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i see mr cash is in the participants list if he'd like to come in we all welcome you

thank you very much i just called the listener

i was here from the beginning i had to go out for a few minutes and come back

i'm like you i'm listening

i will say thank you mr cash allowing us to share you your field with us thank you

thank you very much we enjoy you being there

it's people come and they don't want to live we've seen that in past three weeks

people come for half an hour and they stay whole day till we say we have to go

it's it's a home

it's a peaceful place

as i said before is a home of knowledge

and it's home of actual total love because you do nothing but just to receive and begin

you're continuously giving information knowledge energies from the fields

and this is how

i called it the temple of love which is a giving and we'll see

we're planning to start the systems tomorrow afternoon and we'll see where we go

when you asked us to keep our eye on zoom does that mean it'll be in the zoom public

yes we always know that i don't know if you've been with the foundation long enough we

we have had a tradition

um just one second i have to go somewhere and come back

that's fine

mark i'd like to uh make a comment on uh something another subject please go right ahead i'm going to

close mr kesh's mic he's left it open so i'm going to mute it mr cash so when you come back okay

alex go ahead uh yeah uh thank you the um there have been a lot of questions on the uh

on the sales side of things and i just want to let people know that i have tried to send

money through my bank and for some reason the money came back like a boomerang

which i'm kind of glad about but i lost about two weeks on that so

right now sending money to the foundation rather doing it through paypal

or through transfer no i think sorry to come in alex i think this is something

um something to do with your bank we receive money from all over the world in different sums we we

we have one occasion of problems but yours i don't know why it came that way we we continuously

receive all four donations for the exhibition and purchasing goods we never had a problem i

don't know if there is something wrong with your banking transfer i don't know either it's uh the

the data was exactly the same as i did previous transfers so i don't know why this one came back

but uh something we don't know we looked at it we we have this with a bank in china in china

if one word is wrong it comes back one letter is wrong it comes back but i don't know why we

the the bank it's

there are some banks they say they don't want to do a transfer to cash foundation manufacturing but

on the other hand even what you call it transplant what they call it transfer wise transfer wise

the internal and international investigation about

two months ago and they cleared cash foundation to be received funds directly

from them and that's why immediately within hours we received that all the banks are doing a lot of

what they call it a lot of um investigation on cash foundations around the world it just

comes primarily in the past few weeks since we launched the enhancement units these germans

and the belgiums who are writing to the banks that we are money laundering and everything else

and they raise the alarm and even the belgium's you know who has done that recently by raising

alarms in different places false alarms then we're trying to keep it very quiet even our banks

in austria and uh holland have informed us that they received a lot of alarms

and they're ignoring it because every penny of the cash foundation is answered for

if you don't know every two years around about march i answer for every single penny

that the foundation has used to the lawyers of the ab amro and world bank

every cent if one is not answered they don't open an account they just lock the account they

don't close it and for example two years ago um they wouldn't tell me there was one transaction

they wouldn't tell me what it says there's one transaction you cannot answer

and this goes on for about two weeks and i called the lawyer of the bank i said

what is this why says there is one transaction i said at least tell me where give me indication

of the place that i know where i send it they said nigeria i said oh my god

we call him alex but you know alex has a different name when i gave him i said this is alex he always

received donation he works for the foundation in africa within half an hour the camera was opened

the case foundations are a tight title scrutiny but they haven't found anything anything not

ascent because what i did i've explained this before when i set the foundation up i consulted

international lawyers and bankers and there was one anonymous decision that close all your

accounts release all your business into a position that is not in your control

and open a foundation account and live through it whatever you get whether you pay whether you

live whatever you earn put through it and we follow that procedure it's been very successful

i don't have a second account to transfer monitor to use and this way the world bank has accepted kf

as a special case so there is no way there is a lot of push by the belgians and the germans

to close accounts they have closed our account the belgians on the false pretenses in

and some four or five years ago they made a fake terrorist and they went to the bank

and we have tens of thousands locked into account they are waiting for us

to move it to go to that backyard says this is a terrorist account closure account so we left it

this huge amount of money sits in the bank in belgium till the situation is sorted

they're just waiting to move for us to move the money and they said this is a terrorist

account they close armeniacon and we are watching it but primarily up to this minute

