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I'll give you a serious answer when you get sick. Isn't there any proof of that? Why do you need a massage before stretching? The pink stone

It's chased by the fascia. To put it simply, sausages have the bottom of the wiener wrapped around them.

It's like that. Because the curtain is stiff and the forehead is wrinkled trying to stretch the meat inside, first loosen the outer membrane and then at the middle

Stretch it and it will do that much. Place your smartphone on the floor and bend your knees to sit down.

Let's repeat Poros It's ok even if the other party is on the floor It's ok even if the back is leaning against the wall

The purpose is to raise and lower the bus firmly even if you don't normally move it.

Let's hit it from the side of the calf at the restaurant next time.

It's not good if it's too strong, so it feels painful and shakes the calf to improve blood flow.

Let's be conscious not to go too far see

Put it low ok Then heal your body on the first floor and shake the whole thing like this

Shake to loosen muscles that improve blood flow in the thighs and calves

Don't hold your breath. Let's do it within an absolute time and a half. With this, even once, it's really thin and it's a massage.

If you have a major, before and after, or if you give it a slow speed, such as once a week

I think it's easy to understand with the result money ok a Then the right foot will look like this next time

Grab your right foot with both hands and squeeze it to 10 while raising a rainbow.

It s like this. Let s do this as well. Basically, it s from bottom to top.

It doesn't matter if it's strong

It is an image of twisting from the bottom to the top. If you have massage cream or body oil, it is easier to use it.

I think, so at this time as well, let's be conscious of not putting too much effort like this.

It s like a scene, ok, then push your right foot out once.

I will massage the arch of the foot like this

It feels painful overall, and I push it with my thumb like this, but if it's particularly hard, you can focus on that.

This is pretty hard around the bottom of this star class on your thumb, so let's do it well

I think you've heard about money, but the fascia is 9th from the sole of the foot, so the whole body is down, so this can cause fire and stiff shoulders and back pain.

ok Then next, put your left hand between your right toes like this

This is it, let's move it with the image of widening the space between the toes

It may be hard and painful. It's like this. The purpose is to spread the space between the toes that moves a little.

It's not good if you can do it for free, so let's do it within a reasonable range. At this time as well, let's not put effort into it and try not to get moss.

ok Then next is a right foot disease.

Warp firmly Let's repeat this Mage-Kiel empty partition This is the morning, when you bend, I want you to understand this much

Let's bend it so far, it doesn't bend so much, I ate it

I think there is, but it's slow and I can't catch it

Let's repeat this with an empty partition that bends firmly with moss

It's okay to skip it if it's hard to get into your own festival.

ok And next is

This Sune Benkei's this Sune's slightly lateral tibial gold and courage will massage from bottom to top

You can push it with your finger like this, or you can use this care to drop it from the bottom to the top like this.

I think it's okay to make the current one like this and slide the fist bone from bottom to top.

The muscles on the outside of this shin are massaged. Basically, let's drop it from the bottom to the top. By gravity, water and blood collect under the shin.

I will tell you from the bottom to the top because it will be ok. Then, let's push the knee firmly.

It's like this with both hands Let's push the knees with your thumb

Don't hold your breath

I think that people who are hard and hard will have a lot of money.

If you find it, I think you should focus on it, but if you do your best, you will lose weight.

I don't know, if you overdo it, you'll get a letter. Well, it's painful, but it's not safe.

I wonder if then let's stretch the important butt

Bring your right foot over here and use both hands to attach this foot to your stomach.

If your butt is stretched, it's ok. I'll protect the pin and spine Hart as much as possible.

It's okay to come a little earlier and be in this state.

For those who can do their best, I think that if you correct the posture that you should put this leg tightly inside, you will raise your right butt firmly.

It s very important to have his ass on the contrary.

It's ok Then let's go on the opposite foot Put it in front of the left foot It's an image of squeezing from bottom to top like this

It's okay to lengthen your legs like this. Try to make it easier to do. It's an image of lifting while squeezing from bottom to top.

Don't hold your breath. It's painful, but if you feel it, you should put too much effort into it.

For those who are really swelling, this alone will make the heat thinner, so please look forward to it.

Okay, then let's massage the arch on the left. It's like this with both hands. I'm massaging with my thumb.

It feels so painful, let's think about it as a whole without arching. That kind of thing is manipulative. The fascia is connected to the whole body from the village of the legs.

If the fascia on the sole of the foot is hard, it will be difficult to lose weight or it will connect stiff shoulders.

Let's loosen it firmly. It's not good to have full power, so don't hold your breath.

I'm wondering if this one will come in, so be careful not to put too much effort into it.

4 Execution Then, next time, put your hand between your left toes with your right hand. It's like this. Gacha charts in this state.

Let's move beyond it like this

Can you see it, let's move it properly

You can leave your feet on the floor, or you can lift and move them by saying something like this. The purpose is to spread the space between your toes.

Don't hold your breath

It's easy to put effort into it, so let's relax consciously.

