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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Song in Your Heart

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[ Humming ]

What's this?

It's none of your business.

What, think you're gonna be the next Madonna?

What do you know?

Maybe people actually want to hear me sing.

Who? As soon as you get up on that stage

and look out at the audience,

you'll realize the truth, Emma.

You're just like the rest of us -- all alone.

Did you decide which one?

Not yet. I have narrowed it down to two,

but neither one feels exactly right.

Well, Emma, I didn't want to say anything because

I wasn't sure that the curse even brought it over

from the Enchanted Forest, but I had Belle scour

the back of Gold's shop, and she found it.

My wedding dress!

Do you want to wear it?

Of course. Where is it?

Well, I dropped it off at the dry cleaner,

and it should be back in plenty of time for the wedding tonight.

Oh, Mom, that's...

Thank you!

With all we've been through lately,

I just never thought we'd get a moment like this.

[ Door opens ]

Snow, Snow, it's going to be okay.

No, Charming, it's not!

You heard Rumple.

There is nothing we can do to stop the Evil Queen.

I promise you, we will find a way to protect our daughter.

But right now, she needs something more important.

She needs her mother to rest.

All right.

I just need some air.

I wish we had what we needed to help Emma

to give her a chance at a happy ending.

[ Bird whistling a song ]

Good morning, friend

[ Gasps ] ♪ Oh, my dear, there's something wrong

♪ 'Cause all my words

Are coming out in song

A rhythm stirs

Deep inside my soul

I'm saying things in ways I can't control


What's going on? ♪

Someone cast a spell or curse

♪ 'Cause what I say

Is coming out in verse

My voice just soars

Had no idea it could

Now I'm singing out

And, my, do I sound


What could be the reason

I think I know, my love

It's all because the wish I made

Upon the star above

With music in our hearts

We'll defeat the Evil Queen

How? ♪

♪ 'Cause love expressed through song

Is a weapon like the Queen has never seen


There's a powerful magic when two hearts are one

A powerful magic bright as the sun

Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone

When you dare to heed love's call

♪ 'Cause love is the most powerful magic of all

[ Door opens ]

It's a powerful magic when two voices soar

I'm ever more hopeful for what lies in store

Nothing will stop us, no, not anymore

Watch the wish you made come true

That is what love and its powerful magic can do

Feel the song inside our hearts

That is where the magic starts

Oh, it grows with every note

Soaring sweetly from my throat

Every line ends with a rhyme

Don't know how, but it's sublime

With a melody so strong

How can we go wrong? ♪

With our powerful magic, we now have the means

♪ 'Cause love can defeat curses, potions, or beans

And the unhappy ending, let that be the Queen's

With our daughter's fate at stake

Seems we found a lucky break

Now let our song show the powerful magic

We can make

It's here!


[ Door closes ]

Oh, wow.


It's beautiful.

[ Rumbling ]


[ Whooshing ]

I never was a fan of white weddings.

How are you still here?

Did you really think you could turn my own son against me?

What the hell are you doing here?

Why are you crashing my daughter's wedding day?

Because Emma and I are destined to fight.

Light and dark must have their reckoning.

Unless, of course...


Unless you give me your heart now

and save us both the trouble of fighting the Final Battle.

You really think I'll just surrender to you.

I know you think you're strong, Emma.

But I've spent centuries collecting orphans

just like you.

And we both know deep down,

you're still the lonely little girl you always were.

I hate to break it to you, but I've grown up.

Have you? Go to the clock tower.

Then you'll know what your up against.

The Final Battle is coming, whether you want it or not.

[ Laughs ]

Is that all...

Black Fairy dust.

Enough to curse Storybrooke 10 times over.

So, that's how the Black Fairy plans to win the Final Battle --

by separating us with a curse.

It's tied to the clock tower.

The moment it strikes 6:00, it'll be released.

That's when Hook and I are getting married.

Well, you have to admit, she's got a flair for the dramatic.

That's it. The Black Fairy's going down right now.

Emma, I know that you feel responsible,

but this is not just your fight.

She seemed to think it was.

Yeah, well the last time I checked, she doesn't get a vote.

Zelena and I will figure out a way to disable this thing.

I ruined your parents' wedding.

