Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bracknell Forest Family Safeguarding Achievements

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The Family Safeguarding Model started in Hertfordshire County Council in 2014.

Bracknell Forest Council jumped on the coat tails of Hertfordshire County Council,

supported by the Department for Education Innovation funding,

and started the Family Safeguarding Model in late


The Family Safeguarding Model is a unique programme, which sees social workers

working shoulder-to-shoulder with police,

with health services,

with substance misuse workers,

with domestic abuse workers;

sitting and talking through issues together,

visiting together and solving social work challenges together -

changing the shape of child protection work in the UK.

Managing higher levels of risk safely at home.

Breaking generational patterns,

impacting the human experiential cycle.

Instead of doing TO the human race,

we are doing WITH the human race.

Using and teaching motivational coaching techniques,

promoting families to take control of their own decisions,

empowering parents to take responsibility,

supporting families to control their own future

shifting energy

making changes they willingly own to progress their lives;

helping families to become self-aware of how their experiences have impacted their lives;

breaking ancestral patterns

giving families tools for their future to share with their children,

and their children

and their children,

for the generations to come.

Multi-disciplinary teamwork,

bringing different professionals together under one roof.

Building social capital, working in a relational way,

Having fun as a team together,

linking with partners and other councils.

The DFE is supporting more authorities up and down the UK to do the same as Bracknell Forest,

changing the terrain for social care,

going from strength to strength.

Reducing the number of children coming into the care system

reducing children on protection plans,

reducing police domestic abuse call-outs,

improving school attendance

reducing adult A&E admissions,

reducing spend for legal services,

saving money for the public purse.

To the family safeguarding team in Bracknell Forest Council, this is

a time to celebrate your hard work and achievements.

You are wished a very happy second birthday.

Thank you to Hertfordshire, the innovation unit, the Department of Education

and the other councils for all your help, guidance and support,

and to everyone else who has supported the programme - thank you!

This is family safeguarding in Bracknell Forest.

The Description of Bracknell Forest Family Safeguarding Achievements