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Hello everyone! Last week we did the second part of Kaelthass story in which we

talked about the events of warcraft 3 from Kaelthas joining the hunt for Illidan all

the way to him switching sides and actually teaming up with Illidan and moving to the

planet of Outland. This week we take a look at the final part of his story which took

place during the Burning Crusade. Lets begin shall we?!

For nearly seven thousand years, the High Elves cultivated a shining magical kingdom deep within the forests of northern Lordaeron.

But five years ago, the undead Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas and drove the Elves to the brink of extinction.

Led by the evil Death Knight Arthas, the Scourge destroyed the mystical Sunwell, thereby severing the Elves from the source of their arcane power.

Though the scars of that conflict are evident, the remaining Elves have banded together and retaken much of their homeland.

Calling themselves blood elves, these grim survivors are committed to regaining the vast powers they once commanded.

Inspired by the leadership of their beloved prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Blood Elves now seek out new sources of arcane magic and the means of defending their land against the undying horrors of the Scourge.

As one of the few surviving blood elves, you must master your thirst for magic and help shape the destiny of your people!

A lot of events happened off screen before we stepped through the dark portal and got

our first look at Outland ourselves. Ill try to do my best to explain it all as clear

as possible, but just keep in mind that a whole bunch of stuff happened which ties into

the overall storyline and I won't tell it all chronological. Lets begin with Kaelthas and the events in Outland.

Kaelthas and his troops claimed the area known as Netherstorm, while lady Vasjh made

her base within the Zangermarsh and Illidan was hanging out in the black temple. Netherstorm

was known as Faralohn before Draenor was blown up and transformed into Outland. Members of

the Alliance of Lordaeron, those that had followed the horde to stop them after their

second invasion, theyd build a base in this area which Kaelthas decided to blow

up. Archmage Vargoth was the leader of the mages in this base send by the Kirin Tor,

but Kaelthas no longer held any allegiance to the Kirin Tor. A mana bomb was dropped

upon KirinVar village wiping out nearly all of the troops, but the archmage survived

and was locked away in a tower, waiting for the day that adventurers would come and save his life.

Another mage of the alliance of lordaeron was also still trapped on Outland. Khadgar, who

once had made a report to Kaelthas and the council of six, was now a powerfull mage

in his own right. He had fought against the horde, but he realised that a new evil was

closing in around them from the Twisting Nether. More foul than the dark orcs, it was the burning

legion itself that sought to take hold of this Outland. In response, Khadgar used his

magic to search the Great Dark Beyond to find some sort of help and there he sensed beings

of immense Light. It was Adal and his naaru that he had found and Khadgar was able to

convice Adal and his brethren to come back to Outland with him and join them in their

fight against the legion. The Naaru did not show up with empty hands, they came with a

fortress known as the Tempest Keep which allowed them to travel through alternate dimmensions,

from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Adal traveled to Shattrath city

but along the way he met up with prophet Velen, leader of the Draenei and Velen made a cryptic

prophecy concerning the redemption of a people cursed by blood. Adal and the other naaru

realized what was to come and they left behind the naaru Muru to defend the tempest keep,

as they made their way to the city. There they teamed up with the Aldor, a faction of Draenei that

had stayed behind after the fall of the city and had fought against blood elves loyal to

Kaelthas. With the arival of the naaru, the aldor quickly

regained their strength and reconstruction of the city began. Despite Adal and the

naaru being against the legion and Kiljaeden, the same threat Illidan was trying to hide

away from, for some reason a group of blood elves was still send to attack Adal and

the city. Some speculate that this was a set up by Kaelthas to turn Adal and Illidan

against each other, that Illidan had never given the order and that Kael'thas just send some troops and made it look like Illidan attacked the city. Others say that they, didnt know what Adal was trying to do, that they didn't realise that A'dal was against the Legion

so they simply wanted to take care of this threat while another reason could be that

Illidan was truly crazy and simply wanted to attack. Either way, regardless of the reason, a group

of blood elves lead by Vorenthal the Seer were send to assault the city. The Aldors

exarchs and vindicators lined up to the defend the Terrace of Light, but something unexpected

happened. The blood elves laid down their weapons in front of the citys defenders.