we have no no problem you have to understand many foundations have been used for money laundering

many many foundation foundations were set up this way by terrorist

organizations to do it but we stay very clear every penny everything we go to a

cafe there is a receipt we go buy a pair of shoes there is a receipt

i'm not going to make any comments on the tron dominion bank but i sent money by paypal

and uh and he arrived immediately already arrived it's in the account

okay so it just hasn't been posted to the account then

okay no no it's already is already with us as i checked it yesterday arrived yesterday

okay so this paypal has no problem we have no problem generally


sorry mark what about the the uh shipping of the goods that i ordered with that uh

you received we received the funds yesterday so but usually it takes everything now is nothing

will be shipped more or less on it's from austria for next 10 days um earliest will be in 15 days

if anything moves because from today china is shut down for the autumn holidays till the 7th

the opening bank opens on the 8th and everything is shut down is a main national holidays

even the cash foundation team have already left

another occasional edition our team on the factories and offices are working as of yesterday

they are back on the 8th so if it is from european side you will receive it if it's from the chinese

supply you have to wait till they come back on the 8th 9th if the first time they open

up we have a streamline a lot of things before we have to stay 30 days before order goes out

now more or less within 10 15 days the orders go out because you understand is we there's a lot of

costs into transportation we have to reach like a hundred kilo or something in our region to be

able to benefit by a certain weight discount or goes to a thousand kilo by certain weight discount

so the team in china pack everything ready for

reaching a target after weight and whatever or the companies don't ship i walked in office

last week and i saw a number of magrav unit boxes with the stamps and everything back

i said what's going on so they're just the company give it to the people they refuse

or then one data is wrong on it all come back you have maybe 10 or 15 bank returns in past few weeks

people don't put a correct address or telephone number and they don't tell us they just return it

and we had this before when i went to court in italy but ex the judge said fedex is holding your

stock is not releasing it they've been told not to ship your goods but they charge you

and then they charge you for not delivering to we paid 17 000 euro for the goods which

had extra appeals to deliver and the charges for it they don't even bring the goods back

we had the same thing in belgium hundreds and hundreds of books

are kept by the belgians in post service not to deliver to this credit

you do not know what we're going through in in this world with these people

and if i could add and give a compliment to transfer wise i wasn't happy with them in the past

when i've made some transfers and things but the last time i used and i made a very small donation

to the lynn's conference and i used a credit card very simple and before i took the next breath

i had gotten a message that said the money is already in the recipient's account

so they did a fantastic job and they probably saved me forty dollars if i was going to go

to the bank and then have the bank transfer the money to transfer the position transferwise did

as i told you put cash foundation on clearance list two months ago so the minute it comes

the account is clear it's the same as with avm av ambrose the money comes they don't ask questions

um so is now they don't due diligence they have to do and we see it and you've got to understand

the foundation is continuously under attack continuously under attack in every angle by

um the what they call german belgium and bunch of pedophiles but we keep very very very tight ship

everything everything is done everything is recorded all the contracts are double

triple checked there's a huge structure to create as much problem as they can

and people believe when they receive something as i told you with the exhibition center they

came they told us we received so much and we come and see here how people come you know delegation

comes people come and it's a new science and even oh they invited us to sign a one-year contract

should be signed monday tuesday hopefully and it's very unusual because there's nobody else

nobody's holding the mission at the moment holding exhibition is curse but we do and

jalal can tell you 10 15 people 20 people they all have no problem being because

they're all knowledge seekers there's a trust there's some sort of a belief

we had 22 of them in one group on friday i think

and then they come in small groups five six we have what's your name the italian gang on

tuesday i think

we have international groups they come for pope purchase pop talk with the lawyers

nowadays we we now getting groups coming in with the lawyers to finalize things because

you understand one million euro investment is huge when you buy three of them is bigger

and some companies are committing themselves to 10 15 20 units over two

or three years everything is done through lawyers and everything has to be correct

in and on thursday maybe or the following thursday we make a very dramatic dramatic a very um

profound announcement to the knowledge and people around the world we literally whatever we produce

in material will be sold out it's already resolved

it's it's this exhibition has been one of the most successful exhibitions most

probably in history of austria we don't talk we don't do anything not to raise but

