Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Xerox Print Awareness Tool - Changing Print Behaviors

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Office workers use a lot of paper.

Though paper is recyclable,

so much still ends up in landfills.

Across Europe and the United States,

over 5 million tons of paper each year end up

in the landfill.

Not only is this habit expensive environmentally,

it's just plain expensive.

The truth is our office workers print

an awful lot of things

that they really don't need to.

Fortunately, we have created a tool

that makes your organization aware of

the cost,


and the environmental impacts

of their intended print job.

Leading them to make a conscious decision

on whether printing is neccesary.

The end result is less wasteful printing

and lower costs.

Print Awareness Tool is inspiring

smarter printing decisions.

We understand different people

are motivated by different things,

so we make it easy to

catch your employees attention

using organization-wide

competitions and other game of fate interactions.

Not only is the widget completely personalized

for each user in their print behavior

but you can be sure that

your organization's branding,

sustainability initiatives and messaging

will be woven throughout the

Print Awareness Experience.

Print smarter.

Save money.

Conserve resources

with Xerox Printer Awareness Tool.

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