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Hi guys!

Were still in Singapore and, as you might know, Singapore is a very multicultural and diverse place

with lots of different nationalities, religions, languages and, of course, foods.

And today, we are going to eat. Singapore has a lot of hawker places,

which are like open food courts with different stalls and amazing food.

We have chosen to go to Tiong Bahru Market. Lets go!

I think there is something so exotic about food courts in different countries.

Oh, that looks exciting and that looks exciting!

Yeah, you really get something from a lot of different countries. Theres so much variety here.

I know, but I just want to goaaaaaahfor all the different things.

What do you feel like eating? What should we eat?

Maybe we should split up and meet later on, and we can compare food?

Compare or share?

I struggle with sharing, but I could be kind this time. Ok. Sharing is caring.

Which way are you going to go and which way am I going to go?

Ill go this way. You go that way. Okay, fine. See you. Bye!

Oh my gosh. Its a whole duck.

And it was voted abest foodaward in 2013, 2014, and 2017.

Keep that in mind. Lets discover.

This is a famous kind of vegetable they have here, baby kai lan.

You can see a lot of people eating it around here.

I cant imagine how many dishes are here, so its very difficult to make a choice.

I always try to see if there are a lot of people queuing for the food. That means its something good.

Or, if it has won an award or something, then that also means its something good.

Of course, you want to try the best.

There are even more places there. Lets have a look.

I think this is a goodies stand, guys. Oh my gosh. It looks so nice.

They were featured in the newspaper. Goodies that will sweeten your day.

This is another place to note, but Im like this: I need to see everything - what my selection is -

before I make the final choice, So were going to go look more.

Alright, lets see what the food court has to offer. Im sure Ill find something great.

Im waiting for that ah-ha moment.

Koh Brother Pigs Organ Soup. I dont actually eat that much meat,

so pigs organ soup sounds a bit much for me. Um yeah, lets continue.

It gets very hot here in Singapore, so a nice refreshing juice looks tasty.

Youve got a lot of options there. Youve got coconut, lime, soybean

I might get one of those, actually.

But lets continue and look for something to eat. Theres a lot of different stuff here.

Are those eggs? Theyre green. The eggs Im used to eating are white

and these ones are dark green, so Im very intrigued.

So, you take your own food.

Well then, well just take anything that looks interesting.

This looks good. It looks like its got some vegetables inside.

This pancake thing looks nice. There we go. And one of these, and one of those eggs of course.

Minimum three! Minimum three? Okay.

They look very interesting. Thank you. This is going to be exciting.

Oh, theres Liam. Thank god. Im starving.

Hello there! Hello. Look what I have.

What a feast we have here. Oh, I know.

Here, let me put this down carefully.

What did you get?

I dont know what theyre called, but I got some exciting stuff.

The things Im most excited about on my plate are these eggs.

These are eggs? Yes.

But theyre black!

They are. And do you see the patterns theyve got there?

They look like snowflakes almost. Oh, it does. Thats super cute!

And then Ive got this pancake thing, and a spicy sauce there and a sweet sauce here.

Oh, the pink sauce is sweet. Thats nice. Okay, now do you want to hear about what I got?

I sure do.

This is duck that they had here and the place had a lot of awards.

Im guessing theyre sort of famous, so I thought we should try that.

Then I also got some vegetarian options. I have some spicy tofu and the local vegetable,

the green one, which everybody seems to take, so I had to try that as well.

And, now wait for it, the best is yet to come.

Some people might say this is one of the tastiest things they have ever tried, so Im very excited.

This is the famous Singapore chilli crab and black pepper crab and apparently, theyre supposed to be very special.

What should we start with?

Should we dig in? Yes. Lets do that.

Lets go. Should we start with tofu?

Yes. That one looks delicious.

So, have they fried these? Yes. Fried tofu.

Mmmm. Good. This was very good.

A little spicy, but not too much. I want another one, if you dont mind.

I dont mind. I can have another one, too. Were off to a flying start, ladies and gentlemen.

Lets try this vegetable. What was this called again?

If only I remembered. Something …. Kai lan?

Onto the next one.

Well go for cucumber, rice and some duck.

Okay. The duck is 10 points. The duck is amazing.

Im a bit of a messy eater.

Its really, really good. It comes with two sauces.

You have a spicy sauce and a sort of sweet sauce. I think it was sweet. Yeah.

Very nice. I love the duck.

So far, I think the tofu is my favorite, though. I have to say.

Really? Yeah.

Give me your plate.

Those are my plates with a bunch of stuff and I dont know what it is.

Except this is …. An egg. That we know.

I want to try this. You said this is sweet.

This is sweet. This is spicy.

Im going to try this. Im going to take one of these things.

Lets go with the spicy one first.

This cracker is sort of sweet, I think. Its very nice. Wow! That sauce is very delicious.

Oh. This other one was a little bit slimy for me. Your face looked alarming.

Go for it. Its like a pink snail sauce.

Oh, theres another one. Yeah, theres one hiding underneath.

Its hiding there. I have no idea what it is.

Well, lets see. I think this is some kind of seafood.

What do you think? I cant read your expressions.

A special kind of seafood cake.

It was a little bit salty and also somewhat on a slimy level.

It was not as slimy as the pink sauce, but quite slimy, my friends, quite slimy.

You go for the egg. Alright. The moment I have been waiting for.

OMG, this egg is like gel. It is, right?

Its like gel. It doesnt feel like an egg.

And you see its got these rings here. Its almost like when you chop down

a tree and you can see how old it is. So, this egg is three years old.

It just tastes like an egg.

Really? Yes.

It doesnt taste different with the gel thing.

The texture is different, but the taste, for me, is just like a hard-boiled egg.

Are you just saying that so I try it? Well, theres only one way to find out.

Oh my gosh. I think hes tricking me.

It does taste like an egg.

Liam, I really want to try the spicy chilli crab.

Some people say its the best food theyve ever tasted

compared to all the other foods in the world, so lets see.

So not just in Singapore, but anywhere? Yeah!

Ive actually never had crab before. Really? Youve never had crab?

No. Okay, then you have to take the first piece.

Right. So this is a big moment. Should we eat it at the same time?

One, two, three. Wow.

Do you like it? Yes, and there the spice came.

I want to try this black pepper crab as well.

I guess its the same kind of crab, just a different sauce.

Okay, its out. Look. Theres a piece there. Very good.

Should I try black pepper? Yeah. Go for it.


Its spicy as well. Yes.

Which one do you like more?

I think I slightly prefer the chilli crab, but by a small margin.

Okay, thats good.

Im going to take that small margin from you because I like the black pepper.

Okay, perfect. I love food and food loves me back.

Amazing city. Amazing food. Indeed.

Liam, what did you like the most?

I would have to say, I loved the tofu and I also really liked the chilli crab.

What about you? What did you like? The black pepper crab. It was so good.

It was actually a new experience for me. You know, Id never tried crab before.

Normally, I eat vegetarian food when Im at home.

What about you guys? Do you prefer vegetarian food or food with meat?

Leave your comment below and the best one can win this prize:

Beautiful chopsticks and a really nice spoon with Singapore on it.

Guys, thank you so much for watching. Say bye to Liam because hes flying home,

but Im staying, so come and watch me discover beautiful Gardens by the Bay in the next episode.


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