The least I can do make sure you get to enjoy yours.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

I'm tortured by some spell

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Please save me from this hell

Snow and Charming made a wish

Now everything has changed

Oh, great, you're singing, too

This whole thing is deranged

A spell as strong as this

Won't be easy to defeat

Your curse might not succeed

With your kingdom singing songs so sweet

Grumpy: ♪ It's time to work, let's go

Not a thing to make me bristle

With a hi hi hi and a ho ho ho

I'll mine that mine and whistle

Geppetto: ♪ He's real and not a toy

There's a lifetime to enjoy

The happy things, he's got no strings

♪ 'Cause he's-a my real boy

[ Jiminy Cricket chirps tunefully ]

La, la, Princess on her way

La, la, though I'm old and gray

Happy times are here to stay

Seems we found a lucky break

Now let our song show the powerful magic

We can make


So, the Charming's think their love is strong enough

to defeat me.

[ Chuckles ] Well, there's one thing they don't know.

Mirror, mirror, could not be clearer

That love is a waste of time

I'm here to tell you, with love's magic spell

You cannot match the power of mine

Once I loved, and once I learned

Love is weakness, love will leave you burned

Down with love, down with hope

Don't need blind faith to cope

Or inspiring songs in my heart

Got the magic I need

For my darkest of deeds

Love at times can entrance

But love doesn't stand a chance

Love doesn't stand a chance

Mirror, mirror, the time draws nearer

For me to enact my curse

Those happy feelings that send them reeling

Will soon become the reverse

Down with love, down with hope

Don't need blind faith to cope

Or inspiring songs in my heart

Got the magic I need

For my darkest of deeds

Love, at times, can entrance

But love doesn't stand a chance

Love doesn't stand a chance

Stole my shot at one true love

That's what she did to me

Now that little bitch will wish

She never, ever knew me

Down with love, down with dreams

Down with goodness' schemes

Gonna rip the song right from their hearts

Got the magic I need

For my darkest of deeds

Watch my curse kill romance

Oh, love doesn't stand a chance

No, no, love doesn't stand a chance

David: What's wrong?

Wishing they had something with a bit more...leather?

Do you think Emma will be disappointed if I don't wear it?

I don't think she'll mind.


Swan, don't you know it's bad luck

to see the bride before the wedding?

Dad, can you give us a minute?

Yeah, of course.

What is it, luv?

The Black Fairy. Gold didn't banish her.

And now she's casting a curse that's going to separate me

from everyone, so that I have to fight the Final Battle alone.

Not on our wedding day, she won't. Let's go.

Killian, this is one I need to win on my own.

Isn't that what she wants?

If you come with me, it just gives her a chance

to hurt one more person I love.

And I can't let her do that.

You've obviously made up your mind,

so why did you come here then?

To tell you not to worry.

And at 6:00 P.M., I will be there to say "I do."

No, that's not it.

You've come to say goodbye in case it doesn't work.


Let me help.

I love you.

[ Laughter ]

Charming: You think the wish affected them?

Snow: I don't know. Only one way to find out.

You there, pirate.

Are you the captain of a ship called the Jolly Roger?

Really? It's very kind of you to ask.

I always thought I exuded authority.

Hook: He's not the captain.

I am.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Captain Hook.

We need you to take us to the Evil Queen

so we can save our daughter.

Snow: We're prepared to pay you for this journey.

[ Coins jingle ]

It's just a taste.

So what do you say, pirate?

Silver? Gold?


My dear prince and princess, your offer is meaningless

Don't give a damn 'bout your rank

The gold in your sack, well, it isn't worth jack

I should make you fools go walk the plank

Your riches would fill other pirates with glee

But none of those pirates are me

They're not he

Sing a yo ho, keep your jewels divine

Yo ho

And your manners refined

♪ 'Cause even more precious than rum in a stein

Is revenge, revenge, revenge

And it's gonna be mine

Revenge, revenge, revenge

Is gonna be mine

Revenge? On who?

Just wait for the second verse, luv.

I've savaged and pillaged and pilfered each village

My conquests I'm justly proud of

He's proud of

Each town that I plunder

I leave torn asunder

A pirate's life is one to love

Lots to love! ♪

And yet, my heart's hardened as hard as a rock

Won't rest till I've skinned me a croc

Gonna skin him a croc! ♪

Sing a yo ho, you can beg, plead, and whine

But yo ho, you are wasting your time

That croc got my hand, want to tear out his spine

Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine

Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine

-Let's go. -Wait, you want revenge

on a crocodile for taking your hand?