and now we introduce a new way to encourage the spread of the systems around the world

by cash foundation

you have to understand there is a cash foundation and then there is

a cash foundation manufacturing austria cash foundation is subsidizing in a massive amount

cash foundation austria to literally put every single machine out in around the world

we are backing it this is a two different entity and the machinery belongs to the

cash foundation in austria and uh most probably i wanted to make that spend on

tuesday by the head of the cash my nation wants to make sure everything is correct

maybe this thursday or the following turns it will make a huge huge announcement we

won't have a single machine waiting will be sold maybe for 12 months or two years

but we reach people we go exactly where we want it to be

we have already done three pilots and it works so we're going for international structure

a million euro per machine is very heavy for some countries this is no problem for to keep it

in the hand of people it's a big problem so we we have come up with a solution

it means again i have to put private finance into the back of the bank

get back out of the case foundation it's another huge investment by the foundation

into manufacturing but this time we don't have anybody to go in the back and destroy it

mr cash thank you for being here you alluded to the fact that among other

language communities the american language community team was stagnating

would you give us some suggestions how to

unclog this stagnation everyone um i think i think the understagnation of the whole cash foundation

around the world will start this week if we show drastic results live on zoom and youtube

um you'll find our people will come aboard this has been a dream of

people to see such a technology and we have another three four hours of work

to complete part of it because we continuously you see the machines are there but jalal can tell you

suddenly curtains goes around it nobody can look in and they start changing things

and the curtain is around for maybe another two hours

because we think we're gonna improve it as i told you this is a live structured testing exhibition

and then um

we think we should be ready by tomorrowland we wanted to do it on

friday we just made the decision the last minute to change something slightly now we

we're gonna do it on monday i've been told by two o'clock we should be around about to go and then

as has been tradition we leave live cameras and we set it up now every second to take a picture

and we'll see plus you have a wide camera covering board that you can see everything

we sequentially start rolling it's a very specific way to

ignite this system i know it by heart but you cannot make a mistake and

the the structure the integrity of the structure of the plasma

not only inside the machine inside the building plus cosmic rays have to be considered

because we can pull huge amount of energy from a space into the system the the reactor

can behave as what i call a principal port and pull massive amount of energy inwards so

it is it's not just to turn it on and do it and the loading of these has been done drop by drop

it's taking us hours and hours in a locked what you call lab with two people to just

just to make the combination once we make the combination we hand it over to be loaded

and then the loading takes out the hours and hours of loading

it's not what you think is just one thing you're putting no way we start planning

to load these reactors last september start making ganses for it last september october

there are dances which we never discuss in public you never see that's why i said

nobody will ever be able to replicate this

some gases take six weeks eight weeks to produce

and some gases we

for a small amount we pay hundreds of hundreds of dollars just to produce a small amount

investment is huge you just come and have a look at the system

and you just see no way no one ever can replicate these reactors

and everything is locked in secret coded systems cross-courted cross-coded and it's all been

sealed and locked we use systems that no one ever knows what we do

mr cash uh when you brought out the ubs in uh october uh you made a reference

to them that they were kind of like the model t version and i was wondering uh

how how much of an advancement has come since october are we are we up to

we are we're advanced in design we there is a thousand improvement plus

and you have to understand um we could not move people around because of this chrono business

so a lot of things is done on my trust and

they cannot move things we literally flaunt people by private jets to be in positions

people don't understand what we go under to make sure things done

when as you know by now um we used to i was we got locked on in malta and they wouldn't let us

leave the first chance we could get out was 22nd of june from more or less february we got locked

down we couldn't get flight out we're gonna fight in in february march they locked us down

and on the 15th of june the maltese government opened the airport but they wouldn't let

there were no planes on the runway we flew through three airports and we were the only

plane in all three airports there was not even on the runway not under angles nowhere

and when we arrived in austria

people who were with me they can tell you as we landed

police and military helicopters were just with us once we entered the territory of austria

they landed behind us and it's all everybody is too tight up and we we came in and stuck with it

june july august day and night saturday sunday the team worked

and the beauty of it is a lot of things which i said before design this is going to be happening

when they actually designed it they saw it is happening and they said how did you know i said

i told you you shouldn't do these things these are obsolete the present computers are obsolete

