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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Built A Top Secret Hidden Mega LEGO Blocks House!

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- Hey guys welcome back to the Carl and Jinger Family Channel, and today we're doing something

really awesome.

I'm so excited!

We have this empty room and I decided it was time to do something cool with it because

every day's a new day, let's make it an awesome one.

I am in a secret hiding place.

- It's go time.

Hide and seek, I gotta try and see if I can find Jinger.

- I have this empty office and I'm trying to decide what to do with it, and so until

then I'm gonna build a cool fort in here and maybe I'll just make myself comfortable until

they can find me.

The boys are out right now.

I'm gonna hurry and get this all set up so that by the time they get home they'll wonder

where I am.

Because this office is completely empty and I'm not using it right now, and no one even

has a reason to come in here, I wanna build a giant secret house and hide inside of it

and see how long it takes everybody to find me.

Because hardly anybody even comes in this room and I fell like if I build something

in here, it's gonna him a while.

I'm so excited you guys, we got some cool stuff.

I have some giant Legos, I have lighting I have some really cool stuff, let's just get

building this awesome secret house.

Yeah, lets do it!

I got a whole bunch of giant Lego bricks all brought into the room, I have some lighting.

I think it's time to start building.

This is what I have planned.

I think it would be totally funny if we walled in the door so that when they open the door,

it's just a block wall of Legos and they won't be able to get through.

So, we're gonna have to build from floor to ceiling here, and from floor to ceiling here.

Let's just get started and see how far we can get.

You guys, I just discovered a huge problem in my design.

If I build this wall the way I'm building it right now, I won't be able to get out because

that is a solid plastic brick wall.

So, I think I need to make a removable section that I can put into place so that it looks

like a straight brick wall, but I can remove a section if I want to get out and I also

can control who can get in, obviously.

I also think I wanna get some other stuff in here.

I need decorations, a girl's gotta have a decoration in her box fort, so I'm gonna stop

right here on the wall because it's gonna be a lot harder to get stuff into the box

fort once it's built because my little entrance is gonna be just barely big enough for me

to fit through.

So, I'm gonna hurry and go grab all the stuff that I need before I keep building the wall

and we'll go from there.

You guys, I got gathering up all this fun stuff, and then I had to make dinner and put

the kids to bed and all this stuff so it's the next day, but I wanted to show you the

stuff that I found.

And also, Carl has no idea what's going on in here, and neither do the boys, luckily.

Okay, I got some snacks going on right there.

I've got my nice, this is like a sleeping pad that I made into like a bed so I can just

like just chill in here.

Gonna eat my snacks, drink my soda, oh yeah.

Got some cool pillows, I also brought in my Easy-Bake Oven.

I have a lamp, I even have a light strip so I can make like a cool atmosphere.

We've got some flowers, we've got some cool posters for the inside of our box fort.

So, I'm gonna actually put those up right there.

I still have to finish building the actual wall.

Alright, you guys, I'm so excited to keep this going again, let's do it!

Alright, you guys, we have our wall all built.

Look, it goes up to the ceiling!

There's not quite enough room up there to add another row, so we're just gonna go with


I worked up a sweat, I had to take off my sweater.

Okay, you guys wanna see how my form-fitting secret passageway works?

It's so cool!

Alright, now we can actually just put this right in here.

Secret passageway!

Now that I have my secret passageway all fixed up, the wall is built, now it's time to decorate

my secret hidden house within my house.

I'm so lucky to be able to just make this wall so quickly with these plastic bricks

it's so rad!

While I decorate this entire room I want you guys to tell me down in the comments which

one of these treats do you think I should make myself?

We have chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, those look good!

And then we have these red velvet strawberry cakes, or party pretzels!

Comment down below which one you think I should make.

I wish I had something really cool to put on this wall, but I don't, so we're just gonna

put up three of our posters and then do the lighting.

Now it's time for my favorite part, the lights!

Okay, do you guys like, so this is a blue, and then we have a pink which I think would

look so cool, and then there's orange which is kind of cool.

We wanna go with something that kind of matches the brick theme.

What if we did dark blue or green?

What if we shut off the lights?

Yeah, that looks so cool!

Look how green that is, that's so awesome.

Okay, what if we made the lamp turn pink?

Whoa, that looks so awesome!

You guys, our secret room is coming together!

Wait, did I shut the door?

Oh, no I didn't shut the door!

I can't decide if I really wanna call anybody yet or try to have anybody find me because

this is a really quiet little room.

I can hear Kyle practicing the piano, I don't know where Gage and Luke are.

This is pretty nice.

I got all my snacks up there, I don't even have to go out for lunch because I have pretzels

and I have dessert.

That's as good as any lunch anybody would want anyway.

Oh yes, and I have sparkling water and I have a Diet Coke and I have fruit snacks.

Should I tell Carl?

I don't know if I should.

Tell me down in the comments, would you tell Carl right now, or would you just like stay

in here for like two days see if anybody finds you?

Okay you guys, Carl has been texting me.

I just looked at my phone, I have six unread messages just from Carl.

Look at these.

I'm home now, where are you?

Your location says you're here but I can't find you!

Where are you?

I miss you, where are you?

All the cars are here, where are you?

Okay, okay, if I don't respond he's gonna get really worried so let's just Facetime

him altogether and tell him that he can come and find me.

I left him a camera upstairs just so he could film his little adventure, so this should

be fun.


- Hey, where are you?

- I am in a secret hiding place, Carl.

Where are you, why are you outside?

- I'm in the backyard, I looked all over the bedroom and everything, on the location on

the app, and it says that you're here at the house and I can't find you anywhere.

All of the vehicles are here in the driveway, but I don't see you anywhere but you're clearly

in the house.