Yeah, afraid he did more than that.

Once I sailed toward a horizon


Where I might find happiness waiting

Until that croc

Destroyed my life

And filled me with hate unabating

Some say let it go

But I say hell, no

I'm finally on the right path

Soon the Dark One will feel

He will feel

The fire of this pirate's wrath

Feel the fire of his

Feel the fire of his


Did you say the Dark One?

Charming: I think I know why you can't find him.

We have him in our dungeon.

Bloody hell.

Captain, if you give us safe passage

to the Queen's castle, you've got yourself a crocodile.

Aye, luv. You got a deal.

Have on last drink, mates!

Then we've got a date with destiny!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Sing a yo ho

I'll slaughter the swine

Yo ho

Must be fate's design

At last our tales will again intertwine

Revenge, revenge, revenge

Is gonna be mine

Revenge, revenge

Oh, it's gonna be

Revenge is gonna be

Oh, it's gonna be

Revenge, revenge

Oh, it's gonna be mine

Revenge, it's gonna be

Oh, it's gonna be

Revenge, revenge

Oh, it's gonna be

Oh, it's gonna be mine

[ Bell rings ]

Show yourself, Dark One.

It takes a brave man to walk into my shop like that.

You betrayed Emma.

You betrayed all of us.

I simply did what was necessary to keep my family together.

Not that I'd expect a pirate like you to understand.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

[ Grunting ]

A little bit of Dreamshade I brought back from Neverland.

I think it almost killed you once before.

But it didn't, as I'm immortal.

Well, I don't need to kill you now.

Just, you know, knock you out long enough

for Emma to defeat your mother.

And then...

I'm gonna finally skin myself a crocodile.

[ Whoosh ]

There's just one problem.

My son's not the only one looking out for his family.

[ Thud ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

-Mom. -Hey.

Let me guess, you're here to talk me out of

going up against the Black Fairy.


I'm here to tell you you're doing the right thing.


The Final Battle --

it's why I brought you to Storybrooke in the first place.

I know you can do it.

Thanks, kid.

Well, what are you doing here?

Well, I can't go into battle with the people I love,

so I was just reminding myself

of all the things I have to fight for.

What's this?

[ Young Emma humming ]

[ Humming stops ]

Are you okay?

What was that?


If I'm gonna do this, I need to do this now.

I don't have a lot of time before her curse hits.


I can't find anything to stop the Black Fairy's curse.

Think about it.

You were the first person to cast her original dark curse.

You know her magic better than anyone.

There has to be something you learned back then

that you can use against her this time.


That's it!

The first curse stopped time.

If I can isolate that part of the spell,

it'll stop the curse from happening.

Show yourself, dearie.

The Queen!

The Queen, the Queen, the Queen.

It's the Charmings.

They cast a spell so everyone breaks into song.


They plan to use it to stop my curse --

the curse you gave me.


Which means you're going to tell me how to stop them.

Now sing!

[ Clears throat ]

[ Giggles ]

Sorry, dearie. Do you think the Dark One sings?

I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork.

And I didn't chose you to cast my curse

so you could come crying to me

at every itty-bitty sign of trouble.

Oh, please.

I'm the best student who ever walked through your door.

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

And what's that supposed to mean?

It means if you want to prove I chose the right witch,

go fix it.

[ Giggles ]

Finally the moment I was hoping would come

The moment he would realize he chose the wrong one

There isn't any curse I could cast

To match this feeling

The pain I knew when Rumple turned his back on my heart

At last will be Regina's when her life falls apart

Suddenly the future's looking

More appealing

Once I was filled with rage

Now I'll enjoy the ride

It's so electrifying

Watching all her dreams denied

Oh, I will fly into tomorrow

My sister full of sorrow

Fin'lly paying for her sins

I'll smile all the while she is crying

Inside, she's slowly dying

Learning wicked always wins

Oh, evil may be powerful

But wicked always wins

If Mom could see me now, she would ache with regret

♪ 'Cause she'd witness all the glory wickedness gets

She went and made Regina Queen and my blood boil

But that's all history

Time they all understood

What they call green with envy

I just call looking good

Oh, I will fly into tomorrow

My sister full of sorrow

Fin'lly paying for her sins

No strife

Her life was so enchanted

She took it all for granted

Now she'll dream of could-have-beens

Oh, evil may be powerful

But wicked always... ♪


Why just revel in her demise,

when I can use it to my advantage?

