.

- Let's do it. - Let's do it!

("Beautiful Life" by Martin Hall)

Stayin' here a while

Take a little time

- [David] Alright, road trip day one.

We started by making our way down to Calgary.

We took highway number 1, and pretty much just stayed there.

Through Banff, through the mountains,

through the little towns,

all the way to our final destination,

for the first day, Kamloops.

For day two, we want to get all the way over here.


- [David] Day two, a room with a view.

Ready to continue our journey?

- Yes, let's do it.

- [Fin] We want to take this road through Whistler

'cause it looks really cool.

- Oh, that one. - Is it a windy, crazy road?

- Alright. - I'm wondering if,

weather wise right now, 'cause we can't really Google it,

do you know if this is gonna be open,

is it gonna be, like, bad weather?

- Yeah, yeah, no, it's open. - It's open, okay.

- It's open. - It may be kinda sketchy?

What do you think?

- [Clerk] It's a beautiful drive.

- Yeah, exactly, that's what we thought.

It looks really cool. - It's a really nice drive.

- [Fin] Alright, well we will give it a shot then.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.

- [David] Wait, do we know how to get to the highway?

- [Fin] Huh?

- [David] Do we know how to get--

- Oh yeah, how do we get to the highway from here?

Is there any way you can do that as well?

That means like, keeping it left?

- Yeah, you wanna get to Columbia Street and turn right.

Columbia Street's the main road,

and then Columbia Street joins onto the highway.

- Alright, there we go, we got some directions.

Keeping very positive, and like, we would survive,

doing that trip, so I think that we're gonna send it.

- So she said right way, on Caroline Street, I believe.

- Was it Columbia Street?

- Columbia Street? - Whaah!

("Ford Focus" by Lee The Bogan)

- [David] So it's starting to really snow.

We are on our way, on the scenic route, to Whistler,

and then Vancouver, and we have no cell phone signal here,

so we couldn't even use Google if we wanted to.

- If our car breaks down, and we get stuck here.

- [David] It's over boys.

- We can't even call for help, dude.

I don't know, I'm having second thoughts

about this scenic route we were recommended,

I'm not gonna lie.

Scenic route's paying off.

Let's go get a look.

- Holey Moley, this is ice?

- [Fin] You're on ice, yeah.

- [Josh] Ice, dude.

- I've never been on top of, like--

- You've never been on ice, dude?

- [Fin] You've never stood on ice before, no way.

- Like look at this, this is water?

- [Fin] Yeah, frozen water, buddy.

("Ford Focus" by Lee The Bogan)


(footsteps crunching)

(gurgling pong)

- Hear that?

- Yeah.


- Ha ha, well, the lake makes noises is the point,

it makes noises.

Alright, well that's pretty cool,

it's actually very cold out though,

so we're gonna go back in the car now.

We got some cool pictures though,

bang, bang, bang.

Every good road trip, you gotta get some good instas.

And yeah, on to the next location.

("Ford Focus" by Lee The Bogan)

(air horn blaring)

Oh no, we're lost!

Boom, alright, cool. Thumbnail!

- [David] Alright, got a thumbnail.


Now let's explore this place. This is actually so cool.

("Ford Focus" by Lee The Bogan)

(vehicle running)

- Alright, I have made my mark on this place.

(upbeat instrumental music)

- Alright, so we're still on this scenic route road.

It's been quite a while, but it's been absolutely amazing.

And we're hoping we can make it to Whistler pretty soon.

We've been stopping a lot because of all the amazing things

that we've been seeing along the way.

Next stop Whistler, hopefully we can find something fun

to do there before it gets too dark.

(upbeat instrumental music)

- Look at the snowboarders, hell yeah.

We found our people!

And we are in Whistler now!

We don't know what we're gonna do.

We wanna check it out,

'cause it's this really cool ski town,

but we don't know what exactly to look up.

And we kind of just drove around in circles for a long time

not knowing where to even stop.

So, we decided to call up our friend who lives in Whistler,

and see if he had any recommendations.

Because yeah, we can't really look anything up ourselves,

so yeah, we're phoning a friend. We'll see how it works.

- [Fin] Phew, and we're in Whistler.

Look how cold Josh looks. - Dude. I'm so cold, man.

- [Fin] He's like, I'm not happy, I'm unhappy (laughing)

- Okay, so this is our friend, Francisco,

that we met in Hawaii. - What's up.