absolutely absolutely and so they had to restart redesigning restructuring

and this is the way the new technology is

and now we i'm sure we're going to get new problems because in mid-november

we start shipping out of china that's our target now by the time they come back 45 days they have

mid back end of november we should ship

and then it takes two weeks three weeks anywhere around the world arizona gets the first shipments

and then the swiss austrian gets the next germans get the next the chinese get theirs

the canadians haven't found the home yet and then we have to ship into make brazil

and this is not easy job

and then we go into a large number every month we already extended the factory in china

huge two of our factories one of our own and one of our partner manufacturer has

been extended just to meet the demand of the enhancement unit

it's a huge operation people don't see this operation is not a joke

and we haven't even started now next month we have to train technicians to move to countries

or in the countries how to assemble because the assembly is on that side there's a program play

it's not easy and then in the summer we have to start teaching the doctors and the

technicians how to handle these machines because nobody has ever handled these kind of issues

and it's a long long work

it's a long long work

and klaus i think he hasn't seen bed properly from weeks

and the same everything we think needs to update gets updated but even i'm sure once we start

recognition we'll have the same problem it's the nature of research and development and you develop

while you're researching and while even your manufacturing you know manufacturing you develop

and you're playing with unknown totally


yes it's a lot of knowledge has to become and all fixed into and

you have a gorgeous guy like class and his team they don't stop

they just work to get it done and the minute there is something new we have to consider start again

it's not easy

but now it's ready to test and we never had a problem in being open about it if

what we see if we learn from it and develop the next steps i know roughly what's going to happen

i know eighty percent of the way what we're going to see

we we bring in our flux detectors which we use for 229 tesla tomorrow in operation we bring in

other equipment and we put physical methods testing in position we put lights in we

look for any indication to be able to monitor to device all the measurement tools come in we spend

a fortune on this now we have to see it we have detectors which measures the flux and plasma level

the one we use for 129 they have to come in tomorrow those other sensors come in and

we'll see

i have to send a message just one second please just remember

whose phone is open somebody's microphone is open

it's a lot of work and you might see magic tomorrow

but it takes time sometimes as i said in testing iran the middle i put a reactor i was going to

go and just watch it it was already following me

so let me see what and how it comes we know expectation a lot of teaching uplift and

motion and field has already been taught in early teachings um the first 50 hundred teachings if you

go because that time we were testing for flight in the sensano protesting for field motion and

i don't know if you remember the system which used to go up and down by transformation

which was hanging from the frame we have a body hole a special gadget which measures

and allows the fields to be tested when the weight reduces or increases but we can't do

it with these machines they wait tons but we'll see we we one of the things is they're going to be

like marcus flags on the floor then we see if the machine moves which way he moves why it moves if

he shakes we watch the what we call people who are in this in the area how they react into the fields

these are natural fields so we can see it very easily oh there's a stranger here

no i thought he was here yes he's here claus is here

if you want to ask any question the man himself is here

hi mr cash who is the man himself never heard this class is here if we don't give you any secrets but

if you want to ask any questions is he is he knows every centimeter of this

system hello klaus uh this is alex uh from canada

klaus don't tell him much he's he's very thingy just be careful i know i know well

you don't get much sleep i was wondering are you

using against pillow on the table when you sleep there

we don't sleep there nobody is sleeping

we all live nearby so it's easy to go home one person claims sleeping there

the security guard probably um but um

is the is the gans pillow helping you uh catch up in the evening

we don't use them do you

we don't use our we don't use our own


oh welcome here uh marcus c lee has her hand up yeah go ahead lee

hello thank you everybody ah this is lee from western australia i'm quite desperate

for an answer to this question please uh when making and using ganses what precautions need

be taken if one has prosthetics implants or replacement body parts please don't use it

don't use especially if you have hip replacement

shoulder replacement not use it cancers are not made for you

because there is actually why it's not made for you they inherently some of the answers

encourages the growth of the bone and then they try to push the what they call implants out

as they are taking the shape themselves if you have any plates fusing on the back if you have

the pins are no problem dental toothed things are no problem but if you have fusing plates on your

spine no go if you have a hip pressure no going knee transplant no go shoulder replacement logo

if you have parts which part of the bone is caught and is replaced this is not right

