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everybody is pretty what I want to bring you some news about destiny and this is

some gameplay from Destiny's

PvP and this is our clan House Suspect you're kinda tearing it up here on the

moon so I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay

the the news about destiny is actually not from bungee this time

it's from the community a player's there's a group of players that are

dedicated to data mining every game when it comes out

and they've data mined destiny and I don't know if they're finished yet but

they've definitely started

and one of the first things they found so far that that sounds

interesting is in the future there seems to be another multiplayer game modes

buried in the code it's a PvP mode for three versus three

and the trick is that you will only be able to lose three times once you lose

three times you can go back in there

and less you have the ticket so there's a tournament take it that they've also


is a rare drop for when you're playing in in the standard public play matches

this ticket will get you an entry into this other special playlist call trials

a vos iris and the ticket will get you into the special PvP mode

known as trials over Cyrus said quote only the worthy may face the trials

Avril Cyrus

and it seems like them the matches are mercury which is not been released for

gameplay yet

so maybe this was the December playlist is going to be coming out with the

with the DLC nobody knows yet how they can really see other planets for play

all we know is that there are other planets available but the fact that this

comes on the original game data makes you think that they might be able to

release that be four December it won't need you to purchase additional DLC


to be able to do it they also say as string

victories will earn great rewards so if you win the lottery so in this

tournament you'll more than likely get some

pretty hefty rewards and right now we're all a little jaded about legendaries and

exotics turning in the rares &

on Cummins so will find out

as it now nobody's said that they found a tournament ticketing gameplay

but this makes sense because you know Mercury's not even available to play at

so more than likely they haven't turned the drop on

I really like the idea of that style the PvP arena makes you will have something

to work for a while you're playing in the crucible

destiny really has an opportunity to change how games working is so far seems

like they're in the right direction so

you guys tell me what you think in the comments below what's your favorite PvP

mode so far

are you looking forward to a tournament style PvP that you have to have the

golden ticket out to find

tell me what you guys think about the game of course if you like this video

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content I'm in love with this game but he thank you

I'll see you guys later

all shit he destroyed it with the damn

blades blade dancers hoover

I'm super charge now it's time for pay back $20 at the heavy am a first it's

nights out I get that heavy Anna


to get this this is my exotic the 1i got from the legendary Ingram

%uh the blade guy shit i wish i did. million bleeds out

cock he got my heavy if he can kill a




majority wasted

that's what's up preciate is cool ED

taken aim exempting


people between out the strain that's nice come around the other door

missed both times with a shotgun

their ego

Brandon gotta house attorney racking

got this heavy Emma O'Shea I gotta get this error


so there is an interceptor up somewhere

another got as on come back and play

no shit is a blade runner good shit

miss godly likes this is a

my attempt to crucible we've been farming for legendaries

in the cave on earth for like two days that hike is alive

sometimes leave the special ammo from my friends you know

the spike is over all the best thing in the game

killed 10 more a tumour K

the rage Israel

have you got this game yet this gully la Tribune plane at all

ok shotgun is no good a tree

when you get built in the face with an auto

might have to switch it to the sniper rifle here finish out the game

nah I'm pretty sure you can

a last night this map runaround ahh

trying to get behind him he's an attorney by a good luck

very strata scout rifle out

heavies up have you

at what are your thoughts on getting in are you gonna get it miss Kelly said she

does not have its sad face


very is a critic

and on the contrary I I actually really like it

her I the their the exotic sir

we both got exotics now and as a given them on your his later on

his later on

I feel you in and we may actually start going through that ourselves

I may be looking for look in the start up my own business and not working for

the place an order for

my way skate business is starting to do pretty well

for itself and spare leavin properly marketed yet

spin just take it is work is it comes

have already made the investment over time though like the last three years


oh now we don't want anything like that your thats

this you need it absolutely

but get have set yet have five or six days worser

it's it's hard to do three cakes in one day later sell

your store help you get a star hire people almost the exact same time

I'll be at conglomerate things probably it'll probably be

cake business hands

anything else that we can do on the side maybe even rate you alls

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are should just got off the damn thing gonna pike that's half head after coming

up to be

heavy cameras up at CEDIA

guys are coming to your money

at the semi-annual or triple capped a man

sculpture garden Bravo at this point

they're trying hard to take our offer

it's this heavy snow fuckin joke man

be in Sears solid still are still threats E


China knows kobe other sniper rifle X

but the heavy and has gotten pulled the trigger

I thought about on logging in blogging the experience of starting a business

right now in america

at the same time all she did it and all the equipment to do it

proper lighting microphones cameras

the out

hahahaha x-box record that hahahahahaha

of that was awesome

remember that name fame as a G won the shot in the back with a shotgun after

the game is over


i play some black ops 2 sorry



look at you got a blue first