I'll give her a magic gift

To bring the Charmings down

When Regina stands victorious

I'll swoop right into town

When he learns the spell was mine

Oh, Rumple, he will see

He should've chosen me

So, I will fly into tomorrow

Delighting in her sorrow

As a better day begins

As a better day

This time

Nobody's gonna stop me

No evil's gonna top me

Oh, wicked always wins

A happy ending will be mine

♪ 'Cause wicked always w-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ns

Is that it?

Yes, the answer to stopping the Black Fairy's curse.

Okay, now we'll fight the Black Fairy together.

Good work.

Well, I had a little help.

I wonder what our sorry excuse of a teacher

would say if he could see us now?

Gold: How about, "Thank you"?

[ Gasps ]

Now, this was made to freeze the curse.

I wonder how well it's gonna work on people.

So, have you finally come to your senses

and decided to surrender?

Hardly. Why wait for the curse to hit?

Let's start the Final Battle now.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing.


I was planning to wait for my curse to separate you

from your family, but they ended up doing my work for me.

[ Whoosh ]

I'll kill you.

Will you, now?

Because I've been watching you, Emma.

Or should I say, listening?

[ Young Emma humming ]

Do you know what I hear?

A little girl who's all alone in this world.

A girl who's weak, without hope.

I used to go to sleep to the sounds of misery

like that every night in the mines.

I'll show you misery.

[ Giggles ]

What did you do?

I didn't do anything, just made you face the truth.

You can't do this alone.

[ Sighs ]

What did she do to you?

She just reminded me what it was like

to feel something I haven't felt in a really long time.

She reminded me what it felt like to be alone.

Even if she froze our family, you're not alone.

The reason -- the reason I didn't want to listen

to the tape is because it reminded me of a time

when no one even cared enough to listen to me sing a song.

I don't understand.

What does it have to do with fighting the Final Battle?

It's not about the singing.

It's just where it started.

It's not about the little things that I couldn't do on my own.

It was every time something big came along, I ran from it.

Henry, I wasn't even brave enough to keep you.


That was a long time ago.

You've changed.

Because you came into my life.

And you helped me build a family,

and that let me do things I never thought I could.

You're the Savior.

You can still beat her and save everyone.

The only way I can do that is if I give the Black Fairy

my heart the way she wanted in the first place.

But she'll kill you.

You brought me here to bring back the happy endings.

Maybe this is the way I was supposed to do it.

This isn't how the book's supposed to end.

Because if I fight and I lose,

then I know you won't have anyone.

At least this way, I know you'll have the rest of our family.

In here.

Where is she?

Looking for me?

Snow White.

I haven't had a chance to congratulate you

on that little bundle brewing inside.

That's far enough.

You should make it easy on yourself and come with us now.

Oh, you mean like this?


There's a powerful magic when two hearts are one

A powerful magic bright as the sun

Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone

When you dare to heed love's call

♪ 'Cause love is the most powerful magic of all

Down with love, down with hope

Don't need blind faith to cope

Or inspiring songs in my heart

Got the magic I need

For my darkest of deeds

Love at times can entrance

But love doesn't stand a chance

No, no, love doesn't stand a ch-- ♪

It's a powerful magic when two voices soar

We're evermore hopeful for what lies in store

Once I loved, and once I've learned

Love is weakness that will leave you burned

Nothing will stop us

No, not anymore

With our daughter's fate at stake

Happy endings you will see

But the happy end will end with me

Seems we found our lucky break

Now let our song show the powerful magic

Love doesn't stand a chance

We can make

Got you where I want you now

Your spell will soon be broken

Let us see how strong you are

When everything is spoken


Together: There's a powerful magic...

Snow, the song -- it's gone.

I don't understand.

What's there to understand?

I won.

You took our song from us.

Oh, not just yours.



With a little something I happened to find in my vault.

Green isn't my color, but it seems to have done the trick.


[ Whoosh ]

I guess this proves love isn't the strongest magic of all.

Enjoy what little time you have left as a family.

Snow, are you okay?

What do you think?

What happened?

The wish should've worked.

You felt how powerful that song was.

Snow, look.


You granted the wish.

But it didn't work.

The Evil Queen took the song from us.

No one can do that.