Vorenthal stormed into the Terrace of Light and demanded to speak to Adal. As the naaru

approached him, Vorenthal kneeled before him and uttered the following words: Ive

seen you in a vision, naaru. My races only hope for survival lies with you. My followers

and I are here to serve you. The defection of Vorenthal and his followers

was the largest loss ever incurred by Kaels forces and these werent just any blood

elves, many of the best and brightest amongst Kaels scholars and magisters had been swayed

by Vorenthals influence. The naaru accepted the defectors within their city and they would be known as the Scryers

A beautiful vesel like the tempst keep was a perfect target which Kaelthas and his

elves gladly took over. They assaulted the keep, captured the naaru Muru who had stayed behind to try and defend the place and they took

over the facility. Velen and the Draenei realised that the time was now and they stormed the

part of tempest keep known as the Exodar and were planning to use it to escape Outland.

The blood elves tried to hold them back and failed, but they were able to sabotage the

ship. This caused the Exodar to crash land on Azeroth where the Draenei met with the

night elves and would eventually join the Alliance.

So thats what happened on Outland, but Kaelthas had not forgotten about his people

still left on Azeroth. Illidan had thought the blood elf prince how to cope with their

magical hunger left behind after the destruction of the sunwell. They learned how they could

drain magical energies out of objects, but also out of magical beings from arcane wyrms

to even demons. Most of the blood elves that joined Kaelthas to Outland they were invigarated by this

new method and decided to stay on the planet to further their studies. Grand magister Rommath

was send back home to pass on Illidans teachings, but not all of the blood elves were inclined to

start sucking the magical life out of things and out beings. Regent lord Lorthemar Theron was placed

in charge by Kaelthas to rule in his absence and Lorthemar saw no other choice then

to banish those that refused to embrace this new way of life. He couldnt rule a kingdom

divided so those that refused to drain the magical essence out of beings, they were banished, while the rest of their people started to

heal. They used this new way of life, this new found power to fight back against the

undead and they reclaimed their city. It seemed like Kaelthas had given them what he had

promised, but draining magic and especially fel magic comes with side effects. As weve

seen with the orcs, their skin turned green when they came in touch with fel magic and

even those that did not use fel magic themselves were effected by it. For the blood elves it

wasnt their skin that changed, instead their eyes turned from blue to green. You

might think that this is a minor side effect and it is, but you need to understand that

fel magic is like crack. Its addictive, it corrupts. Some went too far in their addiction

for magic that they overindulged themselves and turned themselves into beings known as wretched,

but the blood elves are a pragmatic race and they accepted the consequences.

As the Draenei joined the Alliance, Lorthemar and the blood elves were also working towards joining the Alliance by rebuilding

their bond with an ambassador from the alliance, but it turned out that this ambassador was

a spy. He together with several sentinels were working on sabotating the blood elves

arcane sanctums, but luckily they were exposed and the ambassador was executed. This meant that an alliance with the Alliance was off the table, but ot all hope was lost

The former high elf Sylvanas Windrunner, now banshee queen of

the forsaken offered her aid. She helped the blood elves with reinforcements against the

scourge and made arrangements for Lorthemar and the blood elves to join the Horde.

Lor'themar: 'The Blood Elves will endure any hardship. Overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger than before.'

