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Today I'm listening to Floor Jansen sing "Let it Go." Keep watching. Hi, everybody,

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thank you. I could not have done this without YOU. Now, let's get started. For those of you

who don't know I do a premiere of my reaction videos on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m

Mountain Standard Time. Last weekend quite a few of you said, "Do you realize that Floor Jansen

just dropped "Let it Go" on her channel? Please react to it!" Well, I could not do

this fast enough. I'm so excited to listen to this. This is my first time hearing it. We all

know how Floor sings and so I can only expect that this is going to be awesome. Let's dig in.

oh it's a metal version!

okay I was not expecting her to do a metal version! Her own

version! I thought she was just gonna be singing a cover. Kind of like I do.

How silly of me! But, of course, this makes so much sense for her to put her fresh spin

on it in the genre in which she specializes it's just it's brilliant this makes my day

don't let them know

This track is fantastic! The thing about Floor is she can sing anything! We have established this.

And she sings it with such ease. Especially up in her upper register. I always really love hearing

how she's going to navigate a song because she brings such life! There's such electricity in

her sound. In some people, especially beginners, this is a really difficult song and you'll hear

it kind of get pinched off. The larynx will grab when you get to those upper register notes because

they're just not as well-formed. Floor is just a master! She's a wonderful singer to watch

and emulate because you can see how she's just masterfully singing through that top note like

it's nothing. As someone who's a geek about the voice, I'm a kid in a candy store right now.

It's so good! Okay, so let's keep going. Here we go...

Okay good, I'm stopping right there. I really like the production on the

video as well. I'm loving the camera angles! I like just being able to

see her expressions. Seeing her actually singing up close that's not something we get to see

very often in the NIGHTWISH videos. Now we did see it more with the BESTE ZANGERS show. We got to see

a little more of how she's forming the sound. I just love as well how she is finding a way to

express her artistry in the midst of this pandemic and I know she has a little girl

who probably is a huge FROZEN fan because that's what little girls do. I think it's fantastic!

Her daughter must be so excited as well. I have not done any reading about this video at all so I

try to do minimal research and listening ahead of time only because I want to open this like a gift.

This is like a gift for me today! And so I really want to have my reaction be honest and that's why.

This track is incredible!

that was so good you guys oh my gosh

that was fantastic oh my gosh let's go back and deconstruct this one just a little bit more. okay,

so I've gone back now and actually read the description box which I did not do before watching

the video the first time and she does mention her little girl and how she is a FROZEN fan

and the fact that Floor is missing performing like we all are. (sigh) So we've got to make stuff up!

We got to do things like pretend we're Ursula for Halloween, right? TRUE? YES! One thing I

really appreciate about Floor and I've said this before about her is the way she sells the lyric.

some of that could be because we've all heard this song so much especially if

her little girl is into it she's heard it a lot but yet it's just the way Floor sings

so when i listen to floor's rendition of this first verse here

i'm noticing her doing surgery on the lyrics. she's teasing them apart and bringing things

out in the meaning that i've never really noticed before.

Then we get to enjoy her spectacular singing on chorus one.

she just has such an ability to navigate vocally through melody lines and again brings

to life this lyric. i feel like i'm hearing this song for the first time because of the

things she's bringing out of it. Something that i notice on verse two is this incredible track

it's making the song fresh. breathing new life into it. cover songs don't often do

that necessarily so i just want to applaud Floor and the band who created this track.

One thing I want to bring out that floor does and i've talked about this before

in her singing... She's so great at relaxing her jaw, opening her mouth, tongue is flat and forward

so there's not any of that clinching, holding, trying to control, that a lot of younger singers

who are just starting out tend to do, especially on this song

You literally have to LET IT GO and that is what she is doing. She's letting the jaw go. She's

letting the tongue tension go. Opening everything up and just letting the sound pour out like our

voices are made to do. I really love the little transition after that chorus into the bridge.

Really, really fun! It's such a great

arrangement. On this bridge she is pulling out the poetry of the lyrics

for me it almost feels like a character study of elsa in some ways because it's like oh my

goodness i've never really noticed what these words are before and i've heard this song a lot.

i also really love how Floor has the ability to go back and forth between

that textured singing and the really clear smooth Disney kind of singing.

I've been told that my video style is very unique but honestly guys I like going back and listening

to this. Deconstructing is purely selfish, especially with someone like Floor Jansen,

whom i have such incredible respect for. This is just so well done.

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Keep finding your voice. Keep making your sound in the world today. The world is waiting. Literally,

somebody's praying for what YOU and ONLY YOU bring. And remember: YOU ARE LOVED! bye guys

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