Bend your left toe firmly, empty partition, bend it firmly, and repeat it.

The ideal is that I want you to bend this far. I want you to understand firmly from the joints of this cat.

It's slow, isn't it? You can do it firmly because you don't move the bill.

Let's repeat, I want you to understand so far I think it's really just that there are people who have only this much

I think it will become softer as you go, so let's do our best together

ok Then next is the outside of this recommended bone, let's massage it from bottom to top

People wearing heels are really hard here, so let's rub it from bottom to top.

You can make it like this from the bottom to the top, or you can use it from the bottom to the top, or you can rub it with your fingers.

If you want to massage towards, that's ok. I'm asking a question about something unfair that I couldn't do last time, but on the contrary, the floor

I don't think it's a civil engineering in the political world of pushing.

I think it's ok

And then, I will push the back of the knee with the thumbs of both hands get Use the thumb to suck the back of the knee

Let's do it with a painful feeling Let's not stop breathing on the day


The strength of the back shoulder of the tentative knee yes Don't hold your breath

If you find one of the bells, I think you should focus on that one.

Different industry ok Then you can stretch your left butt. Bring this left foot to the right. Bring this foot firmly to your stomach with both hands.

I'll stretch the left butt. If you try, it's ok. If you can't live this time, your left foot can be around here.

If you feel that your butt is stretched on the left, that's the correct answer. If you can do your best, keep your legs close to your abdomen and correct your posture.

I think it will grow from the left butt. Finally, let's do our best together with our recommended job.

It s a little difficult, but it s very effective tomorrow.

Then sit down like that-bend your knees as far as possible and use your legs to rinse them forward.

It s almost on the bed, so it s almost jin.

If you go ahead with the foot cup, it's a piece. Do your best, do your best, do your best, and you can't do this.

So, you can see this video below, but you can't protect it at all.

I will draw a recommended foot sweat video and I will be hungry so I hope you can continue with questions

Twitter Inter in the summary column I'm proud of that sns I'm glad if you can come to Nekoji next, thank you for your hard work

Bend your knees and sit down. Shake your legs. It's ok on the floor.

It is an image to improve blood flow with the whole leg. Shake it as big as possible. It is okay to hang it from behind.

Recognize that you can't breathe and shake it as much as possible.

ok Then, next time, keep your knees bent. Let's go with both hands from the side of the thighs.

This is also an image of a hole art, so it's an image of gently hitting it.

Let's forgive from EcoCute

I think it's okay to have the outside, the back, and the atari.

It's okay to keep your breathing in the back without stopping the sound.

Even if you make a mistake, please proceed. I will hit the calf.

And old, let's forgive these

I think it's a pleasant rally that I saw. Even if it's behind me, it's ok. Let's make it about Little Kyoto. Basic stretching and muscle training are available.

If you have a massage before oxygen, it will loosen with Cousin and it will be a pleasure, so it will be effective for a little tea diet.

Norman is recommended. Execution Then, just the right foot will be put out a little forward like this.

Then pinch your thighs with both hands. In this state, let's shake the entire inequality sign like this.

It's an image of pinching it with both hands and shaking it. Let's stop breathing without using too much force.

Bend your knees and it's ok. You can lose more with your voice, you can hang from behind.

The image of fat shaking irony as much as possible Don't stop breathing

Please make money so close to it [Music]

No, then I'll push my knees out a little and massage my inner thighs with both hands.

Let's massage from around the knee to the base

Let's not increase breathing

From the upper knee to the base. It is an image of returning blood flow with heart power.

It s not a good place to be strong, but I think it s good to do it with a painful feeling.

You can touch it directly on your skin, only from the top of your pants, or you can have a massage cream by using the color of the massage cream seeds.

I think it's okay, then you can massage the calf with both hands while keeping your knees down immediately.

It's like this. It's an image of squeezing the calf a little more.

Let's breathe to play This is also basically from bottom to top

Basically, if you look at nana trousers or a massage oil, it may be slippery and easy to do.

You can just flirt or do it directly against that skin. However, the character of the female result is amazing, so it's okay to rely on your strength.

I think it's good that it doesn't feel good ok And then I'll stretch my knees once next time I'll do the delivery

I will use this arm to massage from around the knee to the base

Let's take it. It feels so painful.

Of course, you can go until the character day. Basically, from your knees to the top.

Let's do it from the knee to the bottom If you find a hard floor somewhere, you can focus on that.

Somehow I failed to do it. That success is not right, so if I find a double floor, I think it's enough to focus on it.

Then it's the next outer crotch. I'll do the outside as well. I think it would be good if I could go from the knee to the base with the palm of my right hand.

I think it's okay to feel like they intersect

Let's not stop breathing.

It feels so painful that you can do it from around your knees to the side of this butt.

I think it's okay to go with your arm as a general who can use it.

Then I'll go to the next back too. Make the back with both hands.