don't go anywhere near cancers because the bone grows and then you cause more problems

and especially people don't know what gases to use then the problem is bigger

it's not negative is positive but then the the pieces are put in your body

does not fit because the bone grows and then when it grows it crushes other parts out

so that's what we say do not use cancers are not for people with implants even the pacemakers

the ear pacemakers the parkinson's injection material electronics in the back

anything you need cannot do i have a very good news for you we announced it later on maybe on

thursday as well um the iran leading university medical university has done tests on cancers

announced today that the gases are extremely effective

they're just waiting we try to see if they allow us or they tell us they're just waiting

to see if there is any side effects so guesses have passed the test it just we

just they called us today to tell us but we can't do anything till they give us a license

up to now they've been holding back the trouble is here guys stephanie arrived

god help us god help the queen hi stephanie she's with us on tuesday

she's beautiful and the british started making their way in we had a daughter and

some father and daughter in we have one mooring which is spies on us reports everything else

and we call him mi5 and stefanie is coming from england i think with somebody else

excuse me mr cash yes is the exhibition in austria a way of a confirmation that the

austrian government accepted the report from the keshe foundation from iran no

is our audacity going for it and getting it

i said to uh that's before

our plan initially was to get a shop up front get some sort of whatever and then um

actually we were

we were for my birthday on the dinner table i think if i remember correctly

before that we were talking about the exhibition that we all walked from the restaurant to the

exhibition center class joining us it's about 10 or 15 minutes and it was a decision there that we

can get it done and we we went for it and it took a month to get it sorted to get it where it is

because exhibitions because not all the exhibition

senses are close around the world nobody runs exhibition

and we're lucky and then we've been there a month this

actually tomorrow is exactly a month we've been there roughly four weeks and it suited us and

now we're entering a year contract i think we'll be there permanently and i was with them on friday

i said i want a bigger hole i think it's quite a few thousand square meter and there is a smaller

harness and a couple of thousand square meter and i said to them i want it for the flying car

because we're gonna show the flying car very soon next few short time and i said to them i

want it for two months nobody's here so we have a position that we can show a flying car we've

got a 8 meter 10 meter high roof ceiling i should say then we have the technology so

most probably this time we don't need to have a flying license as the belgium saturn

grounded so it's one of the things we will use to show the flying systems flying vehicles

they have nobody for these auditoriums at least we can use it in a good way

nobody is holding exhibition they're all cancering so

we see most probably they give us the whole exhibition center for years to come if we can show

enough magic but tomorrow when we start we try to see what the position is and if you start seeing

what we expect any results we switch on into the zoom on youtube for everybody to watch

mr cash randy is is conducting an international internet radio

show and he'd like to ask you a question and request your presence

who someone named randy wood i think he just left the philippines and has landed back

in canada in the last two months and he conducts a

hello hello yes mr kesh i host a radio show uh once um once a month

and we do interviews i've already interviewed nikolai from vancouver as a cash knowledge

seeker and we were heard in 110 countries on that evening so anytime if you're you're

welcome to come on our show at any time and you're on live radio to answer any questions

and it's every third thursday of the month so i know you have a very busy schedule

so when is the third thursday of the month every third thursday around seven i'm gonna

get the exact time seven months central european time okay uh just a second here and get the exact

the exact time it could be past this bedtime

i think it's going to be one in the morning for you mr keshe

coffee will do coffee will do

let's get one sec

the problem with our work is not sitting behind the desk the problem with our work is

brain burning out

i i saw that alive mr cash i saw that in life

what do you mean

how much how much you work i sit i don't do anything yeah yeah but

unfortunately i i saw er not much hair

that has a different reason okay

what's the date and time

branding thursdays just a second i'm trying to get the time zone

should be thursday the 14th the third thursday i guess pt specific time no we need cet okay

central european time okay seven o'clock which country seven o'clock which country which city

okay it's done things we host out of california california so your nine hours difference with us

seven in the evening is five in the morning yeah they call it pt well i guess a specific time

yeah if it's a specific time plus nine

7 p.m pacific time 7 p.m we go forward nine hours five and four years four o'clock in the morning

this is what the times we used to do with drake when we started

i think mr cash is 10 o'clock in the morning cet hello

because it's 19 hour in california we take nine so it's ten

i'm gonna go global just one second i have it los angeles now is one o'clock in the afternoon one