Kaelthas had send instructions on how to drain magic, but he had another gift for his

people. The captured naaru Muru was send to Silvermoon where the blood elves drained

it of its holy light. Lady Liadrin, once devoted to the light had lost her faith as the scourge

destroyed her world. She could not believe in a power that would forsake them in their

hour of need, but with the arival of Muru, new opertunities presented themselves. This

source of light would require no faith or devotition, it was taken and forced to bend

to their will. Liadrin stepped up and took these powers and she became the first of the blood knights, the

first of the blood elf paladins. Most of the population were not ok with what they were doing, draining

such a holy being of its light, that was simply not oke, and at first they scorned Liadrin and those who had chosen to follow

her path. Over time though the blood knights gained more influence within their society,

yet a devestating blow was waiting upon the horizon. As the dark portal opent up, with the Burning Crusade expansion, blood

elves stepped through to the so called promised land to follow their beloved prince, but things

did not go as expected...

Which finally brings us to the events of the Burning Crusade. During that expansion we

got out first look at the planet of Outland and the story that I just told you is scattered in pieces and told by different characters.

Now in Netherstorm we found out that Kaelthas had been draining magical

energies, but he also decided to change his allegiance from Illidan to Kiljaeden. According

to Magister Theledorn, Kaelthas knew about Illidan's insanity which came upon him

as he was defeated by Arthas at Icecrown and since Illidan was not insane he "switched paymasters accordingly. Teaming

up with Illidan was bad enough, but playing for team Burning Legion was a step to far.

Plans were made to stop the blood elf prince so we attacked different parts of the tempest

keep. The Mechanar was turned into a factory to create large amounts of power which they

stored away in manacells. The Botanica was used to investigate the naaru technology and

experiment with it and they experimented on the flora found in Outland. Here they worked on creating and manipulating

life and they were trying to figure out how tto use this power to benefit their people.The Arcatraz was a

prison of the naaru where they kept the most terrifying and dangeorus creatures they encountered

on their journeys. Kaelthas had his people guard the place, but they were quickly corrupted

by the inmates and we assaulted all these different areas and we cleared it out.

Then there was the Eye, the final part of the tempest keep in which Kaelthas himself resided. Entering this area was not so easy,

it would require a key to get in and this key was in the possession of Adal himself. Now you might imagine that the Naaru would be very happy for people to reclaim the Tempest Keep, but the naaru didnt really

care about Kaelthas taking over their vessel. They didn't see the necessity of taking it back, but that all changed once we found out that Kaelthas

held the cipher of damnation. The cipher of damnation held the words once used by Guldan

to raise the massive volcano that you see in shadowmoon valley and the spell severed

the final ties the orcs once held with the elements. This spell could cause devestation

so after proving our worth to Adal, he grants us the key and were allowed to go into the keep and take care of buisness.

Now Kaelthas allegiance to the legion and his command over the cipher of damnation, they were not the only reasons that we went into the Tempest Keep. The broken

draenei Akama had realised that teaming up with Illidan had done no good and together

with the warden maivh they made plans to assault the black temple and take out the betrayer.

Unfortunately, seer Olum, one of their allies was captured by the naga and they were torturing him in order to get

information. He didnt tell them a thing about their plans, but he knew that Illidan

if he got his hands on him, he would rip the secrets from his flesh so Olum knew that there was only one

way to keep their secret safe. He asked Akama to take his life and with the deed done, Illidan

showed up and Akama quickly came up with a new plan.

Akama plays Kaelthas and Illidan against eachother and were send to kill the phoenix Alar.

A few of you askt me if I could give you some story about Alar, but not much is known. WoWpedia says the following:

Phoenixes are powerful avian creatures summoned from the Elemental Plane. During the Third

War, the phoenix was the most powerful spell a blood mage could cast. The idea of a creature

rising from its own ashes also symbolizes the blood elves who rose from the ashes of

the slaughtered high elves. Thus, the phoenix serves as an essential symbol of the blood

elf race, found on their flags, banners, tabards, and racial crest. Powerful blood mages, like

Kael'thas, can summon phoenixes. The "phoenix god" is Al'ar, Kael's beloved pet.

