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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bikers Are Awesome - Random Acts of Kindness [Ep.#07]

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Random acts

so you punko mala their restaurant

across the dro rest or and yes they

might Roger Roger finale all that when i

do i was i wouldn't go that I get kind

of mine

ah i just want to find out whether you

can help me by buying one of my magazine

just donate side and have my lunch

afterwards I couldn't sound now I got

not enough attached to you write

yourself a fight from me this mega


give me a second yeah

I don't need the magazine you can we can


thank you yeah yeah

thank you are rather that you need to

know about crossing the road but I

rocked by not only be get across the

road on yes but now my next on our water

and have a drink and responded that i

see how it's like it

ok thank you i bring up one number you

standing there shooting stick

yeah i just want to bring hundreds not

find my way that ok you have my eyes set

on the Sun get Celebi life but not in

the middle of the road yeah I see how

that can help each magazine

why not just stay under this shit and I

can find that shake nobody want to have

a hand


[hungarian] Do you guys want to give her some throttle?

- Thanks guys! - Bye!


oh yeah



how's it going

doing alright you have to be careful

here my server it might start raining



Thank You teens absolutely always have a

good day

oh yeah have a good one man

we try to help them out a bit

and sometimes many homeless people like

that where they're not even necessarily

super nice to you about giving them

something but uh you know that bad

things can happen really good people and

you know I don't like homeless people

that are entitled but you know you don't

know how bad there's their day's been

you know you're you're lucky you could

give them a dollar and then yell at you

after you know because just think about

the kind of stress and and pressure

they're under I mean they're out there

begging for money i mean once last time

you went out and beg for money

you know that if you're slightly more

fortunate than some other people

helps to give back a little bit with

this your boy automatic cycles peace


alright if you can get hold of his body

yeah yeah if you get over that other

frame you boys body all right one



you heard from one of the doctors here

you one of our patients so that's a no

on it no he's just trying to come on the

company's just to get and over like

right yeah

hello I wasn't not a problem not a


oh that's all right don't worry it's

quite clear that group here right now

alright yeah you're welcome anytime all

right take care all right let's have a


alright sorry what's happening

alright let's have a look you're not

going in

what you need to do make sure it's all

the way out that ok

there you go

is that enough yeah

what it got your welcome buddy take care

alright have a nice one and the black

one is well yeah its hold on yeah all

right from your welcome your backpacks

open your mind to it



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