twenty one four eight one twenty one twenty yeah we are twenty two twenty one we are

nine hours ahead of you i'm correct it's four o'clock in the morning or m30 yeah

since our european time so we have a date i is thursday the 14th the third because the first

thursday is the first this time right so october the 14th yeah okay i'll schedule a lot no problem

somebody keep an eye on it remind me an hour before the interview over the day before

thursday is the 15th yeah here's the 15th so how's the best how does the best way to

remind you mr cash of the timing to contact you because we will need a phone number to

if call do it through zoom or through no we do it through we do it through skype and the radio's yes

yeah but the radio show will call you on your on on a cell phone uh

we'll give you the number it's no problem okay you can check it out i'm on zoom you can give

that to alex whatever and then you can forward that yeah no problem okay thank you very much

randy's on the canadian corona team as well mr keshe on telegram

yes and alex i'm i'm heading into my chiropractor's office

this week with some gans and we're going to do our office

because we're there 14th

something is happening around that time i can't remember i remember something around about 10 12.

it doesn't matter we'll be because thursday we are teaching in the morning of

right in our 90s somebody will remind me in the teaching tonight don't forget ten o'clock

i'll be there we'll be back on what you call

thursday nine o'clock in the morning from now on

it was just one off we moved it for a reason the reason it didn't happen so we had to go back up

we could have actually carried it out but it didn't happen any questions or anything else

thank you mr cash it's 10 o'clock just being that once we we go out as usual

you get a notification and we'll sit and watch but the thing is we have to

abandon the office broad exhibition center at five o'clock in the in the evening every day

so we need a bunch of bunch of vigilantes to watch what's happening or we put it on

that people can make comment on it and somebody copies all the comments

so once we switch it on we try not to switch it up because the plasma has to build up

and if you see the things start flying just shout and wake everybody up till we get up

and see what we can do this happened before so it's not that strange if it happens this time

once we start going we leave it on and number of knowledge stickers

need to be visual what happens this happened to me in what you call it

in china

i watched the reactor running out of control and

what do you call it i watch the system going out of the window the plasma at 101 22nd of july and

i called the minister online i said i've lost my sister be discharged i don't know and the team

were sleeping right on top of it and i thought i hope we haven't lost anyone because it literally

blanked out the cameras and i always remember the minister said chinese government accepts

all damages you're doing it for our nation we accept everything don't worry if anything happen

i'll call them i think about 10 o'clock before we are going on the test phase on the flight and

we could hear the system talking to each other

in 101 we lost with me because it was a thunder it discharged into the clouds massive amount of it

but it couldn't take because it was earth plasmatic or that's atmospheric plasma it

just cut and loaded the central grid and we burned be damaged a lot

and the minister said mr keshe we accept all charges no problem

just watch if any of you stays online and you keep you keep a good look see what it is

but a lot of people come with a hot look i think we used the skype last time or zoom

people writing is going up by one it's got that by two it's gonna buy point one

mr cash can i ask a question yvonne

do you have to keep a specific eye on the weather before doing tests no

if we don't create a weather i don't think we need to keep an eye on the weather

okay we try we try to um watch for something very much in these kind of lines

that we see the fields and we have to monitor how the fields come in how they interact

we need at least about five or ten radios around in the distance cover we're gonna get

them tomorrow that we can put the rain radios shut we know we know the boys be growing up

we should be able to hear five channels at the same time


i would be i missed when uh because i read the attacks i think you

you were asking me if if i come in tomorrow yeah

i know you're coming tomorrow yeah we'll be i will be traveling tomorrow and be there

arriving tomorrow evening and then be there you know be all day on tuesday we

don't have much time for you tuesday we open up 10 o'clock and tuesday we have visitors

and you organize that interview with the guy o'clock three o'clock perfect yeah but we have

other people in there coming so we see yes um you have that interview tree yeah i'm flexible

um you can't be flexible if you fix it you're gonna be there

i would yeah we'll be there i will be there on um on tuesday but i'm sad i'm flexible and sense that

you know i know you're going to be busy so um and uh i would come in and be coming on tuesday around

