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I must finally take this thing off this door

Because you can't see anything

I run to Barbie, not much time until Halloween

I wonder if she is at home

Ken won't hear anyway

But a great fairy tale mother

Can we watch the second episode? Please

I don't know, we are sitting in front of the laptop for an hour

Maybe we will go outside to play?

There is such nice weather. Come

No, mother, one more story, please

We will go outside later

Yes, we have to see how Mr. X finishes

Mr. Y

No, because we will watch this fairy tale with ponies

Right mom

I'm still behind it

That we would go outside

Barbie, Barbie,

Do you hear? Basia? Why are you screaming

You don't have to shout, just call

The bell does not work, I knock and nobody hears

Come quickly to the park, I'll show you something

Sure, Ken was supposed to fix it and forgot

Have you heard the children?

We go outside to Aunt Basia

Hurry up, hurry up

Oh no. But take it easy

You will see what I have prepared for Barbie

If you want to see the next episode

Barbie family, leave your paw up

10,000 paws up and I also have a question for you

I wonder if you'll notice. At the end of the movie

I will show you what Halloween outfit I will have

Also as you will notice what outfit I will have

It's fast, leave a comment

Basia. Barbie? You are fast

What did you want to show me? I came with children

We were supposed to watch movies and cartoons

And now we had to go outside

Here I have something cooler than fairy tales

You know Halloween is coming up

That is why for me and for your mother

I prepared surprises with the costumes

I thought that there would be nice clothes inside

Halloween? Is that when they scare ghosts?

And the skeletons go?

And vampires are prowling

Mama, he's scaring us, mama!

I'm a ghost

Mom, mama, tell him something

Krzysztof, don't scare girls, stop it

It's not Halloween yet

Basia, I don't know if I feel like dressing up

It depends what the outfits will be

That's what fun is all about

That I don't know, they are surprises

So beautiful

Girls, I have an idea, come on

We will also change

Cool idea. Mama, we're going to play

Barbie, trust me. It'll be fun

I don't know, I never liked surprises

You can be whoever you want

There are 8 surprises with costumes inside

And there are also great clothes on dummies

I book this set. I was first

Ok, this skirt is cool too

I wonder what will be there. We open it

See who you want to dress up as?

I've always wanted to be a singer

Maybe for the singer?

But I'm curious what's inside

But the windows

Barbie quickly, we open the first window

Ready sister Sure it's ready

What's in there?

We open we open

I have something pink! I also have pink

I have an idea

I will dress up as a kitty

And I will dress up as a bear

Or I know as a princess

Girls, what are you even saying

This is Halloween, it must be scary

We will dress up as ghosts

Skeletons and vampires

Or maybe some scary animals

And I don't like this idea at all

I want to dress up as a princess

And I have another idea

What did you find Barbie?

I? Pink blouse and apron

I have the same

It's like they know we're twins

It's good that there are two outfits inside

Otherwise we would look identical

What is that, a ball? Basia

I have a ball. You dont say

I also have a ball

And here

Let me guess shoes and a bottle of water

Yes. These are the last windows

We will probably have the same again

And another bowl with some food

What will it be Basia?

I think I know something and it reminds me

Basia, I don't know about you, but I'm changing

But she liked it

And she was so reluctant

And how are you doing Basia?

I'm done, I can leave

Okay, that's 3, 2, 1

And like Barbie, I'm a football player

Okay, I need to work out a little more

I even have number 59

And I'm a cook for it

I have an apron, cupcake

And now I will cook

Barbie, a cook?

Every day you are it, you cook for everyone

Quick, dress up as a football player

Fast fast. But I like it

But I don't like it anymore

Change quickly

Quick, we'll show up for mom

I don't think he'll recognize us

But it will be funny

Catch my sister

I haven't played football for so long

You know what, you also have to practice the game

I know, I know, we look literally the same

Mom? And which is our mother

Children, what are your faces?

I do not believe

Children what have you done

Why are you smeared with paint on your faces

Mom, because Halloween is coming

And we decided that we would come up with something interesting

And what could be more terrible

Than children in colorful masks on their faces

Yes, and it was Krzysztof's idea

Cool right? I do not believe

What comes to your mind

We will come up with other costumes

I wonder if it can be washed away?

I don't believe where Krzysztof comes from

Such great ideas

Mom, you have nice football outfits

But on Halloween a little scary

If you want to see the Halloween fairy tale

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And the children are doing it

Basia is not funny at all

Now I will have to bathe them

I think I'll write it on TikTok. Yes definitely

See you in the next video

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