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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5B ,MA/ UGC NET/JRF English

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hello welcome to the English language

and literature Institute I'm professor

of a chinois and I'm trying to complete

the last section of the wasteland

written by TS Eliot in my last video I

did up to 325 lines when it says that

but read solemn faces here and small

from those of my crack houses

civilization is so fragile human life is

so fragile still we faced it in say and

we we don't have sympathy for each other

we have got a lot of hatred no love and

we are living in mud frat houses it is

so you're not certain your life is not

certain on this planet because we are

overflowing with sense so let's take the

next few lines if they want and if they

were wrong and also order important a

string up among the rock if there were

the son of water only not the secatur

and right Ross singing but sound of

water look with hermit thrush sings in

the pine trees to drop drip drop and we

say is that water is the life life we

are alive because of water water has

another connotation also that it

relieves us it redeems it is helpful in

purifying us

entry dem sus redemption we can wash


wash ourselves with water this is the

religious connotation and otherwise you

see our body is made up of water the

maximum percentage so he says there is

only rock rock means to struggle painful

life hardships and if there were rocks

and plus water then it would be better

to deal with this role or the hardship

of life

no no insects likes to get out or the

hamid thrush that is the birds singing

in the pine trees because you know what

wherever there is water there is life

nature is beautiful along with the other

entities that has sickened out or hermit

thrush and all but then he says it is no

consolation to this dry life we are just

living and trying to find consolation in

the dry areas next sense who is the

third who works always beside him when I

count there are only you and I together

but when I took a head up the white road

there is always another one walking

beside you riding wrapped in a brown

mental headed I do not know whether a

man or a woman but who is that on the

other side of you you know whenever I

had read this I get those whose bumps

it's just interesting this is about the

journey of the two disciples to the

perilous church where they are taking

that pool in which Christ had his last

supper it is said that the content

inside had the medicinal value so it has

to be shifted from the Last Supper place

to the church and when these two

disciples are going

we have the hallucinations you know one

of them is saying we are - when I don't

we'll just do but when I look forward I

have this feeling that somebody is is

also walking along with us

see it gives you the feeling of the

power of Christ he says that the person

who's walking with us seems to be

covered with the mental overall that is

the proud mental cover when I say

sideways I do not see the third man but

when we are walking and looking forward

I always feel that there is the third

one walking so who is this third walking

along with us so when Christ was

crucified on Friday he the resurrection

day is Easter that is Sunday he came

back to life so he did not actually die

how can God die he was in human form he

just shed his human form and he was

still there for us odd excellent

what does that sound high in the air

murmur of maternal lamentation who are

those Oded words swarming over endless

Plains stumbling and cracked earth

reigned by the flat horizon only what is

the city or the mountains cracks and

reforms and bursts in the wallet in

falling tars Jerusalem Athens Alexandria

Vienna London so we come back to the

same lines from which we started in the

initial parts he says he is the sound of

the eternal lamentation that means the

crying of mother Mary Mother of Jesus

because when he was crucified they were

all these women standing and we're

trying to console Mary and he says where

are these men who did would saw me they

are like bees castor so many of them

just going round and round and round

without any aim there is no purpose to

their life this earth is so rude so hard

we are the mechanical beings what he is

trying to say here that we have lost all

spiritual inner happiness morals

everything we lost to the materialistic

world so men are busy eating earning

sleeping and their life lies roaming and

then he says that over endless Plains

there's no end to this struggle

stumbling and braggart this earth is the

journey is not smooth it is full of

cracks you do not know what will happen

next any moment you can die any moment

you can fall down and all these cities

are built like this only there is no

certainty of life the morals are lost

the ethics are lost the dreams are lost

only the materialistic life continues so

he even says that we are drained by the

flat horizon only warn earth doesn't

have any wall to protect we are slack

madness and means insecurity there is no

goal to this planet we can follow any

time we live with confidence over the

materialistic life and then death is so

uncertain you cannot look for long there

is no spiritual harmony at all and then

he points out at the city of the


and then he takes up all the

metropolitan cities all are same in

nature everywhere people are fighting