about 12 1 o'clock okay definitely be there before that time but um yes and three o'clock yeah you

will have an interview with uh sasha this is good and uh and then i will go away on um the following

day um it's gonna be peace and quiet yeah that's why i i fought for you for your parents

and and uh yeah and uh yeah me to prepare you more interviews

okay looking forward actually i'm looking for don't bring your corona for us keep it to yourself

we're gonna spread you don't

yeah yeah i would not share that with you catfish

when child went one child come yeah sorry to meet you i'm really glad to meet you

you know in olden days they used to do circus showing things new we are back on it but this time

this one place we are this exhibition most probably for a short time

the talk is going on we'll see within next few days will be moved in total by iranian air force

into tehran and return back to lynn's after two weeks most probably if it goes through the whole

structure of the exhibition will be lifted by iranian air force

into tehran for exhibition in tehran charity iran university and we returned

so we could be missing it for two or three weeks and then we returned back to

his position

mr cash yes i wanted to ask you about the enhancement unit that produces material

does does the condition that's created within it use what's already available

in the atmosphere of this planet nor does it does it create a condition where

it brings it into this to that point it's combinational it's a combination the

there are a lot of hidden things in this structure we don't disclose it but um as i said to knowledge

seekers we expect is said to see very rare earth materials and materials we don't see ever on earth

i set it up as part of introducing universal community universal materials

we expect even as energy which we see to be within the system

because in the system you don't need the iron to absorb by your body you need the energy of the

iron to be available if your body needs so i set the system that way i was in it once and i said

i think class or somebody else i feel in this corner the energy of copper

i have a very good sense for materials and energies and you could feel it so we don't

we don't expect to always produce material tangible the system is said to produce fields

of materials that this energy can be absorbed by the body as i talked last week and a week before

so we don't expect to produce and say this is a couple and this is gold or whatever we put in the

machine if you have a lack of calcium you put in the machine we set it up and then you get fixed

it's a character it's a learning curve for all of us

in the future if we if these devices are spread out throughout this planet will

that create a different condition for the earth as it's a focal point um we hope so

oops in the future technology

it is not because humans don't understand it

but it's something very commonly used very commonly used

like meteorites you have

or asteroids we have a galaxy of these

and are as damaging as anything

the meteorites and asteroids are built within the structure of the body of this solar system

galaxies have their own meteorites galaxies have their own structure fields which move like a body

and systems to barrier barricade or move them are available it's been developed so for example

nowadays they call you if you get asteroids coming towards that what happened with the

dinosaurs or whatever now we can change course in a very different way to convert them into energy

and if there are energy to pass them through or convert them to energy and past them we'll see

as somebody said the teaching is complete the teaching has not even started

if you if you listen to what at the beginning of this teaching today i

heard it brought 20 minutes of the thursday teaching if you understood one minute of it

you will understood to take it's taken millions of years

to bring that change in to understand it to bring it and it makes so easy mankind has received this

knowledge so cheap that's why they have no respect for it and they see it this way it would have made

a lot of problems with it people respecting it they would have listened to everything of it

this is what i always say the difference between what you pay for and what comes free

i wonder if you might comment on nasa's desire to put a woman on the moon this time

does it make any difference

man or a woman

um uh messy case um everybody hello everybody good night

um i can i just first i'd thank you for the gift of psych cops

i started i start to feel the results it was time to show uh to my family the results and thank you

i think the enhancement unit should be something like that and and the second

thing that even though i'm ucs i couldn't get into the meetings zoom with some difficulty

it asked me to change the account so i couldn't get in so i couldn't get what can we do

for you now tell me what what's the subject now the subject is i want to

invite the ambassador ambassador ambassador and consulate in here and they just said i have to

contact uc conceal for getting the letters so the question is is there any special date

if they accept that you see at the moment no ambassadors accept to come to the exhibition

at the moment no diplomats moves especially because we are out of the center we are

not if we were in vienna would have had a different proposition and because of the corona

ambassadors are very touchy not to go anywhere yes so we still invite them they might come in by zoom

but they're very very touchy as you know austria now has gone under three zones of

austria now has been what i call blacklisted by germany because of the high numbers yeah and so

it is what you call it very very unusual for a lot of people to move

well i track yes you can try it's um once we start showing

result tests especially in exhibition center the the governments will come by themselves

