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-For months, as the world's second-worst coronavirus

outbreak devastated Brazil,

President Jair Bolsonaro dismissed the threat.

-In my particular case, with my athletic history,

if I were infected with the virus,

I would have no reason to worry.

-Now tens of thousands of Brazilians

are dead, more than 1.

7 million infected,

and Brazil is trapped in an escalating disaster

that critics blame on Bolsonaro's frequent

and highly public disregard for the health policies.

This week, he tested positive for COVID-19.

The Washington Post analyzed hundreds of videos

and photos of Bolsonaro

to retrace his steps in the two weeks

before he first reported symptoms on July 5th.

According to Bolsonaro's schedule and local news reports,

he met with 78 officials and businesspeople,

traveled to four different states,

and attended 11 events over the course of those 14 days.

But the visual evidence obtained shows he was at events

with even more people than his official schedule suggests.

Sometimes he wears a mask

and maintains a distance from others,

but at other times, he shakes hands, gives out hugs,

and speaks in close proximity

to people without any face covering.

On June 21st, Bolsonaro travels from the Brasilia Air Base

to Afonsos Air Base in Rio de Janeiro.

He speaks at a paratrooper's funeral.

He is in physical contact with several people.

The next day,

Bolsonaro participates in two official ceremonies.

He wears a mask intermittently.

At the opening ceremony of the National Drug Policy Week,

he takes off his mask when he poses for pictures

with the General Director of the Federal Police.

He also fires several different guns at a firing range

and visits with federal police.

He then returns to the Planalto Palace, his official workplace,

for the inauguration of a new TV channel in Brazil.

He hugs the president of one of Brazil's media conglomerates.

Neither is wearing a mask.

They walk over to unveil a plaque

and stand beside the Minister of Agriculture

and a Supreme Court justice.

He spends the rest of the day meeting with six officials,

according to his schedule.

On June 23rd, a judge orders Bolsonaro to wear a mask

when in public spaces in Brasilia

and the surrounding Federal District.

That day, Bolsonaro attends meetings

at the presidential offices

with 11 people before going to the Aerospace Command Operations

in the afternoon.

At a ceremony for the opening of a space operations center,

he is seen shaking hands with Air Force officers.

On June 24th, his schedule shows 11 meetings

between his offices and his residence,

indicating he came into contact with at least 25 people.

Bolsonaro attends a breakfast with 15 people.

They sit at a table and gather in a circle.

No one wears a mask.

On June 25th, his schedule outlines meetings with 11 people

and 2 ceremonies with an unknown number of people.

The first ceremony was a signing event

in the presidential offices.

He does not wear a mask when he addresses the attendees

but does so when he sits with three government officials.

Shortly after, he travels to the Ministry of Justice,

where he shakes hands at a ceremony

to unveil an exhibit honoring a Brazilian border force.

Bolsonaro attends two events

that are not on the official schedule that day --

a meeting to appoint the Minister of Education,

who later resigns -- neither wears a mask --

and his weekly live briefing.

No one at the briefing,

including the musician in the back, wears a mask.

On June 26th, he flies from Brasilia to Ceará.

A crowd awaits his arrival at the airport.

He travels to a dam in the city of Penaforte.

He does not wear a mask in the helicopter

with the Minister of Infrastructure.

While in Penaforte,

Bolsonaro walks into large groups of people,

takes photos, and shakes hands without wearing a mask.

On June 27th, there are no official events

listed on Bolsonaro's schedule,

but video shows he visited the town of Araguari.

He first arrives at a local snack bar

which, according to local media,

had closed down during the pandemic

but reopened for Bolsonaro.

Several photos and videos from the visit

show him without a mask.

He shakes hands with army officials,

hugs an older gentleman,

picks up a child, and wades into a crowd.

On June 29th, his schedule includes 9 meetings

at the presidential offices with 11 people in total.

The next day, Bolsonaro meets with presidents

of Brazilian soccer clubs.

Bolsonaro and the Executive Secretary

of the Ministry of Communications

do not wear masks during the meeting.

According to the schedule, Bolsonaro meets

with 33 officials over the course of the day.

That afternoon, Bolsonaro wears a mask

at the emergency aid extension ceremony.

At some point during the day, at the presidential offices,

Bolsonaro returns a dog adopted by his wife

to its original owner.

Bolsonaro does not wear a mask and shakes hands with the owner.

On July 1st, Bolsonaro's schedule includes six meetings

at the presidential offices with at least eight people in total.

The next day, his schedule includes four meetings

with at least five people.

He meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

before attending the LVI Summit of Heads of State of Mercosul

and Associated States.

Bolsonaro and Araújo do not wear masks.

That evening in the Alvorado Palace,

he hosts a live video conference,

which occurs weekly on Thursdays,

with six other people sitting closely together

in a room without masks.

On July 3rd, 108 employees who work at the presidential offices

tested positive for coronavirus,

according to Brazil's general secretariat.

Bolsonaro plans to hold meetings

at the presidential offices with eight people.

At a meeting with this businessman,

neither Bolsonaro nor anyone else

at the meeting wears a mask.

Attendees talk and joke in small circles.

On July 4th, the day before he started experiencing symptoms,

Bolsonaro travels from Brasilia to Florianópolis

early in the morning.

He shakes several people's hands and hugs at least three people.

He flies over the surrounding area to survey damage

caused by a cyclone.

Later that day, he returns to Brasilia

to attend a Fourth of July celebration

at the residence of the US ambassador

in a wealthy residential area, Lake South.

He shakes hands with the ambassador,

eats with at least eight other guests,

and poses for pictures without social distancing.

No one in attendance wears a mask.

On July 5th, Bolsonaro first reports

experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

The following day, he meets with nine people.

He gets tested at a Brasilia hospital for COVID-19.

On July 7th, Bolsonaro announces

the positive results of his test.

The visual evidence from the two weeks

before he started to experience symptoms

showed Bolsonaro routinely

ignored the recommendations of health experts

by not wearing a mask or abiding by social-distancing guidelines.

He was around hundreds of people.

Even after testing positive, Bolsonaro has been inconsistent

in following health and safety guidelines.

-So, then, let's be cautious, especially the more elderly

that may have other issues, and the young, be cautious.

But if you contract the virus, stay calm because for you guys

the possibility of more serious issues is close to zero.

Thanks to all.

I'll see you guys in a week.

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