It's still inside you. It's still inside everyone.

But I'm afraid its magic was never meant for you to use

against the Evil Queen.

Then, who was it for?


You wished that she could have a chance for a happy ending.

And now, with everyone's song in her heart, she will.

I don't understand. Why?

I mean, how does that help her?

One day, she will face a battle

like no one has ever faced before.

And I'm afraid she will have to face it alone.

But she won't be alone.

She'll have the voices of the people who love her

inside of her heart.

In the morning, we'll have forgotten

that we ever sang in the first place.

Not even the Evil Queen will remember.

That way, the songs will remain safe.

Then, how will Emma know she has them inside her?

We will just have to hope that they find their way

to the surface when she needs them the most.

There has to be a different ending to this story.


Where'd that come from?

She's not alone.

She never was.

Black Fairy: Emma.

Here to spend a final moment

with your family before my curse hits?

Just let them go.

This could be over before it even started.

You could have what you came for.

My heart.

It's a deal.


I'm sorry. This is the only way.

It's all right, Emma.

At least one of us is getting our happy ending.

Just get it over with.

[ Giggles ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Heart beating ]


Why won't you die?

[ Sizzling ]

[ Gasps ]

'Cause her heart's stronger than you think.

Henry, what are you doing here?

You don't have to be afraid of being alone

because you never have been.

Look. Their song has been inside you the whole time.

[ Young Emma humming ]

It's not your weakness.

It's your strength.

[ Humming continues ]

Once I lived in darkness

Out there on my own

Left to brave the world


Everything seemed hopeless

No chance to break free

Couldn't hear the song inside of me

Once upon a time, a song inspired them -- be brave

They gave me up because my fate was as the one who'd save

The world from your dark magic and the wicked things you do

They placed a song inside my heart

More powerful than you

Mom, keep going. You can do it.

All the years of running

No, not anymore

I know what I'm living for

I'm no longer searching

Turns out all along

The answer was inside me

With a song

Looks like I'm not alone anymore.


You should've done this the easy way.

'Cause my curse is still coming.

And the Final Battle is going to be worse

than you could possibly imagine.

Emma. Emma.

How did you do it?

It was the song you gave me.

What do you mean? What song?

It doesn't matter. It's not important.

What matters is you were with me.

You were with me my whole life! [ Laughs ]




Archie: Are you ready to recite your vows?

Emma, when we met, there was just one thing

that mattered to me --

getting my revenge.

And you did something that no one else ever could.

You showed me that a heart full of love

was the most precious treasure of all,

and one that I don't intend to lose.

They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship.

And with this ring, it now belongs to you.

Killian, I spent so much of my life on my own.

And then, Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke,

and helped me find the rest of my family.

But just because you learn that you come from true love

doesn't mean that you believe that you'll ever find it.

But thanks to you, now I have.

Do you, Killian Jones, take this woman to be your wife

and to love her for all eternity?

I do.

And do you, Emma Swan, take this man

to be your husband and love him for all eternity?

I do.

Then it is with great pleasure

that I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[ Applause ]

You did it, Swan.

You got your happy ending.

That's not what this is.

It's something else.

What, then?

Happy beginning.

Tomorrow is uncertain

Who knows what it will bring

But one thing is for sure, luv

With you, I have everything

And happily ever after

Is the way these stories go

Used to think that's what I wanted

But now I finally know

There's no storm we can't outrun

We will always find the sun

Leave the past and all its scars

A happy beginning now is ours

We celebrate together

A long-time wish come true

What makes it even better

Today our story starts anew

Let villains cast their curses

We can overcome them all

If we all stand strong together

There's no way we can fall

All: ♪ There's no storm we can't outrun

We will always find the sun

Leave the past and all its scars

A happy beginning now is ours

If we're facing endless night

Take my hand and join the fight

Past the clouds, we'll find the stars

A happy beginning now is ours

Na na na

Na na na

Na na na na

There's no storm we can't outrun

We will always find the sun

Leave the past and all its scars

A happy beginning now is ours

If we're facing endless night

Take my hand and join the fight

Come and join the fight

Past the clouds we'll find the stars

A happy beginning now is ours

A happy beginning now is ours

[ Bell ringing ]

The Black Fairy's curse!

It's here!

Where do you think its taking us?

It doesn't matter.

Wherever we end up, we're gonna win.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

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