Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Garth Brooks Adds His Own ‘FUN’ Merch to the Ellen Shop

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As a musician, I'm used to having like your own merch

table, so I came up with some Garth

products Ellen could and should sell in her shop, all right?

So this here is the COVID face shield, OK?

Now usually, these things are very stylish,

but I fixed it up.





Shield goes in the front.


All right.

Oh, I love this.

Also came with this.

This is fun in a bottle.

Here it is.


This is good old fashioned Tennessee whiskey.

What's more fun than that, right?

And then I love this.

If you need some to drink it in, I also

have this fun mug, all right?

It's a shot glass with a handle on it.

Because let's face it, a little bit of fun

goes a hell of a long way.


All right, finally, Ellen's most popular product

is her underwear.

And I thought if Ellen could do it,

I could have my own underwear, right?

We call these the undergarthements.


The undergarthments.


People, you gotta love that, right?


It had my name on.

The camel.

And yes, people, camel is a color.

The belt buckle is removable.

It just depends on how formal you want to be in your drawers.

That's it.

All these items may or may not be available in the Ellen Shop.

Now, I'm going to leave this here.

Now here's something you guys are going to go home with, OK?

As I said, I have a new album called Fun,

and you're all going home with a copy of it today.


It gets better.

Fun will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Music

and in stores wherever music is sold.

And I'm going to be honest, I know

Ellen gives away a lot of stuff, so I wanted to up my

give away game.

Because you can stream all my stuff on Amazon,

you're going to get a one year subscription to Amazon Music



And you're going to get a $500 Amazon gift card to take home!


That's what I'm talking about.

We'll be right back!

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