it had to be the right time it had to be everything had to be correct and always said

we have to go through the phase we are going there's not much we can do and we have to go

through the structure as we do yeah yeah because it has to be done and um we start seeing after uh

four weeks of exhibition now some channels have started in last week announcing it and they call

it mid body hollywood batman but something they made a name for it badminton yeah medical bed

med beds and this is another mad method and it's totally different thing but um they

we have to go the way we are going this technology has to come out

independent of any nation and organization and he has to come out through the knowledge secrets he

has to go out through the structure of the question audition worldwide

okay thank you we're still in white people to come but

uh as we were talking with classes every day 7 30 till 8 there's a plane going over there

lynch area for traffic and if they see a light coming they might come and have

a look i mean my dad is going to have a look but i hope we don't go through

the ceiling and create damages we need a full insurance tomorrow before we start

and it's uh it's part of the work that um always said i will not show any magic

and this is another magic this is how the system will go we we set up a lot of parameters tomorrow

and we lock down nobody will be we don't allow anybody once we start opening the system

by tuesday morning if you are satisfied we allow visitors in or we shut down and then

we start again we have to go through a process of two or three days saturation we've got to see

if the system saturates itself there's a lot of parameters there's a lot of planets especially

we are in public domain we continue to monitor but there is no harmonies because these are

natural fields thank you another question the cup of the soul which is number one up

how can i uh can i put it in inhaler and all you want you want to increase your what

don't use the don't use the cups the way we don't unless you know what you're doing

just the last person the last person tried to use it had to confess to a lot of rubbish

okay no just one or two two drops in in water to inhale because of the asthma or things like that

psychology psychosomatic don't know try so no idea you got to take it from the cup of soul

number two than actually number one yeah i i've done this okay so i let the first one very much

nice you cannot just do one you have to understand the combination of the things you have to do

this is people don't they there is a reason why when i get involved in medical or health or

anything we see a success and they say why the others can't do all it's not different

it's different because you just take one on your head and say it doesn't work because

it has many other factors exact so you have to consider everything before you do

well i didn't expect that result honestly when i made it little by little it took me a long

time to make it a little by little but now what i see means that i did it with my heart and with my

uh my experience with my uh the expectations for future of

what i desire uh i just did it with that and it's so first i thought i made a picture i put

on their chat but i thought it's so personal and if it's nice i put it somebody who has done

not done it might not like it so i've kept it for myself because it's part of me

and i go on to see more results and to share it with others around can i make one with somebody

close to me can i make one one set for another yes but then you have to let them sort it out not you

i also become mass produced right the chinese already created a five cup

they just provide the cup and wires and you have to set it up and put a salt in it

that it becomes to you at the moment the chinese with china we haven't put it in the main shop yet

but in china fire cups have been developed so you can buy five cups together food

place downloads over the next couple of weeks after the chinese holidays yeah thank you sir

thank you i wish you happy i wish you mr claus and everybody in the team a happy enjoyable time

thank you very much this interesting thing is now what and you notice

we have people who we have made this set that it can go actually inside it and since they start

using this set people go inside it the full set has start producing totally different materials

so the fields are getting mixed up and muddled up


thank you very much if i stay here we're going to be here all night

and you already know you're just about to come to your four hours

thank you sir thank you very much if there is no question to ask to answer quick

i disappear that you can do your closing or if you're going to carry on

uh mr cash this is ed from indiana i have a quick question that's just

been wanting to ask but i didn't it's kind of uh a few a little while ago you said you

were setting up equipment to measure things and you mentioned the word flux

and you were going to measure the flux what is that flux is a flow of fields

we call it magnetic flux it's a density of fields how dense your others are strong they are

is it a transition is it in any way related to the transition of the fields

into a matter no it's just a movement it's where it moves and we measure the move of it

okay thank you thank you very much i'll disappear that you can carry on

and keep your eyes on your zones and your youtubes you never know what might pop out

thank you so much president thank you very much thank you kindly thank you

i want to thank everybody in attendance here for uh taking the time to be here and contributing

in in every way that you have it's been most edifying and with that i'm going to

hand it over to you mark and we're looking forward to a bright future thanks so much

The Description of NACT 9 27 20