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- Have you ever been told

you couldn't do something you knew

in your heart you could?

- There's no stopping Taylor Greene!

Look at the intensity in her eyes.

- Did it make you doubt yourself?

- I don't know that this guy can be stopped.

- Or maybe think, "That's way too hard for me"?

She is country strong.

She just dominated the Warped Wall.

On this course, there are no limits

to what can be accomplished.

Incredible. If you can dream it...

Gonna be a Warped Wall showdown!

You can do it.

And these athletes are here to play.

What a comeback!

These are ninja warriors... and they...

- That ninja is strong! - Have come to play.

Watch out. Sammy's coming back.

It all happens right now

on "American Ninja Warrior Junior."

Welcome to sunny downtown Los Angeles

where the qualifying rounds of

"American Ninja Warrior Junior" continue.

Hello, everyone, and thanks for joining us.

I'm Matt Iseman.

- And I'm Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Before this competition began,

I was asked time and again

if it was fair to have the girls compete

against the boys.

Well, if last time told us anything,

maybe the question should really be,

is it fair for the boys?

Ten-year-old Taylor Greene.

- Effortless out of Taylor Greene.

- 12-year-old Autumn Mathisen.

She just made that jump from her knees.

And 13-year-old Sophia Lavallee.

She came back from behind!

Showed us that girl power

isn't just an expression, it's a way of life

as all three moved on to represent

their age groups in the semifinals.

- And today, four more junior ninjas

from each age bracket have converged

to battle it out on our dual obstacle course.

All vying for a $15,000 grand prize

and the title of

"American Ninja Warrior Junior" Champion.

As a reminder, each qualifying round

will feature four competitors per age group.

- Yeah, those four competitors will meet for the first time

in the seeding round.

Then the two fastest ninjas will face off against

the two slowest in the knockout round.

- And that'll set up one final showdown

to determine who moves on to the semifinals.

- You can feel the energy.

There's enough electricity here to power a whole city.


- Well, let's get to it.

Starting it off, once again, will be the junior ninjas

from the nine- and ten-year-old age bracket,

and for a closer look at their course

let's go down to our cohost, Laurie Hernandez.

- Thanks, guys. As always,

the nine- and ten-year-old ninjas

will begin their side-by-side race right here

at the Sonic Swing.

Then the ninjas will use all their momentum

on the Tic Toc.

After that, they'll need their upper body strength

to scale the bottom of the I-Beam.

That's followed by a quick run over the Floating Tiles.

Then they'll need to lache through the Spin Cycle

without falling off.

And finally, the junior ninjas

will need to face the 13-foot Warped Wall

with handholds at 10 and 11 1/2 feet.

First ninja to hit their buzzer wins the race.

Matt. - Thanks, Laurie.

Well, it's time to kick things off on

"American Ninja Warrior Junior."

Leading off with our nine- and ten-year-old warriors.

First up, we have nine-year-old Alyssa Cerula

out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

And she's squaring off against Payton Myler

out of Herriman, Utah.

The Mylers, the only family to be represented

in every age group.

Doubly so here in nine and ten.

We're gonna see Payton first,

and then her twin brother, Paxton,

in his nine- and ten-year-old group.

- People in my neighborhood call us the fun family,

but online we're called the Ninja Kids.

all: Haiyah!

- We upload videos at least once a week.

- Haiyah!

I have so much fun being in all these videos

because, like, I get to spend more time with my family.

- In a year and a half we've made just over 60 videos,

and we have about 800,000,000 views.

- 800,000,000 times!

That's a lot.

I have three brothers

and zero sisters. [laughs]

My oldest brother is Bryton, and he's 14.

- Oh, yeah.

- Ashton is 12,

and Paxton is my twin.

- There's never a dull moment in the Myler house.

They've been training martial arts

and gymnastics their whole life.

My kids can seriously turn a picnic

into a full-blown ninja frenzy.

Payton kind of does awesome as the only girl.

- The best thing about being the only girl is

I don't have to share my room

and I don't have to share my clothes.

- Payton's definitely is powerful and feisty,

and she has tons of energy.

- I may be the only girl,

but I'm strong, and I'm fast,

and I'm gonna get it done today.

- I expect we'll see a lot of great performances

out of the Ninja Kids.

- They look intimidating, and Payton is no exception.

But Alyssa's a fierce athlete

who plays basketball and soccer,

and get this, she won her first

ninja competition after just two months of training.

Two months!

- Payton Myler, the only girl in her family.

She keeps up with the boys,

and a good start for both of them.

- Yeah, that's right, Matt, Alyssa and Payton

really pushing it.

- Hit the middle! Hit the middle!

Get around it!

- Alyssa looks a little caught up in the cargo net.

- There you go!

- Look at that leap, though, to Payton Myler!

Just went right up onto the I-Beam.

- Come on, girls!

- There's mentor Barclay Stockett

giving encouragement.

- Trust it!

- And these two very close.

Let's watch this dismount.

Myler off first.

- Confidence! Confidence!

- But here comes Alyssa. Taking her time,

sizing up the Floating Tiles.

- You gotta have confidence

and wiggle through the Floating Tiles.

It requires agility and balance.

- The Spin Cycle is really gonna test their range.

These are long reaches.

They'll really need to swing to gain momentum here.

Look at that though. Payton's doing it like a pro.

- Alyssa's got that momentum going,

but she needs to make that transition.

- Payton Myler, tremendous grip strength.

- Alyssa's not giving up, but she's got to move.

- Well, we've seen someone 4'2"

get up the wall before.

And we just saw it again.

- Did you see her gymnastic form on the run?

- Well, she is proving she is a Ninja Kid.

Payton Myler getting that win.

You can see the difficulty controlling the momentum

on the Spin Cycle.

And Alyssa splashes down. Tremendous effort, though.

- Love you, Alyssa!

- Way to go, Payton Myler.

You just delivered.

I think you just showed your brothers who

the real Ninja Kid is, right?

- Yeah.

- You know, I can see why the Ninja Kids

have 800,000,000 views.

Just look at how Payton throws herself

at those baskets on Spin Cycle.

Being 4'1", that's the only way to do it.

- Just incredible. Payton Myler takes the win.

And there she is, getting some love

from her ninja family.

- Here again today to coach the athletes

are our all-star ninja mentors.

Najee Richardson will be

helping out the 11- and 12-year-olds.

Kevin Bull, the 13- and 14-year-olds.

And then there's Barclay Stockett at the start line

with our next two competitors

for the nine- and ten-year-olds.

- All right, any nerves that you guys have,

use those to help you on the course.

Nerves aren't bad.

They help you, okay? Use those nerves.

Got it?

- Got it. - Okay.

- All right, stick to the plan, guys.

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