- And he works here, so he's showing us around.

It is a beautiful little town,

and then hopefully we'll still make it to Vancouver tonight.

- Yep, for sure. - I think, after this.

But yeah, so far we're just gonna chill.

It's a cool little town.

So yeah, thanks so much Francisco,

good to see you again buddy. - Yeah, bro.

- Awesome.

(upbeat instrumental music)

- There we go, it's official. - Welcome to Vancouver.

- The boys are back in town. - Yep.

- (yawning) It is about 10:00 p.m.,

and we made it to Vancouver. - Almost only at 11:00 p.m.

- After, oh, it's 11:00 p.m., after a fun night in Whistler.

We drove the rest of the way, so thanks to David,

for driving that.

Nicely done. (thudding)

And we are now looking for a hotel.

We stopped at the gas station,

trying to find one of those pamphlets like we had before,

because again, we can't, we don't know

where to go for a hotel or anything.

This time, we're in a big city, and it's easy to get lost.

We got off the highway once, and we were like,

we don't know where we are or anything.

But we did get a Vancouver map from that gas station,

but there's just too much information on it,

like it's hard, it's massive.

- Yeah, there's a lot, and of course those types of maps

don't have actual hotel information.

- So let's start out by just asking the first hotel we see

what their rate is.

Okay, so five million, argh, giant map struggles later,

and I think we know where we're going.

We're currently in North Vancouver,

and we just need to get from, where is it,

Capiliano Road, onto this bridge.

Right now this, this is not even right, dude.

- [David] Dude, you're on the wrong side of the map.

- [Fin] The wrong side of the map, dude.

Okay, yeah, so there we go.

Look at this, look at what I'm dealing with here, guys.

Look, what the heck.

- [Fin] Look at that, you can see the city, fantastic.

Dude, we actually like, we've almost made it this point.

- Yeah.

- [Fin] I'm impressed, go us, hallelujah.

(upbeat instrumental music)

Okay, so we found a little information thing,

just on the side of the road, so we stopped.

And it does actually have hotels on it.

So I have a plan, we don't get a hotel tonight.

We just knock on random doors with these guys

who are having parties, and see if one of them

will let us spend the night.

Or we go back to my Tinder method (laughing).

Alright, boom, this is it, the Coast Harbour Hotel.

Let's check it out.

This looks much nicer than the hotel we were at before.

But what's the price like, that's the question.

After you.

So this place was sold out, great, moving on.

Pinnacle Hotel, let's give it a shot.

- [David] We're wondering if you have any vacancy tonight?

- [Clerk] Tonight we are sold out.

- [Fin] The Lodge Inn & Suites.

Hello, we're just curious

if you have any rooms open for tonight?

Alright, next stop, Marriott. - Marriott.

- [Fin] We're just wondering if you guys

have any availability tonight?

- I do wanna let you know we have a power outage

that's gonna happen from 12:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 a.m.,

so there will be like no power during that time.

- [Fin] Do we get a cheaper price because of that?

- Ah, we do have rooms and then the price that is right now,

it's 299, but due to the power outage, I can go 'til to 249,

but that's the cheapest I can go, 249.

- So far, most of the hotels have been either fully booked

or really expensive, and the one had, like, a power outage.

So if we don't find anything here

we might actually try and head out of downtown a little bit.

That's what we're dealing with right now.

Hotel LeSoleil.

(bell chiming)


- Hi. - Hello.

- Hello.

- We're wondering if you had any availability for tonight.

- Sure.

Oh, we don't.


I remember, she told me, we were sold out. (laughing)

Sorry guys.

- So, same old, same old, more and more sold out hotels.

So we're trying to find our car again now.

And I guess we're gonna try and drive

a little bit further out of the city.

I just wish we could Google it, dude.

We're just walking around

and everything is fricking booked up.

Alright, back to the map.

Should I GPS us back to the highway?

- We cannot.

- Sure?

- Yes.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah.

- It looks like hotels, right?

- Oh, I think it's a casino.

- Oh yeah.

- [Josh] It's only 1:00 o'clock in the morning.

- Oh God damn it. (Josh chuckling)

Alright guys, we are at a casino, hotel casino,

because we are desperate.

It's 1:00 a.m., I don't think they have rooms here.