So that's a little bit of a backstory behind A'lar now besides Alar we also faced a Voidreaver and High Astromancer Solarian, but neither

really have much of a backstory. With these two defeated it was time to face off against

the blood elf prince, but Kael'thas didn't come alone, with him were his 4 advisers:

Thaladred the Darkener, Lord Sanguinar, Capernian and Master Engineer

Telonicus, they were Kaelthass advisers, but again they dont have much of a backstory.

Some speculate that Lord Sanguinar is a relative of Valeera Sanguinar, but the only confirmed

connection that I could find is having the same last name so it's uncertain if they're from the same family or if they even knew each other. Now after taking out the advisors, the weapons

they used and all 4 advisors at the same time, we finally face off again Kaelthas himself.

With the legendary weapons in hand dropped by his advisers, whole raids tried to bring

down the blood elf prince who used mind control, summoned phoenixes and did all kinds of magical

spells in an attempt to wipe out raids. Eventually Kaelthas had enough and called upon the

powers theyd collected within Netherstorm and this increased his size, powers and abilities.

Not even that was enough to stand up against the heroes and Kaelthas was eventually

defeated and we brought back one of his verdant sphreres as proof

of his demise. As you turn in one of these spheres, silence descends upon Shattrath and Adals thoughts

invade your mind. Kaelthas sunstrider has been defeated and the time to strike at the

remaining blood elves in Tempest Keep is now. Take heart and let Adals song of battle

empower you. Yet, Kaelthas wasnt done yet. He appears infront of Adal and says:

Kael: Your monkeys failed to finish the job naaru. Beaten, but alive...The same mistake

was not made when we took command of your vessel.

All for what? Trinkets? You are too late. The preparations have already begun. Soon

the master will make his return. And there is nothing you or that fool, Illidan,

can do to stop me! You have both served me in your own right - unwittingly. Lay down your arms and succumb to the might of Kil'jaeden!

"Illidan's agenda was short-sighted. I grew impatient. In secret, I began harvesting what energies I could.

I had a brief taste of TRUE power...

before it was taken from me!

But...all is not lost. The Sunwell's essence endured, kept hidden by those who sought to protect it.

Now, I have returned with the knowledge that sacrifices must be made before we can reclaim our birthright.

I have forged a new alliance. Soon, the blessed rays of the Sunwell will shine once again,

and usher into this world the one...who will deliver us all."

Tempest Keep was merely a set back as Kaelthas was brought back to health by Priestess Delrissa

who stuck a gem in his chest and made him good to go. He did change quite a bit, obiusly

he lost one of his spheres and since a lot of fel magic was used to bring him back to

health, he now looked sickly pale and not really my opinion! The next step in their plan

was to bring their master Kiljaeden into the world of Azeroth and for this they planned

to use the remaining powers of the sunwell and create a massive portal. As I mentioned in part

1 of this story line, blowing up the sunwell did not destroy all of its power. Some of it remained and

the red dragon korialstraz hid it away by transforming the powers into a living girl

with fake memories and a fake family. This girl, Anveena Teague, would eventually meet

with the blue dragon Kalecgos and together they took out the betrayer of the high elves,

Darkhan Drathir, who wanted to claim the remaining powers of the sunwell, but he was eventually defeated. After these

events the blood elves, like Lorthemar, promised to keep Anveena a secret to the world, but apparently somebody told Kael'thas

and they did not expect their prince to turn on them. He had Anveena captured and was planning

to use her to power the portal. On top of that, Kaelthas also decided to attack his

own people and steal back the naaru Muru. Lady Liadrin of the blood knights saw this

attack with her own eyes and she decided to travel to Shattrath city and talk with Adal.

In this conversation Adal explained to Liadrin that events took place just as they

were supposed to happen and that Muru had already accepted his fate. The prophecy spoken

by Velen had come true, the prophecy that said: 'Silvery moon, washed in blood,'

'Led astray into the night, armed with sword of broken Light.'

'Broken, then betrayed by one, standing there bestride the sun.'

'At darkest hour, redemption comes, in knightly lady sworn to blood.'