I think the image of coming from the back is good. Well, you can rub it with your hands, but for Pojiti, it is recommended to tap it with both hands with your knees bent.

The mane stress is accumulating, but it's too strong and it will be after the second term, so except for feelings, from the back of the knee

I think it's a good idea to hit it evenly until it's close to your butt. If you find a hard spot, it's a personal recommendation to do it charitably.

It's big, it's easy to get in from the house. Especially, there are many women, so let's go while being conscious of not holding your breath.

Of course, you can go to a great place on the way, or you can dye the playback speed time because you put in the playback speed of Ayutube.

It s ok. Then move your toes. Use 8 toes on your right.

Bend firmly to the limit

Let's cut it to the limit Let's repeat this I'm not a person at all this speed I usually do not move so I bend it firmly

Empty to the limit Empty to the limit

You can do it without any trouble. This is fine, but the ideal is a wooden sword. This second edition snow should bend to this extent.

It s pretty hard for people who are so boring.

If you're a little less than e 6 and let's go against it, let's put it in front of your left foot and shake your thighs with both hands.

Knees stretch a little and t. I don't like fat. Shake as much as possible.

You can hang in the back or in the room [Music]

Shake Shake Let's shake the area from the knee area to the base Natori.

Don't hold your breath and don't overdo it.

b 4 Execution Then, let's knock down the knee a little and master the house with both hands. From around the knee

I think you can rub it with both hands as you like. Let's do it with a painful feeling.

As a question that is often asked, I'm asked whether I should stretcher before or after the exercise.

Ideally, it's really a song, but the remote villages are both before and after. Athlete and athletic meet, the preparatory exercise and Pingtung are the last.

I think that if the ideal is either front or back, massage is recommended before exercise.

Ah ah ah ok

Then you can rub the next calf with both hands. I'm rubbing from bottom to top. I'm squeezing.

I'm doing fluffy with the image of twisting up while squeezing like raising

Don't stop breathing, don't stop breathing too much. Be careful not to get too much from your coach. V It's really painful because you can't do it with that force.

If you find only one of them, I think it's a good idea to go on a rotation. I think that some people feel that this is not enough or that this is longer.

Yuchu sister playback speed I can go home, so I hope you can try it at a speed that is easy for you to do.

ok And next, let's leave the left foot column and massage before

I think it's a good idea to use one brush last time from around the knee to the base.

From the knee to the moon sound

Don't stop breathing [music]

Let's do it with a painful feeling Of course, I think it's okay to let it in the palm of your hand

It doesn't matter if you go with your arms

It s good to sell muscles in about. I think it s good to think behind the scenes.

After that, I'll go to the next outer crotch. With my knees extended, with my palm

I think it's okay to make it outside the crotch, so it's easy to get stiff, so it's okay to do it

It is recommended that you let me do it. I also ask 8 questions about where to do stretching and massage.

But the ideal was because I wasn't there, I hope there's no off waiting, but after taking a bath, it's dinner together, and it's time to go to bed.

I think there are people who can't do it, so my recommendation is the time when it's easy for everyone to get into the habit.

You don't have to do it in the morning depending on the time, and yoga people should do it at night.

I think it's the best ok

Then, bend your left knee a little and make a sneak peek at the wall with both hands, then hit the back thigh. It feels good to see this.

4 You can rub it with both hands, but personally, it's better to tap it lightly with a goo.

If you can relax, you have the image of loose manners. If you don't put in amateurs, don't put in too much and don't stop breathing.

If you have any questions about going to a deco empty house, please leave it in the comment section and it will basically transform.

Also, Zubora 3 textbooks and sub-channels that answer your questions. This summary section is free, so please take a look when you have time.

After that, I'll move on to my next leg. Use your hands to bend it firmly.

Empty partition Bend firmly to the end that you do not normally move and partition the plate Do not stop the sound

[Music] Deco is good, and I'm going to have a village because I've put in stretches and massages.

But of course it's better to go every day to decide which one is better, but hey, including me

I think that all the professionals are watching it, so I think it's quite difficult every day, so as a standard, even if you can do Zora stretch once a week, you can make it a habit.

So at least if it's only a week, I'd be happy if you could find the time for only 10 minutes.

4 Let's open the legs at the end of the execution Let's eat before being surprised when it opens to the limit

I told the customer, so let's stretch a little at the end. Let's roll it slowly without holding this rice field so as not to hold your breath.

[Music] I've been asked a lot lately, but how about that massage?

Should I buy it at dm? It's like iron, so I bought several types, so this child's summer is the best I've tried, or it's easy to use, but that's it.

Mikkelkaku concludes that I think the massage can change. By the time I come here, I've already got into the habit, so please watch it at the end.

When the place smells like a dice that you can't do a habit

I think it's easy because you can do it while watching TV or youtube.

It's like that, so it's better to do it after this massage. I'll put it in the outline column of the char fighting, so keep doing it as it is.

I hope you can do it so far I don't like it at all It's wonderful Let's hide it in my history

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