Fin has been there for a while.

I don't know what's going on.

Things are not looking good, guys,

appreciate your Google Maps.

Oh, he's coming back, with information.

He has paper and he's going back, he's going back again.

- [Josh] More information, dude.

- [David] Or more, just squeeze out the information.

Oh, water, oh Delta Hotels, the MVP, MVP.

- So, she does not have availability.

But she called the hotels in the area for us.

And gave us a map of how to get there.

And free water.

A Google (laughing) Map (laughing) of how to get there.

- [David] We have officially failed this frickin' challenge,

God dang it!

- Yeah. - I mean, does this count?

- I don't know.

(David softly screaming)

- She was like I'll show you how to get there.

I was like, okay sweet.

And then she's like, yeah, I have a map.

And then she printed it out and gave me this.

(laughing) The print out version of Google Maps.


That's what I ended up with.

- Okay, let's do it. - Yep. (chuckling)

- Well, with Google Maps, we easily found (laughing) this.

With the Google Map print out,

our Google Map print out did not fail us.

Oh my goodness, a wonderful, beautiful looking hotel.

- Let's go. - Let's do this!

- [Fin] Frickin' Google Maps!

God damn it.

Oh, it looks so nice though.

Ah, see what Google Maps can get you (laughing).

(upbeat instrumental music)

- [Fin] Alright.

- [Reporter] Friday overnight, that actually is

your daytime high tomorrow in Calgary, so.

- [David] Getting our weather forecast from the TV.

Day two, we've made it to Vancouver.

Finally found a hotel.

But yeah, things didn't go as smoothly this time.

Started off well enough continuing through highway number 1,

before changing it up to 97 North, and then 99 South.

Things were going pretty smoothly all the way to Whistler

where we enjoyed some good times in the cold,

with our friend, Francisco.

But after that...

Oh boy.

We started making our way down to Vancouver,

and we're immediately lost in the big city.

The helpful hotel pamphlets we had found in Kamloops

were not in Vancouver.

I don't know, maybe they are, we didn't find them.

We tried a bunch of hotels.

None of them were exactly what we wanted.

But when it's 1:00 a.m. in the morning, you settle.

That's what you do at 1:00 a.m. in the morning.

You appreciate Google Maps, and settle.

But, at the end of the day, we are here.

We've made it.

And now, it's about finding the best ways

to enjoy Vancouver, without Google.

("Beautiful Life" by Martin Hall)

And now I'm running like there's no tomorrow

My life was on a one way track

This ain't a story about a happy ending

Oh I can set this world on fire

I can tear this town apart

I tried but I could never be a part of you

And your beautiful life

With a painted smile I was the willow tree

You were the fire that burned me

Right until the end

we didn't know we lost

It's not easy livin' ♪

With my fingers crossed

You were aware from other madness

You stumbled 'til you found your pace

I know now you were better off without me

- Alright, that was an experience.

2,000 kilometers on the road, using no Google.

I actually felt like I learned a lot doing this.

- Yep.

- Mainly I learned that I actually am pretty dependent

on Google, but not totally dependent.

- Not totally dependent, but pretty dependent.

- Yeah. - And the thing is,

only a few years ago, people lived their lives

without Google, and so without Google,

we're more than capable of getting where we needed to go,

and having a bunch of fun in the process.

- Having said that, it's amazing how much

we take for granted the amazing value

that these services provide.

I wanna take the most out of what Google is telling me.

So you can get the most out of everything,

the entire experience, but also,

pay a little bit more attention to what my eyes are seeing.

And if you see something cool, or recommended something,

just send it! - Don't be afraid.

- Because Google will also be able

to get you back on track if you have it.

So, yeah, overall it was a great experience on this trip,

and I feel like I learned a lot.

And it was one of the most fun and crazy videos and trips

that we've done so far.

- Thank you so much for watching.

- Yes, we have more of this content coming.

So if you did enjoy this video,

if you thought it was awesome,

- Subscribe. - Subscribe. (laughing)

Hit the bell, hit the bell.

- Subscribe.


- If you made it this far, you know you wanna subscribe.

- You know you wanna subscribe.

- You know you wanna subscribe, come on.

To TechKaboom, season two, baby, alright.


(upbeat instrumental music)


- [Fin] What are we doing with our lives.

- (laughing) What are we doing.

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