Liadrin realised tha Kaelthas was a false prince and she renounced her loyalties to

the house Sunstrider and decided to join Adal and the Shattered Sun Offensive in their battle

against Kaelthas and Kiljaeden. Together we assaulted the isle of Queldenas, unlocked

it piece by piece and within the magisters terrace we found Kaelthas again.

Plans were already in motion and Kaelthas believed that we would be unable to stop Kiljaeden

and the legion, but of course he was wrong. The invasion was prevented and as a bonus,

the core of the naaru Muru, M'uru who we had taken out in the Sunwell itself, was used by Velen to reignite the Sunwell. This gave the

blood elves their source of power back that they were so desperatly searching for and this

time the magic was pure and even had a touch of the holy light. Kaelthas had fallen

to the dark side, but in a strange way his actions still lead to a path of redemption

and allowed his people to find their source of power.

And thats the story of Kaelthas Sunstrider, thats the legacy of the blood elf prince.

Lorthemar Theron would go on leading their people and the blood elves would keep on fighting

for their place in this world. I want to take the end of this video to talk about a few things that I havent covered

in the story just yet, but keep in mind that some of this is purely my opinion and some of it is pure speculation.

Lets first talk about what Kaelthas and the rest of them were trying to do in

Outland, since thats not entirely clear. Lets first face the fact that being part of

the lore during the Burning Crusade was not the best thing to happen since there are a lot of plotholes,

a lot of developed story that was changed simply to turn them into bosses and a lot

of events that were never shown and only told in bits and pieces. Many theories float around

as to what they were trying to do and I personally like the theory of creating a gigantic new

well of eternity. Remember that lady Vasjh was taking control of the waters in the Zangermarsh

while Kaelthas was collecting vast amounts of energy within the netherstorm. Vasjh and

Kaelthas held a vial filled with water from the original well of eternity so they

could have combined Illidans knowledge with their power collected, with their water collected, and they could have gone for a big fountain of power. This would

also clear up the confusion as to why Kaelthas didnt simply use his vial to create a new

Sunwell similiar to how his ancestors had done it in the past. He was holding out for the big master

plan, for the big source of power, but eventually he saw that Illidan was crazy and he decided to team up with Kiljaeden.

During the warlock green fire questline we found another mysterious thing which is that

Illidan had already created a big fountain of power within the black temple. They speculated

that this might be the answer Illidan had promised to Kaelthas, but for some reason

Illidan never delivered. Was it insanity that made him do this or was he actually smart

enough to realise that keeping Kaelthas dependant on him would assure his loyalty?

Who knows what Illidan was thinking, who knows why he refused to give up this fountain of power, but thats how it all went down. We took out the so called bad guys in Outland

and saved the day, yet some still wonder if Kaelthas truly was a bad guy. In my opinion,

like I mentioned earlier, burning crusade was not the best moment in wows lore and

some were turned into bad guys simply for the sake of being a bad guy. Its up to

you to decide what Kaelthas was, but I think Lorthemar described the road taken

by Kaelthas beautifully in his short story: In the shadow of the Sun. In that story, Lorthemar

was dealing with being forced to aid Sylvanas in the war against the lich king as the blood

elves were still strugling to recover, but he had no choice. He was forced to deliver

aid or Sylvanas would pull back her Forsaken troops and leave the blood elves to their fate:

And with that ladies and gentleman weve reached the end of Kaelthass story since

once again, Ive been going on for long enough. It was quite a big project to tell

it all, but I had a lot of fun researching the blood elves history and I hope you enjoyed

it aswell. Tomorrow, just as an heads up, Ill upload all 3 parts into one video as

I always do so I can easily share and link it around on the internet. Just an heads up, tomorrow will probably be the full version. Thank you very

much for watching everyone!I really hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you like my videos and until next time guys....see ya

The Description of The Story of Kael'thas Sunstrider (Part 3 of 3) [Warcraft Lore]