- Well, clearly, but I am in a secret location that I have built for myself.

And I'm not even sad about it because it's so peaceful in here, but I've left you a camera

upstairs so as soon as you hit record, you're time starts and you have to find me.

The time starts when you start recording on your camera so don't cut the clip, you have

to just let it go until you find me.

- Okay, no editing I just have to look for you everywhere.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Alright, alright.

- Good luck!

May the force be with you.

I love you, bye!

Okay, he clearly did not expect that at all which was perfect.

So now he has the camera and he's gonna come find me.

This is crazy!

Oh, I should be quiet.

Oh my gosh, when I hung up with Carl, a video that he had sent me before I called him came

through, check this out!

- Jinger!

Where are you?

I can't find you!

Where the heck are you?

Hide and seek!

-Okay, well in the meantime I'm gonna make myself a snack in the Easy-Bake Oven and we're

just gonna hang out until Carl can find us.

Okay you guys, which one did you decide?

Did you decide on the cookies, on the cake, or the pretzels?

I really feel like you guys probably voted for the pretzels.

And also that's what I wanna eat, so that's what I'm gonna make.

- Okay, I guess my time starts right now, it's go time.

Hide and seek, I gotta try and see if I can find Jinger.

Apparently she's got some kind of a secret hidden house or little clubhouse here in the


- I can hear Carl talking!

Okay, do we hide, what do we do?

- Is she hiding back in here?

She's not in here but it looks like normally this giant Lego prison that we have right

here, usually the wall goes all the way up there, so it looks like she's come and taken

a bunch of the Lego pieces right here.

So, I should be looking for a wall made out of giant Lego.

So, I'm gonna look back here, we have some extra rooms.

There's the pantry, maybe she built it in her office, that would make sense.


Not in here, I'm trying to go quick.

- I can hear him upstairs.

We better hold off on the Easy-Bake Oven, guys.

Carl is searching for me right now.

I've gotta stay in my hiding spot.

- Would she have put it in the shower?

That would be funny, nope.

Oh my gosh, I gotta move quicker.

Is it in here?

This is Luke's livestream room, she wouldn't be, wait.

She would maybe, no she's not in there, okay.

I think she's downstairs, maybe.

- I can hear him walking around and talking so he's really searching.

I don't even think he would think to look in this room.

Even if he does, I don't think he'll be able to get in.

'Cause of my secret passage.

- She couldn't be back in there unless this bathroom, hang on.

Hey, have you guys seen mom?

- No.

- I haven't seen her anywhere.

- No?

She's not in there.

Not in there, oh my gosh.

She might be up in the guest house so the quicker I can look through here the better.

Maybe she's in the garage.

What a mess, hello?

Hope I didn't lock myself out, okay good.

I thought maybe I might've accidentally locked myself out.

Okay, let's look downstairs.


Not down there.

- Okay, here we go, watch.

- Maybe she's in this bathroom?

Nope, I don't even have to turn the light on.

I don't think she'd go in the kid's rooms, I don't think so.

I can see the timer, two minutes.

Not in here, nope, not in here that's Luke's bathroom.

Okay, you guys are getting like a whole house tour right now, too.

Clubhouse, Kyle's room?


Oh, wait!

It looks like there's like a little fort built in here.



What the heck?

Where the heck is she?

I don't know.

She could be in here, this is like the homeschool room.

What the?

Stop the time!

Two minutes and 40 seconds!

Two minutes and 40 seconds, unless this is a trick.


How do I even get in here?

What the heck?

Here, there's like a little spyhole, can I see anything?

There's a poster, I can see a poster of us.

Look, on the wall right there.

Like a cartoon Jinger.

Where did you even come from?

That scared me so bad!

She just reached out and grabbed my leg that freaked me out!

- That was so awesome!

- You built like a secret door down here?

- Carl, do you wanna come in my secret hiding spot?

Come on!

- Can I even fit through there do you think?

- Yes you can!

You think, okay, alright here I'm gonna try it.

Smash that like button and give me good luck!

- Come on through, you can make it.

This is awesome.

Look at my secret hideout!

- Whoa!


- Isn't this awesome?

- I can't believe that you did this.

- It's so cool, right?

- This is crazy.

- You fit.

Look at that!

Like a glove Carl.

- This is awesome.

We should close it off and not tell the kids!


- Okay!

- This is awesome.

- Hide it, hide it!

Wait, we have to shut the door first.

- What?

- You have to shut the door!

So if anybody walks by.

- Okay.

- Yeah, yeah.

- You good?

- Yeah.

- Now, the boys don't know where we are.

- Oh, this is so cool Jinger!

- Look, we can make snacks, I brought you a Diet Coke right there.

- You did?

- And the cool thing is that no one expects this to be here at all, 'cause we never even

use this room.

- That's right we never do.

You even have like our posters up it's like all walled off, that's so cool.

I thought you were using this room so that you could hide form me, but you actually made

it for us so that we could go on a secret date.

- Jokes on the kids!

- Oh yeah!

This is awesome, I love you so much!

- This is so fun, right?

- Jinger this is so awesome.

- I know, it's like we're having a secret date.

- Giant Lego wall and everything like that and the kids haven't even found us yet at

all, you guys.

-We're gonna see how long it takes them to find us right?

We're just gonna like hang out in here.

- This is really cool.

What a great idea Jinger, if you guys like this video tell us down in the comments below.

And if you love this one, you're gonna love the other ones that you see onscreen, 'cause

we hand-picked them just for you.

- Thanks for watching, you guys and we'll see you guys next time.

- Bye!

We should make something in the Easy-Bake Oven.

- Well, I was thinking pretzels.

- Pretzels, yeah!

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