struggling there is war between their

ideas their thoughts no pity no harmony

no love so he says that there are cracks

and reforms and bursts in the violet air

well it did

bloody air because of the First World

War he saw that the whole world was

divided into two sections and there was

war and so many people live in it so he

was much affected by it he and his

contemporaries of course today also we

see the same there is so much of chaos

everywhere so falling darth's all the

tars which were filled with such motion

such time the whole falling because of

the hatred because of the envy against

each other falling towers Jerusalem

night from Jerusalem because killing

heist is the biggest example of a turret

it was shown by Jews to him because he

had come up with the message of love of

God some Jerusalem and thence the oldest


Greek civilization the capital Gulf

Breeze even an example is one of the

biggest city and then be in Iran at is

Austria and we can add up to this also

saying that it is happening

everything the chaos the mess is


whatever we built with such passion is

breaking into pieces every next friends

a woman drew a long black hair and tight

and fiddled whisper music on those


and pads with baby faces in the wallet


whistled and beat their wings and clawed

head downward down a blackened wall and

upside down in all what were touring

reminiscent bells that kept us and was

singing out of empty systems and

exhausted one now he gives a scene from

today's religious sentiments we have our

religious sentiments totally we just do

for the sake of doing mechanical means

he talks about the the blackened walls

of the churches the all-black

with the corrupt society the sins of the

people who go and worship there then not

pure a heart so he shifts to woman view

her long back that means it's just your

fiddling with the instruments singing to

go on the hymns and it is all covered

with birds but signifying a death

they're all hanging upside down even

though life is hanging upside down you

can take it metaphorically also that we

are all covered with black holes we are

like bats who just come out in night and

fight and struggle and kill people so

similarly it is there and you are

tolling reminiscent balance the church

bells they have no value left no symbol

nothing it's just the bells which are

keeping the tiny they just tell you what

time it is and we can related to our

this thing if there is some arty in the

mother and the temples going on in so

you just want to know ok this is 6

o'clock RT o this is this one so what

are you having

- no what are you getting from it just

the indication of the time of the day

you don't have that feeling I'm not

talking about Alice but I'm talking

about in general the society has lost

that actual religious or the moral

sentiment right so he says that the

voices are just seeing it as a do as if

the song is coming from the barrels from

the wrong systems because the MD from

inside an empty voices make much noise

you must have heard this also so same

thing is trying to relate that the

churches are the centres of moral

degradation people who come there that

will the big sinners and what are they

doing today was just singing they are

just trying to show there's nothing

inside they are empty from inside they

are too materialistic next ones in the

decade a whole among the mountains in

the faint moonlight the cross is singing

over the tumult craves about the chapel

there is the empty Chapel only depends

home it has no windows and the door

swings dry bones can have no one only

stood on the roof top roof tree in a

flash of light thing then a dumb

just hanging free everything is decaying

the graves are crumbled even the creeps

even the dead men are not respected they

cannot have anyone still you are

destroying the graves and the monuments

built on the graves their tribe owns who

cannot harm anyone nobody goes to chop

these days very few people that they're

empty they have no windows that means no

hopes at all to the people and the doors

are just swinging in and now that is all

mechanical things are going on nothing

spiritual complete spiritual decay

deterioration of the society all this is

there in this the poem of T Senate based

on the spiritual deterioration and the

flash of lightning then the dump

Gustus lot of thunder there's lightning

the next time between the next part the

most important one because it takes us

to the Hindu mythology so this is all

it's being repeated again and again the

same thought because he is accelerating

the thought so that you get the solution

in the end and solution is taken from

the favours of Upanishads and other

scriptures of Hindu mythology that we

will do in the next part I hope you must

have liked it enjoyed it please keep the

tips in front of you so that you follow

each and every line and just try to

understand that sense of it you know

reading literature is a passion let's

just mechanically know you know just

reading for the sake of passing some

exam or just to get remarks so do it

with passion so that you remember it the

whole of your life and you can even

teach your students like this and people

around when you can learn a lot in this

life so how many share like and

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next video take


The Description of What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5B ,MA/ UGC NET/JRF English